WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spankadamy Awards 2002: Boom and More from Arild's!

That is "McWINTOCK!" starring Elmer Fudd and Betty Boop, a brilliant cartoon from the creator of O.T. Katie, hugobOOm, or bOOm for short!  (Feb 1st Edit:  To see the animated version, just left click on the pic!  I didn't know it would work that way (head slap!) so a HUGE thank you  to Devlin O'Neill!) This cartoon first showed up at "Arild's Moviespanking Yahoo Group," which I wrote about here!

Phil "Overbarrel" discovered that he had TONS of files saved from Arild's, and shared them!  He's always been one fine helluva guy!!  He also told me I got the name of the furshlugginer group wrong!  I was pretty sure "Cartoon Spanking" was the name, but Springrose agreed with Phil, and one shouldn't argue with a woman's memory!  

Anyway, I've discovered, to my delight, that lots of people now, beginners as well as those who've been at it a while, love sharing their spanking artwork!  Two of the best places to see that are AnimeOTK,  and the collections at Deviantart, which, oddly enough, isn't only for us deviants!

But Arild's group was the first place I found, LO! so many years ago, and it was bOOm who came up with the idea of all the artists combining their work for Arild's "Spankadamy Awards!" 

Here's bOOm's O.T. Katie taking the stage (supplied by the Poser art of Angus Old!) until my first avatar interrupts!

Then the Hostess meets "Dick Darthedly," courtesy of Angus Old and Darth!  

I mentioned Darth's pencil art last time, but didn't have any to share!  Well, thanks to Phil, we have some now! 

And here's some more art from Dan Rivera:  his Private Eye, "Sam Swat!"

And a comic caricature he did of our host, Arild, and Dan's character, "Spanky Sal!"

Evidently, bOOm is still creating clever O.T. Katie cartoons!  There's a link to his work at the The Chicago Spanking Review, on a page featuring the "Blondie" pastiche that he did!  Way to go, bOOm!!


  1. I always thought Elmer was a little kinky. Really nice work adding color to Dan's Sam Swat.


  2. Great that Phil has so much from Arild's old site and he is a stand up guy and shared with you, Wolfie. I didn't know about that site so most of these are fabulously new to me. Love the Spankadamy strip. Hope you continue to post some of the old work.

    Question: Why did you change the color of your avatar from brown to the present gray, or was there no specific reason. I prefer your current one just to give you my two cents.

  3. loved the black and white ones, they always seem romantic to me, and the wolfie one made me giggle, great posts as always. :)

  4. Hi, Emanuele! Thanks very much; the color work on Dan's "Sam Swat" is very nicely done, and it isn't my work; I THINK that might have been bOOm, too! And yes, I agree that Elmer has always had unplumbed depths!

    Hi again, Michael! You bet, Phil is one of the finest men on the planet; we've been friends a long while. He has, in his collection, Wolfie Scribbles I sent for advice while trying to work out some of the cartoons!

    As to the Wolfe Wolf, I COULD say he went from brown to gray because I did, too :-D But in reality, I'm not all gray yet; I just liked that design and color better! Glad you do, too!

    Glad you're enjoying these, there are some more to trot out! The AnimeOTK and Deviantart sites are well worth investigating, too!

    Jules, Jules! You would giggle at a wolfie bouncing down the stage?? Why, I oughta! ;-D Here's a secret: bOOM had asked me for a drawing of Wolfie falling off the stage-- the bouncing was an hilarious surprise! And I agree, black-and-white art and photography has always had an evocative magic!

  5. This is great stuff, Dave - thanks for posting it all (and for linking to Chicago Spanking Review). I've been very lucky that b00m and Dan Rivera have posted so much stuff over on CSR (and of course to have some of your images over there as well). The three of you have really contributed a lot to CSR.

    I've found the problem with that great image, "McWintock!" Although its name is "MCWINTOCK%252521.GIF" with the "gif" extension, closer examination of the file structure reveals it to be a PNG image! The actual animated file that we reach via the anchor tag is named "MCWINTOCK%21.GIF" and this is indeed a true GIF file, so it animates correctly. My guess, since you've had this kind of problem before, is that the software you're using to prepare the file isn't warning you of the change, or for some reason defaults to PNG format.

    I copied the HTML code for this page, but even making two changes in it didn't fix the problem. Of course, this code is generated by some Blogger script, and I'm not sure exactly how that works, or what your directory structure is (that is, there may be multiple copies of this picture file in different directories). If all this doesn't help, you can drop me a line and maybe we can figure something else out.

  6. You're welcome Web-Ed, and thank YOU!

    Yeah, I'd like everyone to be able to see bOOm's animation as I see it from the file Phil sent, without it going all cracky and weird, so I do appreciate your efforts; but maybe it's a Blogger thing? I wonder if anyone else has successfully had animated GIFS up in any of their entries?

  7. Hi, Dave! Great collection and info on the art work. I've seen most of them but didn't know the artists, or where to find more so that's much appreciated.

    And as to Elmer/Betty cartoon, I clicked on it, and VIOLA! (A large-ish fiddle) It comes to animated life in a new window! I don't have any idea why, but your readers might try it.

  8. If anyone could make that work fiddling around with it, it would be Prof O'Neill! Thanks very much!

    bOOm says, over at the CSR Forum, that was probably the first time four spank-toon artists collaborated on one project!

  9. I really liked these Dave, thanks for sharing. I especially liked seeing the wolf bouncing across the stage. lol


  10. OMG! You are so awesome! LOVE IT!


  11. Congratulations on being Chrossed, Dave! You always make me smile and I love visiting your blog and your visits to our blog. :-)

  12. Tsk, tsk, LSW, you must have missed my remarks to pixie Jules Little-Miss-Naughty about consequences of laughing at the misfortunes of bouncing lupines. But thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed these!

    Thanks, too, Zelle and Season! You each make me smile! And whodda thought I would be this regular at Chross? (No bran jokes, puh-lease!)

  13. Congrats on being Chrossed, Dave, Very well deserved.

    Why did the bran muffin chross the road? Wait, you said no bran jokes. That's very irregular of you.

  14. Thanks very very much, Michael, and you, too! Oh, and the answer to your question is , "because he had muffin else to do."

  15. Hi i always have enjoyed your work and loved seeing that 4 of you collorabetted on afine awards show presentation. i hope you share more of your older stuff. I enjoy your cartoon spanking s the most and your colors on the strips are always vibrant (even if yours is not) so thank you for posting them.

  16. Thanks very much, Jim! Yes, I will keep putting up older stuff-- until I run out! But, by then maybe the new stuff will be old stuff! :-D

  17. Oh, how I wish I had that Arild/Spanky Sal toon back! Looking at it now, I can see that her torso is WAY too long.


  18. HI, Dan!!

    Yeah, sorry about that, I know whatcha mean; there are quite a few of my old 'toons make me wince, too!

    But I recommend everyone slice over to Chicago Spanking Review Forum-- link to the upper right-- Dan has Spanky Sal, Captain Woodshed, Sam Swatt and others on display there, and bOOm has new OT Katie cartoons, too! And be sure to say HI and that Wolfie sentcha!

  19. I like the girl Sal, and iy is not often that she gets to choose who spanks her.