WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks and Spanks, 2012!

Many comics and pundits have pointed out the irony of the "Black Friday" X-Mas shopping surge that has intruded upon the very afternoon of Thanksgiving, with thousands bursting into shops to buy more fairly unnecessary stuff.  Nevertheless, I still think a day set aside to remember all the people and things in our lives for which to be grateful is a very good idea!

So here is a detail from this week's WolfieToon at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE"

It's a Rosey Thanksgiving!  Y'know, that name seems familiar... Hmmm... Well, I'm sure that exactly to whom it might allude will Spring to mind in a moment.  Meanwhile, Larken has composed the rest of the song the Choir Here Invisible is singing!

We gather together to watch Rosey's spanking.
He chastens, and hastens his will to make known.
Though turkey is waiting, they'll postpone the thanking;
Despite the dust bunnies, his lap o'er she's thrown.

He chides her and guides her, the spanks, they are raining;
Ordaining, maintaining his kitchen divine.
So from the beginning, our Rosie wasn't winning;
We never, no never on fungus will dine.

The spanking is ouchy, but no one is grouchy.
Who knows if it's better to give than receive.
Let this congregation observe her elation,
As Rosie gives thanks to be over his knee.

Thanks, Larken!!

Here now is the very first Thanksgiving cartoon I did for "D & D":

But this one still tends to be my favorite.  I posted it here last year, but neither of us want to have to go scrolling along Blogger Way to see it: 

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Larken that is a great song! I love it.

    I forgot all about last year's 'toon with the Wolfie balloon. He looks like he is going to paddle the pilgrim girl.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you. Kaki, and I hope you and yours had a wonderful time, too!

      Can you imagine a parade paddling all the way through the Big City? And it would show on at least two TV networks!

  2. Great toons and song! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

    1. Glad you enjoyed 'em, Lea, and I hope your holiday was especially fine, too! Thank you!

  3. Two amazing panty spankings, love the one in the kitchen, what a lovely pantied bottom. THanks

  4. You're welcome. Ron, and thank you! I've also always thought feminine pantied bottoms are adorable and worth a pat or several!