WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Face of Doom!!

Is this the face of Doom?

Oh, no-- sorry, no, it isn't.  This is the face of Doom:

Nevertheless, that Top Fella looks a little Put Out with his situation, which might mean doom of some sort for the young women in the new WolfieToon at "Discipline and Desire" this week!

Under that, you'll see five previews of the new members' stories, which include a spankin' new spankin' author and two Thanksgiving stories.  

(Yes, you cretinous corporate clownheads,  check your calendars:  there is a whole month and another holiday after Halloween!  Stuff your Santa suits and syrupy soundtracks until the appropriate time!  Odin's Blood!)

In the two free "D&D" E-book chapters, Kit Maso begins to show you "What Friends Are For," and Nattie Jones takes you into "The Sanders Spanking Center!"

Have fun!


  1. I hear ya on making Christmas wait its turn! How annoying is that??

    The first guy -- eh, he seriously looks like he is having trouble on the toilet. (yes, I know, not very sexy. You can spank me for it!)


  2. Thanks, Sarah!

    And yes, I will. With the big flat bathbrush!

  3. He looks just like Top Logical Man, well any Top for that matter trying to make sense out of his imp's reasoning.

    Um, sorry girls.

  4. I don't know, that first guy sure looks like the face of Dumb to me! I mean, how long did it take him to figure out those jeans?!

    Ohhh… you said Doom. Sorry. I misunderstood. :-)

    And he DOES look like TLM, Kaki!

  5. You're right, Kaki, that can be an aspirin-selling process! But bottom-smacks usually straighten things out!

    I shouldn't encourage such sassiness, Larken, but as a natural-born wiseguy, "Face of Dumb" is pretty darn funny! Besides, some of us fellas would have known ahead of time not to dare that layer!

  6. I think Sugar Smacks are what straighten things out.

    P.S. Who is Odin, and why is he bleeding? Is he a Top that tried to spank a girl who was wearing studded jeans?

  7. Yes, Oscar Odin, he's the guy in the cartoon.