WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Revolting Credit Issues

If you have succumbed to the shopkeepers' maddening notion that you are obliged, nay, required to get a gift, preferably an expensive one, for every single person you've ever known at home or work every December, you should be rewarded with a searing seat.

Now if you happen to desire a searing seat, there are much easier ways to accomplish that, ones that will result in sitting uncomfortably and not bankruptcy and unrelieved guilt..

And if you are unable to find joy in anything but spending money, you might benefit from therapy sessions such as the one demonstrated in the WolfieToon this week at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE!"   As a matter of fact, it may help with a lot of different issues.

(There is also some pleasant distraction at "D&D" with free story samples, and of course, a wealth of fiction and images each week for members!)


  1. Not having any money makes shopping an easier decision. Lol. Great toons!

  2. It does at that, Lea! Nor should anyone ever feel bad about the choice, regardless! This faux guilt the sellers of baubles want to impose upon us has been steadily creeping up for over a hundred years; when Scrooge sent the big turkey over for the Cratchit's dinner, it was meant to show remarkable generosity! Let us celebrate the love in our lives and keep everything else in reasonable perspective!

    Oh, glad you liked the cartoon, too!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful, domestic otk brush panty spanking, mouthful but love it..


  4. Thanks, Ron, glad you liked it! That almost sounds a Satchmo lyric:

    "I see she's on your knee.. red bottomed, too...I see your 'toon...it's quite a hoot... and I think to myself... what a wonderful domestic otk brush panty spanking!"

    Well, OK, you have to stretch it a bit.

  5. I stopped stressing over gifts years ago. When my kids were small if I saw something I thought they would like, no matter what time of the year I would pick it up and put it aside for Christmas or birthday. I get gifts for folks when I am out and something that screams "buy me for ___" Some years I don't find anything or have the funds, or the time. It isn't about how much you can spend, it is about being together.

    Oh, and that girl should hide the receipts and the gifts for goodness sakes if she is going to go that overboard. Unless of course, she wants to ...... :-)

    Nice 'toon, Wofie and something we should all remember.

    1. Thank you, Kaki, for the most common-sense approach to all this I've heard in a long while!

      Yes, you're right about the woman in the cartoon; maybe she was caught before she could stash the loot and douse the smoking cards? Or, yeah, maybe she does want to...!!