WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, September 16, 2011

Featuring Lyndal Ferguson! And Gill!

Lyndal Ferguson is a pro whose exceptional work has graced many an album cover and magazine!

(You'll recall the song, "Devil In Disguise?")

I had the privilege of meeting Lyndal at MySpace, and we swapped a couple of notes.  He has a particular knack for the humorously scary, often using the Prismacolor watercolor pens. 

I wish I could switch this witch!  (Actually, I'd rather feel with my paw, that just made a better rhyme.) 

And I get a bang outta his well-crafted details! 

This week, Web-Ed is featuring Lyndal's Creature Feature painting over at "The Chicago Spanking Review!"  

Love all the detail, the flora and fauna, the sparkling water, and the bright pink handprints! Or, er, clawprints?

Obviously, Lyndal and I both grew up reading "Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine," staying up late weekend nights for "Shock Shock Theater," or its local derivations, and painting and gluing together the Aurora Monster Model Kits, because very similar ideas occurred to us!  Here's a "Discipline and Desire" WolfieToon from several Octobers ago:

Pretty funny, eh?  Great minds think alike... or Spankos run in bunches... Well, anyway, it makes a great excuse to show all these!

By the way, the Gill Man really did like to handle pretty bottoms:

Hey, I bet there are a lot of Monster Spankings on the Interwebs!  I'm gonna go look!!

Meanwhile, to enjoy more of Lyndal's scarily fine and funny offerings, check out his MySpace collection HERE and the work Web-Ed features at "Chicago Spanking Review" OVER HERE!


  1. I hadn't seen your "No Fishing" creature feature before now, Dave - great fun! I don't know where you came up with that great production still of the Creature making time with the female diver, but given the placement of his right hand, I'm sure it didn't make it into the press kits of the day!

    Thanks for mentioning CSR and for helping me draw some much-deserved attention to the work of Lyndal Ferguson. I had one or two of those Aurora Monster Kits also, so I guess great minds really do think alike!

  2. i LOVE Your creature spanking feature illo @@! Sizzlingly spanktastic as always, Mr. D-Wolfie.

    I also love, btw, your blog writing style--it unique and humorous and fun.

    Thanks for rockin,

  3. Hi, Web-Ed! I have two links for you!

    A history of the Auruora monster models!


    An interview with artist James Bama!

    Bama did those great painting on the boxes, as well as a bunch of "Doc Savage" and other pulp covers!!

    Y'know, I don't know if that pic of the groping Gill Man made the newspapers at the time, but I betcha it was in LOOK or LIFE! Coulda been, anyway!

    Hey, Dave! Thank you very much! Billy Shakespeare wrote, "Brevity is the soul of wit," so I try to at least be brief. :-D Briefs... I'm gonna go look at the Panty Lines entry again...

  4. Those are some pretty great toons!! :) Just in time for Halloween!

    Got some ghost spankings??


  5. Thanks, Sarah!

    I am fond of Halloween, and funny you should mention it, I do have a ghost or two I may display here!

  6. Hiya Wolfie.

    Just stopping by your blog to say, hi! love the toons espiecally the sea monster ones, hope your well *big hugs* :)

  7. Hey, My Li'l Pixie Jules!! Many thanks! I'm glad you liked the 'toons, and even happier to hear from you!

    I'm doing well, and I hope all has been better for you, too!

    Even bigger hugs and love pats!