WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Summer Fun, eh, Kids?

 So now that it's officially Summer 2023, here is brand-new WolfieToon, and some reruns to fit the season!

As the various Break Cards used to say when Johnny Carson hosted the "Tonight" show, "More To Come!"

Monday, June 5, 2023

The June WolfieToon Birthday Spanking Spectacular!

Goodness Gracious, there are a lot of birthdays this month!  That calls for a sensational celebration!

It's apparently a pain in the ass, and not a good kind, to look in here these days, much less to comment, so I'll make you glad you came!

The impetus for this post was Harry's presentations at "Vanilla spanking,"  "An Inadequate History of Birthday Spanking" and  "Spicy Birthday To You!"  

Coincidentally, Richard Windsor has a fourteen-part "Birthday Bonanza" At His Site!

And it's Gin's Birthday Month, too, at "Smiles And Spanks", so see what all she has to offer!

Now, settle back and enjoy a plethora of well-done and badly-done Birthday Spanking WolfieToons!  Beware, some gags may be repeated! 

You certainly have seen the next one before, because it's one of the very first WolfieToons that ever showed up on the Web!  Just think, since then, I've become internationally known! 😎😆

When Special Occasions coincide!

In my Formative Years, birthdays were always a great "excuse" to take my girlfriend(s) over my lap to pat their pretty posteriors, and it was even more of a treat when they were sporting  summertime shorts!! 

Now comes a couple of cartoon pastiches.  

That one holds up;  the one below is nicely colored, and I like the attitudes, but there are some things askew.  You might not see 'em,, but I do.  Ah, well, there's no real reason to redo it now!  Not that that's ever stopped me before.

Private parties have potential, but, gee whiz, the rest of us want in on the fun, too!

Speaking of seat sensitivity and badly-done perspective 👀😀 :

Now for some Class and Culture:

Most everyone has fun at the Office Birthday Parties, too, even when they wind up drawn in an Experimental Style, like these cats waiting in line:

Meanwhile, back at the Family Parties:

That's another of the earliest WolfieToons, from back when we had wind-up computers.  The original pencil that I posted first looked like this:

I even did a sequel.  As you know, sequels aren't always as good as the first show!

Behold a brand new one!

So if  you're celebrating, or celebrating with a special someone in June, I hope these have added to your fun and even been-- inspirational!!

Saturday, May 27, 2023

"And We'll Have Fun! Fun! Fun! 'Til Her Daddy Takes Her Over His Knee!"

 Those are the lyrics, right?

Anyway, I was reminded of when Springrose and I first met-- Lo!  A long time ago now!-- and she told me, "What I like about your cartoons is, everybody looks like they're having fun!"

And, yes, that's pretty much my take on this:  silly and sensuous!  Arousing!  Whatever the role play might be, and that can certainly get intense, at bottom (heh) there is no denigration, no disrespect, no desire to cause real psychological or physcial harm!  I am, after all, my mother's son!

Why, just look at these examples from around the Web!

(I neglected to save names and sources for most of these-- if it's you or yours, please say so!  I'll fix it!)

Everybody's  having a great time!


Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Friday, May 5, 2023

As I Was Strolling Through the Park One Day--

--in the very merry month of May,

                    I was taken by surprise, 

                     when I began to realize~~! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The Wonderous Wolfie Workout!

 Are you feeling listless, run down, and out-of-sorts?

Well, amigo, the Wonderous Wolfie Workout may be just the ticket!!