WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(Singing) In The NAVY!!

Now you have that Disco song stuck in your head for the rest of the day;  you're welcome.

Here is a "Woofie-toon" from  "Discipline And Desire" that my buddy and co-conspirator Brandy Golden shared on her blog! 


(P.S.  In my deadline-rush, I didn't notice the perspective problems in the background until after it was published, and I'm not going to go back and fix it now! :-D )


  1. Dave, I love this. And I hadn't noticed any perspective problems, but then there are plenty of distractions!

    I never thought I'd say this about a spanking picture, but almost my favourite element is that wonderful cat. However, first place has to go to those pink patterned panties.

    Oh, and the sailor's dialogue made me smile. Not sure if it's a Wolfie original, but I hadn't heard it before. :)

  2. From my perspective this drawing is aye-aye, Captain Dave.

    And since I now have that navel, er...naval song in my head all I have to say to you, Mr. Wolf, is...At the Y.M.C.A...

  3. Thanks, Underling! Several of the D&D members have written to say ONE of their favorite elements is the "scruffies," as one of them nicknamed my secondary characters/pets!

    The dialogue is indeed mine; at least, I don't remember ever hearing it before! :-D

    Thank you Michael! "Captain Dave," sounds like I should host a kids' show with Popeye cartoons! Come to think of it, there is a pirate on "Spongebob Squarepants," what's his name??

    Anyway, you truly are a macho, macho man.

  4. I never looked that good in my whites.

  5. Dave, when I was a kid there was a local television show in New York City hosted by Captain Jack - way before Billy Joel - who showed Popeye cartoons wearing a ship captain's uniform. His full name was Captain Jack NcCarthy but all the kids knew him as Captain Jack. There was also another show hosted by Officer Joe Bolton - he wore a policeman's uniform including cap and nightstick - and showed The Little Rascals and then later The Three Stooges. Can't get quality kid's programing like than nowadays.

    We need to get Captain Dave a gig hosting spanking clips, especially animated ones, on Spanking Tube.

  6. Heya Wolfie, great pic, I don't know why but I love men in uniform! :)

  7. Thanks again!

    I'm sure you underestimate yourself, O.B.B-- there were probably more hearts aflutter than you realized!

    Thanks, Jules! I'll have to see where my cowboy drawings are, or make 'nother fer ya!

    That's a GREAT idea, Michael! I'll have an afternoon show with cartoon clips, and one at night as D-Wolfeman, with bats and coffins!

    All seriousness aside, you wouldn't believe the regulations the FCC has put into place since the early '70's, on the assumption that all children are retarded to the degree that none of them know a show from the commercials. And since local stations can't have a clown or a cowboy selling Twinkies, it's lots cheaper just to put up syndicated stuff and keep the studio dark!

    My favorites from the days of yore were on KTRK-TV in Houston, TX in the 60s: Cadet Don in the morning, with a NASA-sort of set, and, in the afternoon, Kiterick, a cat-lady with fishnet hose and a tail! They never talked down to the kids, and even had some great mildly sarcastic humor!

  8. Fishnet hose and a tail! Are you sure Kiterick was only for the kiddies?

    Cadet Don sounds like a cool show for kids. And Captain Jack was similar in that he never talked down to children.

    Love the idea of D-Wolfeman with bats and coffins ay night.

  9. Thanks, Mike! I'm half bats already!

    You're absolutely right, kids know-- like anyone else-- when you're disrespecting their intellignece!

    You can find most of the old kids' show hosts on the Web, with background details and pictures, and often viewer comments!

    Since the U-S went all digital broadcasting last year, there is a new proliferation of syndicated Horror Hosts, providing programming to fill the "secondary" broadcast stations' schedules; even Elvira has her show back on.

    The only problem is, they are apparently ALL showing the same set of movies, available in a DVD collection at your favorite entertainment store! Some have better writers than others. So they should quickly improve what they show and they things they do around it if they want to endure!

  10. Ahhhh men in uniform. I love the picture just the way it is. Thanks.


  11. I am trying but I can't see any perspective problems at all.
    But what I could see was the cutest little cat ever being all inquisitive.
    I love your pictures.
    Now please say something in your accent so I can be all giggly and go pink and blushy.
    Thank you!

  12. Wolfie, congratulations on being Chrossed for this post. I guess everybody enjoys seeing a man in uniform!


  13. Wolfie, good work being Chrossed. Couldn't happen to more stand-up lupine. :)

  14. You're welcome, Ronnie, and thank YOU! It seems unanimous among my distaff fans that I should do a lot more men in uniform! So let it be written, so let it be done!

    Well, Poppy, pink 'n' blushy is AWFUL dern cute, so if AWL it takes t'make THAT happen is a li'l tawk, SHEE-OOT, I kin do THAT fer ya! Now, I COULD up 'n' SHOW ya th' perspective problems; but if ya can't SEE 'em, best leave that bobcat alone!

    Hermione and Michael, thank you very much, I didn't expect to be on the Chross list again this week! I'm very pleased to be in such fine company!

  15. Dave, congratulations and I am indeed, sitting here giggling like a schoolgirl. (Not dressed like one though- am all jammies and mussy hair- isn't honesty a terrible thing?)

    (stilll giggling)

  16. Thank you, Poppy, I live to create giggles, and I personally think jammies are LOTS sexier than the standard school uniform stuff. Purty Kinky, Eh?!