WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Super Cousins Redux!

 Here's a remake of a Wolfietoon I did about twenty years ago:

Early in her career, Kara got spanked for the first time by cousin Kal!


  1. I always thought Supergirl could not feel a spanking unless there was kryptonite near her ?
    I recall an old comic book where Superboy could not be spanked as the hairbrush broke .
    Of course Lois Lane was another matter....I wish Clark Kent had taken Lois over his lap.

    1. Yes, Glen', breaking implements and hands were a frequent theme for Superbaby, Superboy, Red Kryptonite Superbaby, et. al.
      And there were a bunch of letters, most by female readers (or signed as female readers), demanding to see Lois get turned OTK. Finally, "Lois Lane" editor Mort Weisinger, after doing his best to parry these eager requests, relented, in a way, and had Superman's guard robot spank her in "Three Nights in the Fortress of Solitude" in 1960! I loved it.
      But the Clark-Lois scene would have been dandy, too! Maybe something cold be cobbled together...
      Meanwhile, as to what young Supergirl is feeling here, I'll leave that up to the viewers. But if anyone could -- make an impression-- it would be Superman, eh?

  2. Super naughtiness must be answered with a super spanking

  3. Hi Dave - - Noticed you haven't posted anything for a
    couple of months. Hope you are enjoying a well-
    deserved break & everything is good with you.
    Your work is legendary - - Thank you for everything
    you have produced in the last 15(?) years.

    1. Well, that's very kind, thank you!
      And who are you? I like calling people by name, even pseudonyms, especially when such good-heartedness is offered!
      Save a slightly arthritic knee that the off-the-shelf supplement Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate has helped immensely (Wolfie's arf-ritis, ha!) and mild bouts of existential dread, all is well!
      In a desultory fashion, I do have some new WolfieToons working, but there's been no real impetus to finish them, and I've had a bunch of other distractions, most of them pleasant!
      And, yes, there have been WolfieToons on the Web in one place or another since 2002-- twenty-two years! Seems like I've repeated the ones worth repeating a lot here, and I don't want to bore. But there may be something more worth posting soon!
      Thank you again, very much.

  4. Mr. Anonymous here, now presenting as Dale. I will
    use this nom de plume in the future. Glad to hear you
    are keeping well. Everything in life is cyclical and
    motivation ebbs and flows. Richard Windsor will
    go for extended periods without posting and then
    will jump back into the regular routine. I know this
    may seem sacreligious to some people but there
    are other things in life than spanking. Not too
    many, mind you. Again, thank you for your high
    quality work.

    1. Hiya, Dale!
      Thanks again for coming around, and for your sincere compliments!
      Naturally, not everybody is going to like everything, and that's more than OK! I don't even like all my own stuff. But sometimes that which I think is dreck gets the brightest response from others! And vice versa.
      You know, there is a cycle that comes up here: there are no new Wolfie posts, so folks don't some around, and when folks don't come around, I'm not motivated to put up any new posts, and ...
      I have been considering a book of new WolfieToons, if I can navigate all the challenges to that, like having a collection worth a modest price and so on. We'll see!