WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Overbarrel Birthday Post!

Today is the birthday of a man who has made the world a much more enjoyable place to be, not only with his drop-you-on-the floor humor, be it understated sarcasm or slapstick silly, but also with his deep compassion, fierce loyalty and love, and all the qualities that make him a fine human, husband, father, grandpa (!!) and someone I am honored to count as my dear friend.

Happy birthday, Phil!  You may know him as "Overbarrel!"

That's one example of his artwork;  there is more at this earlier WolfiePost!  

Oh-- and he plays the trumpet just like this!!

Well, that might be somewhat exaggerated, but the rest is absolutely true.  

Now, click on that last link again and keep THIS image in mind!!


  1. Happy Birthday Phil,

    All that stuff that Wolfie says about you is true and then some! I am blessed to count you as a friend.


  2. So who gets his birthday spanking?

    Happy birthday, Phil!

  3. hiya wolfie,

    sorry it took so long to get to reply to this but i have been working a lot. i only have 2 weeks left till i retire though:D i appreciate all the glowing comments. i too am blessed to have you and springie as my friends and as i told her, i hope we'll all have many more years to enjoy our friendship.

    as far as me playing the trumpet like al hirt played this all i can say is "notachance".............lol. al hirt was popular during the 60s and i have a bunch of his records as a result. i haven't looked to verify this but i think i might actually have this particular take on "flight of the bumblebee" on a record. it was great hearing it again.

    poppy, so far no one has gotten any birthday spanking but that's just because my wife and i have been too busy. fortunately, we have learned to be patient in the 33 years we've been married so i have no doubt that we'll get to it. she gets the spanking btw:D. thanks, phil