WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, May 9, 2011

He likes short shorts!

The "WolfieToon"  at  this week's "Discipline And Desire" update has, I think, a high H&H Factor.  

That stands for "Hilarity and Horniness."  

Maybe this one has more H (horniness) than H (hilarity) or that could just be my fondness for white shorts on female bottoms.  But I'll let you have a peek and decide for yourself.


  1. Those are luscious tighty whities!


  2. Hard heiny?

    (How does one spell heiny?)

    Anyway, cute shorts.

  3. LOL! Thank you, Hermione, and now that you mention it, she does seem inviting for a nibble!!

    And I wonder, Poppy, if her butt is indeed as solid as a marble statue? Well, let's see now, I've seen "hiney," "heiny," "heinie," "heiney," and "heinne." (Sounds like the name of a law firm.) But there seems to be no standardized spelling. We'll have to go ask the Professor, an expert in this field, well-versed in gluteal etymology!

  4. I am afraid I cannot do that.
    When I ask him how to spell things he gets very stern and strict and gets a cane out- I am not sure the school board approves of his methods.

  5. So what's he want with a board if he's already got a cane?

  6. You see me?
    I am just sitting and staring at you. That is what I am doing now.

  7. Amazing, love it and actually hotter than a bare bottom.

    Love it