WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Art from Arild's!

Back when the Web was new, and those funny dial-up squeaks and squawks were fairly ubiquitous, I stumbled upon a Yahoo Group known as "Arild's Cartoon Spanking Group," and met some of the finest people ever.  There were a couple of loonies, there, too, but, hey, that happens anywhere you go.  

This was the first place where I found friends, decent. loving, caring people, who also found adult spanking arousing!  Before, I had always felt like the odd man out;  it had been suggested that my libido had taken some woefully wrong turn early in life, and the majority of publications I was able to find then, devoid of humor, filled with anger and/or self-hate, sprays of blood, and other extreme unpleasantness, didn't help.  

So it was a sheer delight to explore "this thing we do," with the others, to finally become comfortable in my own skin, and, most of all, to enjoy a wide variety of art!  We shared pictures from magazines, paperback covers, comics, newspaper strips, and our own original creations!

Our host, Arild, the man who created the Yahoo site and brought us all together, was a fine fellow from Norway (thanks to Vohaul for reminding me!) who gave us his wisdom and humor and great encouragement.  Very sadly, he was apparently seriously injured in an industrial accident at work and eventually dropped off the site.  What finally became of him, I've never known.  If you search "Arild" on-line, you're likely to find one or two of his other, long-abandoned websites.

I encourage anyone else who was there to correct my memory, offer anecdotes, and the art I've lost!  I do have a few examples.  There were, of course, some of my earliest efforts:  

I'm sorry I don't have more of everyone else's art;  my floppies went bad!!  Don'tcha hate when that happens?!  But among those treasures were things from Endart:

And "Boom," who created the delightfully ditzy OTKatie!

(By the way-- I'm not absolutely certain-- but that cop could be Yank, whose famous protest, "Down with Panties!" began at Arild's!)  

Dan Rivera's "Spanky Sal" and "Sam Swat" cartoons had been published in "Spank Hard!" magazine from Shadow Lane, and he did a lot of original art at Arild's site.

What a great superhero!  Don'tcha love those little hands on his mask?!  Springrose, by the way, is my best friend, beautiful and eminently spankable!!  She's also the one to thank for the best WolfieToons; I can judge from her reaction if a cartoon is going to work, and she's never been afraid to answer a proposed idea with, "Uh-huh;  what else ya got to peddle?"  :-D

There was a fella from Germany at Arild's who signed himself "Angus Old," creating wild stories using the "Poser" program:

'Twas he who sent that program to Phil, and LO!  "Overbarrel Spanking Toons" were born!!

Even from the start, Phil's creative, cinematic staging and hilariously horny imagination were in full swing!  As you can see from my previous post about his work, his skill has mightily grown!  And, yes, that's Springrose and Wolfie again!

"Darth" was a great guy from the UK who created pencil art to share, and I've lost it!

The high point of the group was the First Anniversary Special, in which Boom and Arild combined all our efforts into an awards show!  For example, at one point, Wolfie's avatar strode on stage and spanked OTKatie for taking up too much time, and making him fall into the orchestra pit!

Well, as I mentioned, Arild disappeared, and slowly everyone began to waft away as well, to other things on-line and in life.  My next stop was MSN and the "Southern California Spanked Wives (and Girlfriends) Club"-- but that's another blog.


  1. Mr. Wolfe!WOW! Just got home from the night shift, feeling cold, punked out and cranky, went to your blog and got a laugh, a shower of spanking toons, thank you, as always the very best, with all this snow and cold weather the baseball toon made me yearn for the good times of summer , when the ladies dont wear heavy coats, and their charms are easy to see, thanks again , your friend BOB

  2. I loved them, but my favourite one is that second one you posted. it just looks so cute and playful even if its not coloured I really like it :)

  3. Thanks, Bob, I'm glad I could brighten your outlook and restore your equilibrium! I always felt like that myself, visitng Arild's in those first InterWeb Days! (Hey, that almost sounds like "Arnold's," the malt shop where the "Happy Days" gang hung out! I'm surprised none of us thought of that then!!)

    And thank you, Jules-- it's just a very loose sketch, but I like "Cuddly Spanking" a lot, too, having been able to capture that attitude!

  4. There's no spanking in baseball? Awww.

    Too funny! The thing I like best about the cartoons is the happy smile on each spankee's face. That tells the world how we view our preference.


  5. Thanks, Hermione! Yeah, you have to read that line in a Tom Hanks voice! And, personally, I think there SHOULD be spanking in (women's) baseball! I also appreciate your perceptive remark, echoing one Springrose made, about everyone having fun!

  6. I love the way you draw women.
    I think some men that draw women make them seem lewd and scary but you draw women that are cute and fun. Your pictures make girls like me feel pretty and spankable. I think that is a wonderful gift.

  7. Why, Poppy, I'm deeply touched, thank you!

    That's one of the most wonderful things anyone has ever said, and I'm very happy to make you feel that way!

  8. Never knew of Arild's site until after it became defunct, but it must have been such a joy to find a home like that after wandering in the wilderness for so long. Great collection of art and I especially love your baseball cartoon, Wolfie, and the paraphrase of the line "There's no crying in baseball!" from the movie 'A League of Their Own' to "There's no spanking in baseball." Excellent!

  9. Thanks very much, Michael! As you'll recall, before that highly entertaining sports pic, Madonna had been in "Dick Tracy," and her accompanying album featured the tune "Hanky Panky," prompting Arsenio Hall to ask her about playful spanking between consenting adults on his talk show! She was in favor of it. And then the other guests kept bringing it up all week, including the Muppets!

    You're right, Arild's was a welcome oasis and the start of many good things!

  10. I saw "Dick Tracy" in the theater with my now ex-wife and loved that Madonna song. Bought her - my ex, not Madonna - the CD which she played in work and told me of the funny looks she got from people when "Hanky Panky" blasted out of her boom box.

  11. Wolfie, big congrats on this post being Chrossed! Way to go.

  12. Arild is from Norway. Amazing that his site is still up, a dinosaur in the WWW.

  13. Well, I'll be a blue-nosed gopher, that's an unexpected pleasure ! Thanks, Michael, for alerting me to the Chross entry, and congratulations to you, Season, and Lady Shewolf, too!

    Perhaps some of the Old Hands from Arild's will find this and we can reminisce further, and, even better, catch up!

    Norway, yes, of course, Vohaul, thank you! I had misremembered "Netherlands," so now I can make the correction! Did you know Arild, and what has become of him? There are quite a few of us who are anxious to know!

  14. Hello, Dave! Thank you for showing these.

    I always thought sexy cartoons were better than boring regular pictures, and I thought I was the only one. Then I found a lot of really good spanking art at Deviantart, so I know what you mean.

    I've seen some of your toons online, but this is the first time I've been to your blog. Good job!


  15. Thanks, Lee-- hope you enjoy what you see!

  16. Hi Dave

    I am an Arild alumnus but am not blessed with artistic ability so you probably do not remember me. I do have a collection of Darth drawings which I am happy to send you if you let me know where. I always loved your humour wherever I found you and that is expressed in all of your toons.

  17. Richard, hi!

    You're very kind, thank you! I would be delighted to take you up on your offer-- but Phil "Overbarrel" found all of his saved "Arild" files this past weekend, and is sending me a copy!

    There may be some things you saved that Phil is missing, so I'll let you know! You're a brick, thanks very much!

    By the way, Phil tells me not only did I mis-remember where Arild was from-- but THE NAME OF THE GROUP!! He says-- and Springrose confirms-- it was REALLY called "ARILD'S MOVIESPANKING YAHOO GROUP!"

    I knew "Moviespanking" was the name of his non-Yahoo webpage, but I thought there were TWO Yahoo groups, and was sure that "cartoon spanking" was what attracted me, like a moth to the flame-- but it looks like I was wrong! Is that what you remember, too?

    Well, in any case, when I get the disk from Phil, I'll do an "Arild's Part Two" post!