WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Saturday, August 12, 2017


A couple of months ago,  Erica Scott told me that author Allysa Hart was looking for a Spanking. 

Oh, pardon me, I was taking a sip of coffee, I mean. Allysa was looking for a Spanking Cartoonist.  Erica kindly recommended me, and put us in touch.  It wasn't a spanking touch, although that might be fun.

Anyway, Ally had seen and liked WolfieToons (sure, who doesn't?!) and told me she wanted to create a banner for her book signings.  What she had in mind was one of those placards like they have at amusement parks and such places that you can put your face into and pose for a funny picture.  I'm sure there's a correct name for those-- Photo Thingummies.  Like these:

So, I did some quick and sloppy sketches

and Ally chose the pose she liked best, stipulating that it be sexy but silly (quite in line with my particular predilections), using the "big heads" caricaturists so often use.  Here is what we finally did:

Here's the finished banner:

These are pictures Ally took of the set-up at the first book-signing she took the banner to! 

Now let's say "The Big Bang Theory's" Amy, actor (I used to say "actress") Mayim Bialik, had attended, got her copy of Ms Hart's book autographed, and then had her picture taken in the banner! 

(Everybody chants, "'The Big Bang Theory's" Amy, actor (I used to say 'actress') Mayim Bialik, had attended, got her copy of Ms Hart's book autographed, and then had her picture taken in the banner!")

 It would have looked something like this:

Thanks for the commission, Ally!  I'm glad it was a hit!  

I think we'll do more stuff together!  Meanwhile, check out Allysa's page;  you'll find some entertaining and arousing literature and perhaps find out that one of her book signings is t an event near you, and put yourself into a WolfieToon!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

"This Is Something That's Gonna Make Us Both Feel A Lot Better!"

If you recognized that quote from "Blue Hawaii," you're at the right place!

I've seen these two older WolfieToon coloring pages around the Web--

and the joke is always, "Wow, these are not for children!"

Well, DUH.

But obviously the cartoons attracted and intrigued these Websters enough that they felt compelled to save and share and remark!

So I thought I'd supply you with some other black-and-white Wolfie cartoons to color!  

You can use computer graphics, or print 'em out for paints, crayons, colored pencils, Jell-O pudding, whatever your favorite medium is.

First, my parody of a Romance Novel Cover.  This woman is on the path to a paddling, with a heart-shaped fanny smacker!

And here we are in the studio of a fella who paints Romance Novel Covers!  I'm not sure if his models chose this pose themselves, or if he directed it,  but it seems that it'll work just fine in any case!

Now a playful swat in the yard that might lead to a lot more!!

At first blush there wouldn't seem to be enough to color in this man's point-of-view over-his-knee shot-- but besides sexy shading, think of all the different colors, decorations, little cartoon animals and so forth you could make on her adorable panty seat!

So there you are, lots of fun, concentrated activity that will relieve stress and help you feel happier!

If perchance you'd like to send a photo or scan of your artwork, I'll post it here with credits of your choice!

You can send it dwolfeman 2002 @ yahoo . com, but put all that together.  I inserted those spaces to avoid Web Spider Problems.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy 4th! And 5th, 6th, 7th...

Hi, Kids!

Here's some Patriotic Patting!

Strike up the band!  Or the band leader, anyway!

Notice the excited onlooker in the background.  "This ONE time, at BAND camp..."
There's lots of heat and sparks everywhere on the 4th of July, especially when mishaps land misses on laps!  

Of course, we all remember the tails, er, the tales of how this all began

Har!  I get it!
Oh, no, I guess SHE got it!

And so did the mischievous gal with the cute, round fanny and rather obtuse neighbor!

I hope your holiday is Wolfieriffic!! 

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Pastiche That Failed-- Or, Improving It Until It Sucks


I ran on and on about one of my favorites, Mr. Dan DeCarlo-

(Here's his photo from his WW II Days!)

who began his cartooning career at Timely Comics-- later called Marvel Comics-- doing mags like "Millie the Model," "Sherry the Showgirl," and "Nellie the Nurse," among others.  Editor-in-chief Stan Lee was the writer.  

Dan tried some newspaper strips with Stan and finally wound up over at MLJ Comics-- AKA, the Archie Comics Group.  Dan's style was very similar to the original artist, Bob Montana, and he soon became one of the Archie stars.  In fact, over forty years, he did a huge number of their covers, and eventually became the "House Style" the newer artists were told to emulate.

Dan created "Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch," and "Josie," named for his wife!  Josie later got some Pussycats.

In the early 60's Dan picked up some extra dough doing one-panel cheesecake cartoons for publisher Martin Goodman's line of men's humor digests.  (Goodman was also the Marvel Comics publisher.)  Dan's work was among the classiest, if not THE classiest in those little mags.  You've seen most of these, I bet.  He signed his work "DSD" for some kind of anonymity, but how could anyone miss that style! 

(If for some reason you HAVEN'T run across these, the line in the Hillbilly cartoon is, "I know I deserve a spanking, Paw, but can't Clem do it?"  That's the joke I stole, as you'll see below.  Well, it wasn't theft, it was a Tribute.)

Mr. DeCarlo would attend the comic conventions in the 80's and often did sketches for his fans.  Semi-Naughty sketches, with a twinkle in his eye!  

The sad end of the story is, the bosses at Archie Comics fired Dan when he sued for his part of the dough from the Sabrina and Josie shows and movies.  He lost the first big court case and was trying again, working for other comics companies when he got pneumonia, and then died of a heart attack at the age of 82.  Both his sons, who had followed him into the comics biz, had died before him!

But some form of justice will arise, as it did in various ways for "Superman" creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, "Batman's" co-creator Bill Finger, and even Jack Kirby, whose characters and concepts you've never stopped seeing in all the Marvel comics, movies and TV shows! 


Back when "Discipline & Desire" was still alive, I thought I'd do a pastiche, a tribute to Dan's Timely Comics and the cheesecake cartoons.

However, I started going far afield and the end result wasn't very Dan at all. 

Perhaps I'll do another and better later!  Stay tuned!

My Favorite Things!

(Sung to the tune of the same title from "The Sound of Music," with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein!)

Yoga pants, tight shorts
and swimsuits so scanty,
PJ's and short skirts
and all kinds of panties
showing cute bottoms
that all need a sting!
These are a few of my
 favorite things!

Blue jeans and sweat pants
with drawstrings so handy,
all with a snug fit
for fine little fannies!
Dresses so nice
as they shimmer and cling!
These are a few of my
favorite things! 

Over my lap I love
watching her wriggle!
My spanks make her squirmy,
she'll holler and giggle!
A warm, rosy glow
to her hiney I'll bring!
These are a few of my
favorite things!

When my blog bites,
when my jokes stink,
when my drawing's sad--

I simply remember my favorite things--

and then I don't feel so bad!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Sunday Fun-day!

And what can we cook up for the holiday weekend?

A 'toon most of you haven't seen?  This one was inked with India Ink and water-colored by paw before scanning!

Good thing they have padded pews there, eh? 

And now the sketch that led to my personal favorite of Easter cartoons:

Enjoy your day, and remember-- MONDAY CHOCOLATE SALES!!