WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Darn near missed getting to participate in "LOVE OUR LURKERS DAY," smartly begun by Bonnie!  (She still has one of the most adorable Po Po Profile Pics I've ever seen!!  So enticingly grabbable, spankable, chompable... uh,. where was I?)

Oh, yes!  Appreciative greetings to all lurking peekers!  Here are some not-too-frequently seen old WolfieToons from "Arild's Movie Spanking Yahoo Group,"  now gone from the InterWebs.

Lurk 'em over!!  

(Artie, Ar, Ar!!)

(This one is called "Mack and Beth," for no good reason at all.  Now, it would have made some sense, say if he'd been brushing up her shaked rear...Urk, sorry, Mr. Cole Porter!!)

(What do you suppose came from the young woman's temper tantrum below?  Aw, you GUESSED! )

(But, hey, look, the Machines got even!)

(This is called "Cuddly  Spanking.")

(This is the original pencil drawing... )

(And this is what came of it later... )

(Now, I don't know if he's reminding HER or HIMSELF...)

When they did "Mutiny On The Bounty" in the 30's, the one with Clark Gable and Charles Laughton, they had a scene in which young Mr. Byam threatened one of the native island girls saying, "I'll paddle your little starboard!"  

Say what??  I guess they wanted him to sound like a Sailor, but even I know that means "right side."  I betcha the original line was "I'm gonna paddle your little AFT!"  

Which would have been a lot funnier.  Damn Censors. OK, maybe it was, "I'm going to give your stern a spanking!"  I know for sure he said nothing about a poop deck, that's just wrong.  And shame on you for bringing it up.  Anyway, here are some other sea-faring types...

"Drink some port and list to the starboard!"-- Lou Costello, "Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd," also with Charles Laughton.)

These are primitive and crude and almost never get out to play, the poor little deformed darlings.  Of course, they'll be all over the Web NOW!  So you Lucky Lurkers get to see where WolfieToons began.

Big deal, huh?


And thank you for lurking!!


  1. Wolfie, you just spank my mind right out of the water all the time. Thank you. My mind should not be in the water and thank you for placing it back where it belongs.

    Poop deck...Hehe.

    You are a big deal! I love the toons, especially the cuddly spanking one.

    Thank you for what you do here. Big hugs.

    Are you still sick or have you recovered totally yet?

  2. Happy LOL Day, DW! LOVE seeing these early WolfieToons. With the exception of the robot spanking the naughty imp these are all new to me. What a treat you delurked them for us all.

  3. Great toons Wolfie, and a happy LOL day to you!

  4. Hi Bree, didn't see you there. So, concerning your mind and H2O, is that like having water on the brain? I am sure Dr. D-WolfeMan would prescribe 50 smacks to your tushy with a hairbrush. And you must follow doctor's orders, after all DW is a specialist in spankology.

  5. @Michael Are his credentials written on the back of the hairbrush? Is that a GG spanking? You know how I feel about them. Well at least it will not be bare bottomed. I might catch a cold. Who says I want to be cured anyway?

  6. Hiya Wolfie -- happy LOL Day to ya! (you do make me LOL a lot, you know)

  7. Thank you, Sara, and likewise! And many thanks for all your LOL (Laid Over Lap) stories!

    Hiya, Bree! Water you doing, letting your mind go to sea like that? Oh, yes, thanks, I have no sniffles, only snuffles in the ears of LOL LOL! (Lovely Ornery Ladies Laid Over Lap!! And Guess WHO??)(Dr. Underbrush says hello!!)

    Hey, Mike! Thanks, glad you enjoyed these little Quasimodos, I've been saving them for just such an occasion!

    Thank you Lea, you always give me a toothy grin!!

  8. Hi, Erica! You came in while I was typing, so you get a reply all to yourself! I know, I know, you hate standing out like that, couldn't be helped.

    You Leap Over La-Z-Boys, for MOI? Wow, I'm speechless!! And MWAH, too!!

  9. Happy LoL Day, Dave!

    Love your blog and thanks for those drawings - especially liked the pirate spanking!


  10. Why, thank you very much, Chross!

    Extra useless information: That Pirate cartoon had been inspired by one of the women at Arild's, who signed herself "Tawny."

    So the cartoon was called "Tawny and the Pirates," a pun on the newspaper strip Milton Caniff did before "Steve Canyon!"

  11. (OK, well not "pun,"-- "parody" :-D )

  12. Have rarely commented but love your drawings.

    Happy LOL Day.


  13. I love lurking around your great Toons Wolfie !!

    MarQe ;)

  14. Hi Wolfie,

    I'm a regular visitor and an irregular commenter. Is that a spanking offense? I liked Cuddly Spanking best.

    Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


  15. The cuddly spanking is now my all time favorite Wolfie toon! It made me smile and touched my heart deeply. I love how it evokes the fun-loving side of this spanking thing we do and there's just something about how you drew it that speaks to me. Maybe some of it is the way she is holding on to his arm as well as the looks on their faces.

    Would it be okay if I added it to our blog under the Tab (page) we have titled "Spanking Types"? I don't have anything representing "cuddly spanking" yet and this would be perfect.

    Happy LOL Day you cuddly Wolfie man you!

  16. Cannot help but to lurk over here at times...giggling seems to kill all original thoughts I might have in clever comments.

    Still love your blog to bits! Have a lovely LOL day.



  17. Hi, Ronnie! Thanks, I enjoy your humor, too!

    Gracias, MarQe, and the same to you, my friend!

    Hi, Hermione! Yes, I don't always get around to the blogs like I want to, but yours is always a treat! Thanks!

    Sweetest of Seasons, I'd be delighted and honored to have you feature the cuddly spanking cartoon! Appreciate it!!

    Hey, Rebekah! May your LOL Day be filled with many LOLs, too! Thank you!

    You know, Raven, that causing giggles is my reason for being, thank you very much!

  18. Love your toons. Have a great day.


  19. Thanks very much, Prefectdt, I'm glad you do! May your day bring joy!

  20. Hey Dave! I love your humor, your drawings and your very punny wit. Happy LOL Day!

  21. You have the cutest blog of all! Love it! xoxo

  22. I love these toons, DW! I'm with Season, I think you always draw the fun-loving side of TTWD. And I don’t mean just the backside! :-)

  23. Imps seldom are happy to lurk.
    They write comments intended to irk.
    On this work they don’t shirk,
    And drive Tops all berserk.
    Then hightail it, wearing a smirk.

    Good thing there are no Imps around here, just us Good Girls.

    Happy LOL Day, DW!

  24. Happy LOL Day, DW.

    I'm with the Imp Brigade, the cuddly spanking is definately the cutest!

  25. I am not a lurker, but love your blog! :)

  26. Happy LOL Day, Dave! Always love your art, especially being a girl with absolutely no ability to draw!


  27. Happy LOL Day! Have long enjoyed your work... which we first found on the SL website. Really happy that you now have a blog.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  28. Happy LOL Day!

    You have bottomless talent, Dave. Or is it "bottom-full"?


  29. Y'know, if I could draw more than stick figures, I'd want to do what you do--but I seriously doubt that I (or anyone, for that matter) could do it better!

    Happy LOL day, Dave!

  30. hey wolfie, I think you know how I feel *blush*

    I tried to comment before and it wouldn't work sorry for being so late. I heard it was Love our Lupine Day. I love your cartoons you are the punniest guy in town.


  31. Hi, Scarlet! Yep, I'd much rather have a punny wit than a puny wit! (Now, now~!) Thanks!

    Aw, thanks, Veronica! Now I feel just like the Scarecrow! You're pretty darn cute yourself!!

    Hey, Lovely Lady Larken! Oh, I'm all about fun with backsides! ;-) Merci!

    Really Good Girl! You made my ears perk explaining Imps' work, and only a jerk would spank Angels who lurk-- but, that cute li'l disguised fanny looks familiar-- I bet I could place it by placing my paws on it!! (Thank you, good job!)

    Thank you, too, dd-- the cuddly spanking seems to be a new favorite! May YOU enjoy many, many of 'em!!

    Thank you, Sarah-- "Not a looker?" Oh, I must beg to differ, you are pretty darn cute! Oh, "LURKER!" That's different...

    Gracias, Em-- and you DO draw some splendid pictures with your splendid stories! And you found LOLCats I'd missed, so I'm stealing them!!

    Todd and Suzy, thank you both-- for your compliments on the WoofieToonery, and for all the work you put into your own blog-- on which I am making a late LOL entry!

    Pink! You tickle me, Pink! (Yes, please, go ahead and do that!) Glad you enjoy the cartoons-- and the girls ARE often bottomless!

    Hiya, Doc! I'm happy to inspire-- and your mentioning stick figures makes me think of the calling card the Saint used, which reminds me of the women Roger Moore spanked-- and nearly spanked-- in that role! Hey, good work!!

    Aw, Kaki, yes I do know, thank you, and your blushes are so cute!! Sorry about your Web Travails! Google Chrome has been giving me occasional grief, I never even try Infernalnet Explorer any more, and there was another one that acted up, too... Hmm. if Wolfie has problems with EVERYONE, could WOLFIE himself be the problem?! Thinking... Nahh!

  32. Thank you, Sarah-- "Not a looker?" Oh, I must beg to differ, you are pretty darn cute! Oh, "LURKER!" That's different... <<<

    You teaser, you! I saw this response and I quickly scrolled up to mine. Did I misspell that??


    But you called me cute. Not just cute, but 'pretty darn cute', so I'm not mad. :)


  33. Hi Wolfie,

    I don't think anyone has ever called me chompable before. I feel strangely OK with that. :D

    I love your artwork and the lovely sense of humor behind it. Thank you for being a part of our community celebration.


  34. The honor is mine, O Most Chompable Bonnie!

    Thank you, and yes, you certainly may sit-- or not sit!-- for me anytime!

    'Lo again, Sarah! Say, I saw a Minnie Mouse Nightshirt that said, "So Cute When Mad!!" So that woulda worked, too!

  35. Hey Dave, it was great to see these oldies! "A Gentle Reminder" reminded me of the old Dan DeCarlo Humorama cartoons in which a lecherous guy finds an excuse to spank a young woman's shapely bottom.

    I'd forgotten that dialogue from Mutiny on the Bounty. You'd think they could have made up for some of that horrible M/M flogging with some M/F OTK spanking! Speaking of which, your pirate girl spanking kind of makes up for all the old comics with bad pirate girls who should have been spanked but weren't.

  36. Thanks, Web-Ed!

    I bet you remember Doug McClure swatting troublesome Eastern Princess Mary Ann Mobley on the bottom, trying to rescue her in "The King's Pirate!" I thought Jill St. John shoulda got a swat or a dozen, too, but at least she looked really good in her tight pirate pants!!