WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Time To Get Ready!


'Tis the season to play Dress-Up!  Not that that's unique around here...

By the way, How do you catch a Unique Bunny?

Unique up on her!!

And how do  you catch a Tame Bunny?

Tame way, unique up on her!!

Bettie Page made a cute li'l kitty, don'tcha think?  

Wolves and Kitties make a fine combination!

(I can't quite make out who the sculptor is, but HERE'S MORE!)

There are a lot of original Couples Costumes;  

and some choose to go a more traditional route.

With or without the white cotton panties.

(You do know you can click and see these pictures bigger, right??)

When I was a kid, we all wanted to be Astronauts.  Or to get into Space, anyway.

"Which space?"

I knew you were gonna say that.

Y'know, oddly enough, I can't find a "Star Trek costume spanking!"  

You'd think those mini-togas were just BEGGING for it.  Well, here's something close from one of the comic book adaptations.  Those Scots!!


Anyway, I hope those gave you some Inspiration.  

Now all you need to do is find a nice little costume shop!!

Oh, and here's a link to an older blog entry about 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tails Of The Old West!

Howdy, Pardners!

Pull up a log to th' campfire, and I'll show ya a coupla thangs guaranteed t'make ya grin.

One of the first places WolfieToons appeared on the Web was a Yahoo Group with creative writers chronicling the events of an old Western town known as Bratsville in Spankville County!

There, you'd find handsome Dom-types like this here feller--


-- and brat types who often ran rampant, needin' some handlin'-- 



--who frequently got the goat of old goats and coots in th' place.

"Goldurn li'l whippersnappers need a whip snap or two, I reckon!!"

This was in the grand tradition of previous tomes romanticizing the lives of the rugged, manly men and beautiful, wild woman in the untamed frontier of the old American west, like these Fiction House comics from  the late 40's and 50's-- with gorgeous covers by some of the very best artists in the business at the time!

I mean, LOOKIT THAT BUTT!!  Wowsers!

Here is a tough and handsome cowpoke fending off rustlers whilst his plucky gal just barely keeps her shapely li'l behind outta th' way of long horns!  

I never ever minded any possible wardrobe anachronisms in these printed horse operas.  Would a young Caucasian woman adopted into a Native American Tribe really have plunged into peril in a form-fitting, knee-length emerald dress?  Maybe not, but her costume and her spankable pose sold a bunch of copies of this mag, I bet!  . 

Now within the pages of these books you often saw scenes like: 

(Hey, he paddled her pants pink!!)

Tsk.  You know he DOESN'T hate doing that, NOR does she hate it or him! 

Well, anyway, I've tried, from time to time, to keep up the tradition-- 

And then ride off into the sunset.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's Erica's Birthday!

Made you look!!

That's the wonderfully sharp, talented, complex, hilarious, loving and lovely Erica Scott in her birthday suit.

Because today is her birthday.

And we all know what that means, hey?

(You can click to see these bigger.)  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

If You Want Your Fanny Tanned~!

Everyone knows those famous little bare buns.  Did you know that was the work of Joyce Ballantyne?

Joyce did lots and lots of art, everything from paper dolls to pin-us!  Wonderful pin-ups like these:  

Even advertising pin-ups the women would like!  Oh, yes, and some guys, too.

Here's an evocative number from a tire ad!


Here's Joyce celebrating her accomplishments in her later years:

She was sometimes miffed that ALL anyone ever wanted to talk to her about was the Coppertone Girl-- who, by the way, was modeled by Joyce's own daughter!

Naturally, that ad has been copied and parodied a million times or more, like this one Kylie Minogue and Company did:

But with the appearance of thongs and whatnot, some women actually want tanned bottoms!

Which was the idea behind this  "DISCIPLINE & DESIRE" WolfieToon from 2008:

Now to round this entry out (heh!) a couple more bare beach bums burning!

Ooh, here's a familiar pair!

Saturday, April 4, 2015