WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn Activities!

So Autumn activities have begun, and although the very worst of the heat is done, things still seem a little warm.

Well, sure, that'll do it.

That's a "snippet" of this week's WolfieToon over at "Discipline and Desire," where you'll also find five snippets of the new stories for D&D members!

And there are THREE free chapters of D&D books for all to enjoy this time! 

Sebrina Winchester's winsome characters examine domestic discipline in the opening of "The Family Secret" --

Jordan Grace's involving bunch deal with the ramifications of opening "Pandora's Box"--

And Barrie Abalard (Belle, really) presents two sexy strangers giving new meaning to the term "taking one for the team" in the beginning of "Playing Through The Pain!"

Enjoy, and crack the window a bit, would you, please?


  1. Hiya DW. Great WolfieToon! Curbing an imp's enthusiasm is a full time job. Just ask Season, I'm on her all the time. ;)

  2. "I'm on her all the time!" Ah, you young and vigorous lovers!! Thanks, Mike!!

  3. Gimme an S
    Gimme a P
    Gimme an A-N-K!
    Wolfie's gonna
    Spank her all day!

    Wolfie's warmin' up his paw,
    This spankin' just won't wait.
    Wolfie's laying down the law,
    He's left the starting gate!

    Best put on your uniform,
    He's gonna make you howl.
    You're gonna get your bottom warmed,
    'Cause Wolfie's on the prowl!

    Go, Wolfie!
    Go, Wolfie!
    Go, Wolfie!

    ~ Anaughtymouse

  4. Hmmm… maybe sports aren't so bad after all…

  5. Great toon! Summer is almost too hot for a spanking. Almost.

  6. (Singing)
    HERE she comes,
    that rhyming Daaaame!
    It seems that NaughtyMouse
    is her new naaaame!

    A splendid cheer, Larken! Cute outfit, too. But, you know, the dress code requires all skirts to be no more than six inches above the knee during school hours, even if you're not actually in school, so I have a ruler here...

    ("Anaughtymouse? Don't know that name...")

    Thanks, Lea! Well, you see, the endorphins produced by vigorous spanking actually create a cooling effect, causing Tops to perspire (some actually break right out in a sweat!) and Imps to glow, in more ways than one.

    Spanking, it's the All-Weather Sport!!