WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

That's The Spirit! Part Three! Sing Along!!

Casper the Kinky Ghost!
The kinkiest ghost you know!
Though Vanilla Types
think that he ain't right,
the Spankees all love him so!

He's horny, don'tcha know,
for a loving bit of tanning!
He'll give a warm, red glow
to any cutie's little fanny!

Dull Folks don't understand
why OTK is the most!
But Spankees know,
and they love him so,
Casper the Kinky Ghost!!

(The original)


  1. Another great one I love the story. Behind this one. Mom spanks daughter I assume. Which is cashiers friend. So Casper takes mom over his. Knee pulls her pants down reveling her black panties. I love the edaughter standing in corner with evil smirk watching her mom getting a spanking as payback. I think she's more worried that its a ghost. It hasn't sunk in to her yet that she's getting a spanking. Love this one. Great job Dave

    1. Thank you very much, Tom! It was fun to do, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!