WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Jammie Up!

Say, do you remember the first time you saw someone out in public in their pajamas?!  

Right there in front of Zeus and everyone?!

Now, I personally love cute pajama bottoms that make cute bottoms even cuter!  Like-- 

Nicole Kidman!

Jenna Coleman!

Kate Upton!

Charity Wakefield!

--just ass examples.

(Oh, sorry "just AS examples. "  Damn keyboard, it's always causing typos.

Anyway, PJs are soft and comfortable and fun at parties

and make really sexy spanking attire!!

Butt (Oops, there it goes again!  Bloody electronics) BUT, should they be worn outside the house?

Well, Larken (you remember her!) says, as far as appearing in public goes, there's very little difference between sweat pants, yoga pants, and pajama pants.

(They all can sure make me pant!)

So, let's see:


Yoga pants.  

Pajama pants.

Okay, well,see a difference.  

Yes, all right, that example might be a bit silly.

I think one might at least pretend to have an objection to PJs in Public, thereby making this WolfieToon possible!!


  1. One would not know what is a woman's pajamas or not these days. Girl I was dating, we went out one evening, dinner, movie, I took her back to her apartment and said see you in the morning. That morning she answered the door in what she wore that night. It's a girl thing she said with a smile, fun to be naughty and no one knows. Needless to say the bottoms were soon down and her cute bare bottom was properly spanked. Not again I said as she stood, rubbing, yes she said.

    1. Secretly naughty, eh? That would be like a gal whispering to her man at a big party, "Oh, I forgot to wear panties tonight!" Thanks for the response!

  2. Students at university wear them quite often. Fun post to read, and quite a charming collection of photos.
    bottoms up

    1. Glad you enjoyed it all, Red, and thank you! Yes, I've seen the trend around my little college town, too, although yoga pants seem to be a bigger thing right now!

  3. Hi Wolfie -
    Never been a fan of pajamas as outdoor attire, nor indoor attire honestly (I always preferred my girl wear short nightgowns), but your post definitely kept my attention. Great cartoon as always!

    1. Thanks, Enzo! Well, I'd like to think maybe I've helped expand everyone's range of enjoyment, wink! I love the women in short little nighties, as well!

  4. Actually all hthe time especially in the morning walking the dog! It is my humble opinion is that PJ spankings are as ignored and under appreciated as panty spanking. Everyone is in a rush to get to the bare but I say patience is the best practice enjoy the look as you spank.

    1. Yessiree Bob (I mean,Ron), PJ's can really augment those curves, adding a layer (heh) of enjoyment with their textures, colors and designs! Thanks, Ron!