WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, January 12, 2017

More Mermaid Tails

Quoting poet Ogden Nash again

"Say not the mermaid is a myth
I knew one once named Mrs. Smith.
She stood while playing cards or knitting;
Mermaids are not equipped for sitting."

Not to be pugnacious, but aren't all mermaids "myths?"  Otherwise they'd be mermen.

Anyway, I'd done a bit about these fabulous creatures of lore before, but it's worth a revisit!  After all, they've been favorites for thousands of years, with any number of fine depictions-- like the marvelous one Glynis Johns did as the title character of "Miranda" in 1948!  

You can catch that flick on YouTube, by the way, and I recommend you do.  Kaki might tell you Glynis is really Mrs. Banks, the mom from "Mary Poppins."  And that's not wrong.  Funny thing is, "Mr. Banks," AKA David Tomlinson, is in "Miranda," too!

Now, someone told me once that the story of  the mermaid began when some ancient sailors, far too long at sea, mistook a manatee for a half-woman, half-fish.

Jeezus, those guys weren't just horny, they were terminally inflamed,   

Well, I don't think I believe that particular explanation.  Denizens of Faerie are separate from the natural world, whatever Animal Planet might try to tell you late at night.  .

Now, as to Mr. Nash's observation that mermaids have no hineys, that's been long argued, too!

Maybe one reason for this is not every guy is a Boob Man.

And a couple of us would like to solve the puzzle of how to spank a mermaid if she were indeed sans booty.

Some people have compromised, depicting mermaids with buttocks only when they take full human form, like Little Ronnie Howard had Daryll Hannah do in "Splash" --   

and as the Disney folks did in "The Little Mermaid"

Hey, look, now she can get her can spanked!!

Live-action portrayals, naturally, will have available bottoms.

Here's a cartoon by Russian artist Sveta Shubina that Harry featured in

And here is a ship's sculpture posed just right!

Now I bid you adieu and hope I've entertained and inspired!


  1. You sir are amazing. I have never thought about mermaids before but wow they all have beautiful butts all very sexy. This is just a fascinating post. Thank you.

    1. Why, thank you, Ron, I'm really happy you enjoyed it! I never know for sure what will be a hit and what will be a myth. NYA-ha-HAA!

  2. Does someone have a thing for mermaids? ;-)

    "Myth" (groan). I'm so happy you love puns, Wolfie. Why do some people hate them so much?

    1. My thinking, Erica, is people who hate puns are the people who can't make 'em!! They're jealous! Or sometimes they're jealous because Ms Scott thought of it before Wolfie did, and now he has to steal it.

      A thing for mermaids? I didn't think I did, but maybe! I know for sure I really like FANNING FAIRY FANNIES!!

  3. Wait! I was entertained and inspired, but are you to tell me you have no Wolfietoons of spanked mermaids to share?!!

    1. You know, Enzo, oddly enough, I don't! I have lots of boys and girls on the beach and at the pool, but none of 'em have fish tails! What th' heck?!

      There is THIS ONE (if I've made the hypertextmessup link right) with a scuba gal and an octopus!

      And I'm glad you were entertained and inspired, thank you!

    2. Wolfie -
      I am ALWAYS entertained and inspired when I visit here.

      Perhaps you'll be inspired to illustrate a mermaid spanking now.

      I remember and like your scuba gal & octopus and appreciate the reminder. Rereading the comments there you mentioned that the diver gal & octopus gag "has been a favorite of cartoonists for a long time" but interesting enough I have only ever seen your illustration; am I missing some well known ones?


    3. Y'know, Enzo, I think I shall do a mermaid 'toon! Stay tuned!

      Meanwhile, now that I really think about it, except for an old Porky Pig cartoon, I don't know that you've missed any actual octopus spanking. I'll do a web search!

      However, tentacles grabbing and groping and poking seems to be a favorite motif! In fact, the Aurora plastic model kit of Wonder Woman had her fighting an octopus! IT LOOKED LIKE THIS! Oh, and here's THE BACK VIEW!