WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, January 18, 2016

And The Walls Come A-Tumblin' Down!

And PANTS, too!!

I think Belinda is getting spanked for breaking the fourth wall.  

(And it's adorable!!)

You know what the "fourth wall" is, right?  That's the imaginary boundary through which we watch the characters in a play or movie, or even those in comics or legit literature!  

And of course, "breaking the fourth wall" is where those characters acknowledge that you are watching them, and address you directly!

But it's not really a bad thing.  It's been done for dramatic and comic effect since Time Immemorial by the finest of people.  Why, Billy Shakespeare did it--

(That's Sir Ian McKellen as Richard the Third letting us in on his plot!)

George Burns used to do it on TV!

(I wonder if he was reminiscing about Bill spanking Gracie in a publicity photo for "International House" in 1933?) 

Woody did it a lot!

Ferris Bueller did it!

Dave and Maddie did it!

John Byrne had She-Hulk do it!

Even Mike as Austin Powers did it!

Let's do it-- let's break the wall!

(Bulldog Drummond and his phone will make sure we can catch up later.)


  1. Eek! Er... Ummm... I didn't know anybody knew I was watching...

    I mean, I wasn't watching, really. I just happened to be surfing by...

    Yep, that's it. Just surfing by. :-)

    1. (Singing!)
      If every cutie had a notion
      to go across his knee,
      then every cutie'd get a spankin'
      like little Larken, see!
      You'd see her barin' her hiney
      with a mirthful blush
      for an ouchie ouchie hairbrush,
      surfin' Wolfie way!!

  2. Hey Dave, do you know if the website "Discipline and desire" ls still running ? I tried to suscribe but their billing system does not seem to work ... I am pretty upset since I would go nl this website exclusively to apreciate your work ! Could u please help me ? (Sorry for the comment but i didnt know how to contact you)


    1. You are always perfectly welcome to contact me here! And thanks for doing so, and for the kind words about my cartoons!

      "Discipline & Desire" has not been updated since a note to readers from Nattie Jones in September. The majority of its authors and I ceased our contributions back in mid-June when Nattie stopped communicating with us and there were problems with pay and royalties.

      My personal feeling is the job was more than Nattie was able to take on at this point in her life. She had the very best of intentions and some grand plans, but sadly, that crumbled away after Nattie took over "D&D" from Reesa Roberts, who has been seriously ill for several years.

      I am expressing all this carefully because I think "D&D" subscribers, past subscribers, and those like you who wanted to join or re-join, deserve to know what happened to what had been a delightful "magazine," and one I had been very happy to promote here.

      As for my "WolfieToons," you'll still see old ones here, and an occasional new one, and I am planning on releasing affordable (cheap) collections. But right now my brother and I are helping to care for our mother, whose dementia has been steadily progressing, and so with my attention on that and my "day job," a regular spanking cartoon gig with any quality would be really hard to do right now, anyway.

      I wonder if I should put your query and my answer up in a "regular" post so more people will see it? I'm sure you're not the only one with that question, and I've stuck to the fair and honest facts in my answer, but it's not the usual comic relief featured here!

      Again, thank you for asking, and for the "WolfieToon" praise!

  3. Don't forget the Marx Brothers movies! Groucho was fond of breaking the fourth wall, as he did in Horse Feathers, when Chico started playing the piano. "I've got to stay here -- but there's no reason you folks shouldn't go out into the lobby until this thing blows over."

    1. Holey Socks, Erica, you're RIGHT!! How could I have forgotten to include one of my very favorite moments?! Well now, everybody needs to go find and watch "Horse Feathers," especially the first-timers!!

    2. And now-- if I write the hypertextmessup doohickey correctly this time, HERE'S THAT "HORSEFEATHERS" SCENE!