WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

More Santa Spankings!

I'm surprised to find out, in this nearly total electronic communication age, that some kids actually still write honest-to-Odin letters to Santa Clause!  On paper!  With envelopes and stamps!!

Which put me in mind of this WolfieToon;  I've shown it here before-- 

--but not its sequel!  

My buddy PHIL "OVERBARREL" insisted there should be a sequel! 

 Now, late in 2008, my scanner blew up and I couldn't replace it for a while.  I also had limited graphics goodies.  So, those two 'toons were done on an earlier version of Windows "Paint."  With a mouse!

There sure are a lot of Santa Spankings around.  I just found out, the last few years, that in some places holiday hidings were handed out by the Christmas devil Krampus-- who finally has his own movie coming out this season-- leaving Saint Nick free to disperse jos and toys.

But, in our crowd, toys and joys can also be Kringle Tingles!

(RICH and PIXIE having a whale of a time!)

And as a figure of loving authority, being tummy-side down on Santa's lap can make sense.  Certainly a lot more sense than BEING PAPER-TRAINED BY YOUR PUPPY  or  GETTING PADDLED BY YOUR PACHYDERM!

 Chross just updated his list of St Nick pics (including the aforementioned Krampus and a few WolfieToons!)  which you can peruse HERE--

And here's one more Clause-themed cartoon from moi!


  1. Eek! No switches on my Christmas list! I AM still waiting for my pony, though...

    Fun Christmas toons! I hadn't seen the one where Santa delivers Veronica's Christmas package. :-)

    Merry Christmas, DW!

  2. And the Happiest of Christmases to you, lovely lady Larken!

    By the way, HERE'S YOUR PONY!

    Because you've been very good all year long, except for the one fibhood about not desiring Kringle Tingles!!

  3. I agree with Veronica, Santa is a senile moron. I for one have been criminally bad! since 13. Perhaps Santa ought to enhance! his penalties. Forget the spankings maybe he can whisk the guilty away on Santa's sled to his own private correctional facility?

    1. I wonder, Anon, if that's how the Hiney Sisters seen in Phil "Overbarrel's" Christmas cartoons (see the link on the right) got to the Pole at the North? They seem to be in perpetual employment and perpetual peril there! (Well, danger to their delicate derrieres, anyway.)

  4. Very cute, Wolfie! But Veronica's not fooling anyone. Look how she put on her best emerald Christmas nightie for Santa's visit after deliberately provoking him! She must be the switch lady's cousin. And what the devil is that horned woman wearing in the last cartoon?


    1. Thanks, Larry! And it's true, impetuous imps always act surprised at their comeuppance!

      The Devil Woman (like that song, maybe) is wearing her cutest little white panties with gold side-buttons, to match her tiny elfin curly-toed slippers. It;s an ensemble from the Little Hot Stuff Cartoon Devil Collection.