WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, March 16, 2015

WolfieToon Scruffies!

Okay!  Since I seem to have a break in my Real Time Adventures, and the Buggar Censors-- oh, pardon, I mean, the Blogger Censors seem to have decided not to quarantine our alleged adult blogs after all, I shall post!

I might even serial post!  'Cause post serials make breakfast a little bit better.

So-- this Li'l Bunny

featured in the WolfieToon at "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE" this week is: 

A.  Singing a Joyful Ode to the Coming of Spring

B.  Demonstrating a Conniption Fit.

C. An active member of  an odd Lepus religious order.

D,  A Wolfie tribute to the "Bunny of Exuberance" that Dan Piraro frequently has in the background of his "Bizarro"cartoons! 

E.  All of the above

If you answered "D," you are smack-on!

There is a long cartoon tradition of funny animals and sexy babes appearing together!  Here are just a few examples from fellas I greatly admire:

Frank Cho:

Dean Yeagle:

And Duane Bryers!

Once upon a time a lovely "D & D" member wrote and said she particularly enjoyed my "lovable, ugly, funny, scruffy pets!"  

Hence, my buddy "Overbarrel" Phil took to calling the WolfieToon animals "Scruffies!"  

Lady Larken calls them "A Furry Greek Chorus."  

That is especially apropos in Paddle Cat's last appearance!  Behold his reaction to this tragedy!

You can see that he is aghast at the sad state of the spanking implement remnants.


No, no, no-- "aghast," that is, "struck with overwhelming shock and horror!" 

 But come to think of it, that ex-child sometimes reacts to spanking scenes, himself!

Anyway, Paddle Cat is one of my few recurring characters, and the only one with a Name.  At least I think so.

When frustrated Tops find that their hand is just not delivering the right sensation to the sensational Imp Behind below, P.C. appears, with a delight for their rears, and the concise advice, 

Once there was even a Paddle Puppy!  Maybe she was a Beatin' Beagle?   

If that dog also has some handcuffs nearby, then you have Locks and Beagles. 

That hound might be reacting to the previous atrocious pun, or maybe he's just perplexed at people pleased by paddlin'!

But there are canines who fully appreciate it.  Like Snickerdoodles here.

Not all chickens do.

If that rooster says, "This is for the birds!" and scurries off, you have poultry in motion.  

Which would also answer Chico Marx's question, "Why a duck?  Why-a no chicken?"

Yes, that's the Famous Spokes-Duck,

Here's a Famous Spanks Duck:  

And that's about all I have to write about Scruffies for now.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Minelle! That you do is very rewarding!

  2. Hey! Wolfie's back. and Wolfie's front, and Wolfie's side... ;-)

    So good to see you back. I always LOVE your little animal friends. It makes you wonder what they're thinking when they watch.

    1. Thank you, Kaki! Yes, that's me all over!

      Have you seen the real-life Scruffies that wander in and out of the spanking videos from time to time? There was one, a light gray cat, I think, who hopped up on the back of the sofa and settled in to watch!

  3. "Poultry in motion" ?! Oi! Classic DW! Glad to see you and your scruffies back on the interwebs! You always make me laugh! I love your critters! Although I don't know why that paddle retrieving dog doesn't just bury that thing in the back yard...


    1. Actually, Larken, Ms, Beagle had gone and dug it up from where her mistress had buried it! She's a good doggie!!

      I love to make you laugh!! Thank you!