WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'Bots and Butts!

That detail is from this week's WolfieToon at  "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE," and is the latest version of a machine I've had in mind for decades.

First of all, on the Forever Coolometer, Robots are at Number Two,  just behind Dinosaurs.  But it's pretty close.  Sometimes people just can't make up their minds, and you have Dinosaur Robots.

My personal favorite, the robot I had circa 1961, was ROBOT COMMANDO!!

Don't be fooled by what the box says, you could control Robot Commando even if your name was Irving, and Under Your Command, he Ambled Menacingly in four directions like a tank, rolled his Hypnotic Eyeballs, hurled Projectile Spheres and SHOT MISSILES OUT OF THE TOP OF HIS HEAD!!  Red rubber-tipped missiles.  Holy Freudian Symbolism, Batman!

In turn, my boys had the TRANSFORMERS (Robots In Disguise!!) and the "Star Wars" 'Droids.

You'll notice how red is always a favorite color.

('Toon interpretation by Sadie Figueroa!)

Say, I bet you can find the ones YOU loved at this website:  THE OLD ROBOTS WEBSITE!

Well, anyway, two passions must eventually meld, and thus is born the Spanking Robot.

That's an early version of mine that I'm proud to see parading around the Web!

There have been others;  You "Big Bang Theory" types should recognize these two characters in a photo done by ADzArt at Deviantart!

"Carrie" from the British For-The-Men Mag "Mayfair" got a good scrubbing from her automaton assistant.  That's not quite a spanking, but it's pretty close.  A brush was involved.

(I think that's Don Lawrence's painting-- but that assumption is subject to correction!)

There are Bots paddling Bottoms all over the Web!  Do a search and see what's at Chross's site, Chicago Spanking Review, the Spank Statement, and Nik Zula's cartoons!  

I prefer the humanoid versions to the mere "spanking machines," which, as everybody knows, have always been in the Principal's Office.  

Now, regarding my latest version, Kaki wanted to know how it was controlled.  

Well, the red dial on the upper front-center of Robospankher 7.0 is the Control Setting, which One can adjust Herself.  It will ask "Are you certain of the number of smacks and intensity level?" and once she presses, "Yes," this cannot be changed, even by calling out "Banana Oil!" or some such.  

However, there is a Top Voice Recognition and Activation Override which can be used to change those settings, or to ensure that a proper paddling takes place in case the Top must be away. 

Which addresses a question Larken asked:  Why would a Top ever delegate this important duty to an electronic device?  It is not, as she slyly suggested, any laziness on his part, but is in fact an Emergency Measure, just in case he is required elsewhere but She Absolutely Positively Needs To Get Spanked Right Away.

As a matter of fact, Larken sugested that the Robospankher 7.0 was not any mechanical marvel at all, but Wolfie in his Halloween costume! 

Why I never.  


  1. Hola Amigo

    Very nice collection of Robotic Spankers and servants. I have a few Carrie drawings but these are new to me.


    1. Thanks, CS! I found those two Carrie pics on the Web a very long time ago, and have forgotten where now. Nor do I know what the rest of that particular story is! But if and when I do, I'll letcha know!

  2. Great cartoons! I don't know if I like the idea of a spanking robot. Some spankers I know already seem to have near robotic indestructible arms and hands. :-/

    1. Say, Lea, that gives me an idea! At the next party, maybe you and a couple of those near-indestructible-armed types you mentioned can recreate the FAMOUS LOIS LANE-SUPERMAN ROBOT SPANKING SCENE! Wouldn't that be fun??

  3. Replies
    1. :-D

      Larken, you might have to step into Jessica Fletcher's shoes!

      And charge her money to get 'em back!

  4. "Why I never"

    I bet you have.
    Larken is right. The resemblance is uncaniney. ;-)

    1. You're right, Kaki, I have.

      And a triple joke answer with punnery beyond the call of duty wins you the coveted Satin Seat, a pillow as lovely as it is comfy, good for pillow fights at Imp PJ Parties and cushioning in Afterspankage!

      (The audience cheers)

  5. Although spanking robots like yours are best, you've got to also love "Robot Commando"! Ideal really made some good toys.

    The only problem with spanking robots, should they ever become commonplace, is that their use would tend to make us Tops soft. Real men spank their women - and keep themselves fit doing it!

  6. Hiya, Web-Ed!

    Yeah, "R.C." was great! The spring must be shot in the YouTube version up there; how sad to have your head missile just sort of flop out, all but dribbling down your front. Now, my Commando shot his missile halfway across the room! He had other problems, though.

    And your warning for Tops is right on; For occasional amusement, I mean, for Rare Emergencies, non-sentient spanking robots could have their place, but nothing beats warming her buns the old fashioned way!

  7. Late again, jefe, so sorry. Great collection of robot spankings and naughtiness. Wonderful post, DW. Makes me wish I had paid more attention in shop class and my old teacher, Mr. Henderson, or as we used to call him, Three-finger Henderson.

    1. Ah, none of your rib-tickling rejoinders are ever tardy, Mike!

      "Three Finger Henderson" didn't earn his nickname from his drinking habits?

      You remind me of Dom DeLuise talking about how everyone loved getting money from the Tooth Fairy and the richest kid on their block was Gums O'Brian!