WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, March 15, 2012


There have been several Leprechauns in WolfieToons over the years, and some Fairies, but only one other Leprechaunette.  

May you see as much gorgeous pink as shamrock green this weekend!

 (Background color by Stan / E!)

ZELLE made this from an old 'toon and says this here cereal's LOTS better than "Lucky Charms!!"  She would know!!

Oh, and to heighten the celebration, there is another Wolfie Leprechaun and some Fairy Tails over at "Discipline and Desire," 

including the first chapter of Jennifer Somersby's "The Two Charleys," and Nattie Jones's "Prim and Proper!"

Quaff a tankard for me!


  1. You're welcome, Ron!

    The shamrock panties in this week's "D&D" WolfieToon are getting great response!

  2. Great toon! I'm actually attending a spanking party on St. Patrick's Day. Should be interesting! Dangit, where did those "Spank me, I'm Irish" panties go?

  3. (Breaks into song)

    When an Irish hiney's shining
    from a slew of loving pats,
    and all her cheeks are glowing,
    'tis a Party that you're at!

    When Irish lads get Toppy,
    and th' lasses squeal with glee,
    you'll see Irish hineys shining
    from a trip over the knee!!

    OK, I'll stick to cartoons. Have a fine time, Lea, I'll be sure to look in and see if you write about it!

  4. Hey, DW! :-) If that rosy bottomed leprechaunette is makin' up atrocious puns, she got it honest by hangin' around here, where EVERY day is St. Pattin' Day! :-)

    I LOVE the new toon over at D&D! :-) Why are so many girls getting spanked on St. Patrick's Day? I thought it was about the wearin' o' the green, not the pink. Oh, I do like those shamrock panties. :-)

    Great parody, DW! Can't help but sing along. :-)

    1. Many thanks, M'Lady L! Yes, if I've helped make the world a rosier place, I sleep better at night!

      I think the Legend of the Fairy Ring might be one of my favorite WolfieToons, too!

      Everyone is loving those panties! But I JUST NOW thought of something: does a Shamrock actually have THREE leaves?? Did I draw FOUR LEAF CLOVERS by mistake??!

      However, that can work, too!

      I'm looking over
      a four leaf-clover
      on the seat of a
      Sexy Dame!

      One is for buns fine,
      the other for "pain!"
      Three is for using
      hands, paddles, or canes!

      No need explaining
      the one remaining
      is for what she got
      spankings for!

      I'm looking over
      a four-leaf clover
      on the seat of
      a Sexy Dame!!

      (Bows low, his toupee falls off.)

  5. I LOVE this entry, Dave!!! That poor fairy looks like she is in for some major pain!


    1. Thanks, Sarah! I'm delighted to tickle you! So to speak.

      The Land of Faerie is a Perilous Realm, indeed! And yet strangely appealing and fascinating, eh?!