WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ah Hates Robots

Yosemite Sam used to mutter, after being hoisted by his own petard, one he intended for Bugs Bunny, "Ah hates rabbits."   I have similar feelings for the mindless minions in the world of electronics.  

Mind you, I've met wonderful friends via the InterWebs, and I love being able to watch movies on disk and all that.  And if the Real Robots were anything like the ones I grew up with on TV, in the movies, novels, and comics, that might be pretty good.  But the Alleged Intelligence imbued into the mechanical marvels they're actually starting to put in charge of things nowadays has Isaac Asimov face-palming from the grave.  For example, that fumbling, irritating, nagging Fembot they let run the self-checkout grocery line really needs her bucket burnished.  Badly.

So-- Blogger is going to kill adult blogs that link to pay-sites, maybe because they're not collecting kick-backs, and the Frankensteiners have set loose their quarter-brained Robot Rovers to do the job, to sniff out and devour Offenders.  So if the constant links back to my home base at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE" excite the Moron GoogleHounds, this particular WolfieBlog will soon disappear.  

If that happens at this point, maybe few will notice.  Family matters and paying work efforts are taking most of my fragmented attention these days, and posting here has become rare.  But every wolfie needs a hobby, so I might put things together elsewhere, if it's worth paying to do so.  We'll see.  

Meanwhile, there might be hope for robot redemption.  Here's a news item about QUIVERING JAPANESE ROBOT BUTTOCKS.   They quiver when you spank them and clench in delight when stroked.  That's a helluva sex toy.  I wonder if they're going to make the entire robot look like the one Julie Newmar portrayed in the short-lived '64 series, "My Living Doll?"  That might alter my prejudice against real-life robots.

Seems I did a blog entry here about Cool Robot Spankings... Tried to use the Blogger Search-This-Blog Robot up there to the right to find it, and guess what.  Hey, you're a pretty good guesser!

Fortunately other things do work, so you can have a peek back at "BOTS AND BUTTS!"  


  1. DW, Blogger and their censoring collection of clinking clanking calamitous craphead robots should be rained on so all their joints stiffen - no, not that joint - and we withhold the oil can. I know it's going through your head so let me say it for you. Oil can what?

    If Blogger pulled the plug on you, buddy, many people would notice and we would all be pissed off to high heaven. I know you're busy with everyday life but as you point out you do need a hobby so you should think of coming over to the dark side and move your blog to WordPress.

    Loved seeing your "Bots and Butts!" post again especially the WolfieToons.

    Stay strong, my hirsute friend. :)

    1. Who rang that bell?! Oh, it's you, Mike-- that's okay, then, I had an Aunty Em myself, once!

      I am thinking about hauling this stuff over to WP; maybe a 'toon at a time, we'll see!

      Thank you very much!!

  2. Wolfie, I hope this thing goes away. I can't imagine your link to D&D should get you banned but like you said they are sending out the robots to do their dirty work. Back up whatever you can and *cue music* I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go..... :-)

  3. I was think more along these lines, Wolfie.


    1. Thanks, Kaki, I know Little Peggy March very well! And Little Miss Dynamite (Brenda Lee) and Little Richard, and Little Stevie Wonder, and the Little Bit of Soap that will wash away your lipstick on my ears!