WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Over Santa's Lap?! The Heck You Say!

This week's WolfieToon at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE"  is the first of three Christmas-themed ones!

Springrose wanted to know if I had anyone in particular in mind when drawing that Imp;  she thought there was something slightly Erica Scott-esque  there.  But I really didn't have anyone in mind, and Golly, it would never occur to me to cast Erica as a li'l devil.  (Ahem cough.)

Kaki says she's "grateful we (Imps) only have to be good for two more weeks.  Phew!"

Larken declared that "a PreTemptive Spanking is unfair!!" 

Thank you very much, Dolls!  I'm delighted you're delighted!

You know, when the Web was new, I was initially surprised to find out what a common fantasy Santa Spanking is, especially among the ladies!  For example: 

Chross has ten pages of Christmas Spanking Images up HERE, and the Jolly One figures in most of 'em!  (I'm proud to say there are two WolfieToons included!  Thanks, Chross!)

Lea has written a most evocative and enjoyable story called "CHRISTMAS DREAMING!"

Season has an, er, entertaining take on Santa Spankage entitled "DEAR SANTA!"

To show only one of my many favorite photographic images, there's so much I love about this one with Richard Windsor and Pixie Wells! 

Phil "Overbarrel" has taken us to the North Pole for several years to see what goes on in Santa's Workshop with his assistants, the Hiney Sisters!  Dig the Grinning Teddy Bear!!

So now I'll add two from "D & D."   I'm not real crazy about the drawing in this one from 2005, but it is unique among Santa Spanking Stuff!

And here's one that has No Actual Smacking... although it is one of the very few WolfieToons to have had a sequel! 

Now you're starting to feel some Holiday Warmth, eh?

Well, the Christmas tails have started going up at "D & D", too.

I mean "tales."

Actually, I mean both.


  1. Happy Holidays, DW.

    The answer is no.

    Kaki, has been disturbingly good lately. I am still watching my backside, though. (Picture me with a suspicious frown and me casting heightened alert glances from one side of the room to the other). ;)

    I cannot understand why Larken thinks throwing the tempter under the bus is unfair? It sounds very festive. ;)

    I am sending some Holiday Hugs to you, DW.

  2. And Season's Joy unto you, Bree!

    No? You're not feeling all warm and glowing? Tch. We can mend that!!

    I'm sure your backside is a joy to watch.

    And, yes we've seen Kaki and Larken in action, it's only a matter of time...

    Holiday Hugs right back to you!!

  3. (snicker) Well, she does have my super-sized ears.

    That first Santa looks rather wicked himself! :-D

  4. Does she, Erica? I've always been fixated on your eyes and smile, and sundry features, so I'll have to ask around, because I'm sure the first thing everybody else notices in your photos is your ears. ;-)

    And, yes indeed, that first Santa does have a gleam in his eye, and not from bumping his arm while brushing his teeth, HAR! (The kids who never saw an ad for that toothpaste are going to be so confused now.)

    Plus, I've always liked to take Clement Moore's metaphor about Santa being "a right jolly old elf" as my cue to slightly point his ears, which does add a devilish touch to Saint Nick!

    Thanks, Darlin'!

  5. i love your cartoons :) and i love the letter to santa LOLOL...is their an answer from santa?
    hugs kiwi x

    1. Aw, thank you, Kiwi!

      As a matter of fact, Santa answered Veronica's misguided missive in person, and brought a very special present!

      Hugs right back, and I'm very glad you enjoyed the cartoons!

  6. I have no idea what you and bree mean, I am a perfect little angel.

    I like the face of Santa in your toon from 2005, he looks so jolly.

    How come my avatar doesn't show up? What am I doing wrong. er, about the avatar thing, not my attitude or nothin. ;-)

    1. Well-- since you specified which question to answer, there, Kaki ;-) -- Blogger won't show your Mary Poppins Avatar, and Wordpress won't show my Cartoon Wooface, and they've both been whining about one touching the other, and who's on whose side of the back car seat, and I think it's about time to pull the Blogs over to the side of the road and sort them out!

      Meanwhile, thank you, P.L.A., alias The Woman From I.M.P., you've made me jolly, too!

    2. See? Blogger cut my Winking Keystroke Emoticon in two!


  7. I love the toons! And yes, I'm one of many who seem to have that Santa spanking fantasy. Maybe someday.

    1. Thank you, Lea, for your kind remarks, and especially for your luscious X-Mas tale!