WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Overbarrel Guest Post: Springrose's Birthday!!

Happiest of birthdays to my dearest friend and companion, the lovely Springrose (the only one who knows to whom the voice of the invisible Shadow belongs.)

("What??"  "Ignore it, that's one of Wolfie's non sequiturs."  "Okay... what??")

As always, Phil "Overbarrel" has produced a Minor Epic in her honor, so come with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear as the Lone Ranger Rides Again!!

(By the way, it's probably best to click on each pic-- or right click and "open in a new tab"--  for the bigger version and more legible lettering!!) 

Hey, good to know Ol' Kemo Sabe is still fast on the straw, eh?  Well, hopefully, not too fast... 

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  1. Happy birthday, Springrose.

    Phil, that cartoon was so funny. It took me a minute to get the Jim Croce reference. Duh! *smacks head with hand* Another punny fellow.
    Thanks for posting, Wolfie.

    Who is Red Handed?

  2. AH! That was so fun to read! A brat put in her place! Dave, you are amazingly creative!!

    Happy Birthday, Springrose!


  3. Thank you very much, Ladies!

    Yes, Kaki, Phil is one of the punniest fellas anywhere!

    Red Handed is a notorious figure from the Old West, an infamous ImpSwatter and HorseSwapper. That is why the Lone Ranger was riding Roy Rogers' horse Trigger instead of Silver!! Or maybe Silver was in the shop, er, I mean the Farrier's, getting new shoes.

    Glad you enjoyed Phil's story, Sarah! The creativity this time is all his, I only posted it here for more folks to enjoy! And it IS a hoot, huh?!

  4. DOH! I missed that! Well, he is creative too!! LOL.

    And I did enjoy it, very much!!


  5. :-D You must've been distracted, Sarah, but look, Tonto's free, I bet he has an Indian method of concentration he can show you!

  6. Happy Birthday, Springrose! I think you should celebrate your birthday every day. Without getting any older, of course. Just ouchier, er, I mean wiser. :-)

    Ah, the thrilling days of bust her rear! Hope they never end. :-) Great cartoon, Phil! Thank you! Springrose got exactly what she deserved! ;-) I liked the details in the posters, too! And was that a talking wolfe?!

    Thanks, DW, for posting Phil's cool stuff!

  7. You're welcome, Larken, and thank you! Yep, that's the talking wolfe with X-Ray vision, sometimes known as Wyatt Arf.

    I liked that "thrilling days" line a lot, too, and Phil pointed out Tonto was imitating Gary Owens from his "Laugh-In" announcer days! :-D