WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The very model of an imp!

Here is Tinker Bell, desperately trying to extricate herself from the keyhole of the drawer she was shut into in the Disney version of "Peter Pan."

(Larken sent me that animation, bless her very much and many love pats!)

Now, imagine that scene twenty-two feet tall and fifty-two feet wide, and the impact it had upon fourteen-year old Wolfie in the darkened movie theatre!  I was transfixed, mesmerized, completely captivated, then and forever in love with that imp! 

Tink has truckloads of personality and attitude, and I discovered that a lot of that was the talent of the spritely young actress-dancer that Mr. Disney, his directors and animators hired to model Tinker Bell-- Margaret Kerry!

Margaret has lots of these pictures at her website, "Tinker Bell Talks!"

(I've wondered if she actually performed that little booty dance, and if they still have those clips.) 

But look what Margaret also shares on her website--!

That was among the publicity pictures-- and Margaret says it was the most popular publicity picture!-- for one of the first big TV family sitcoms, "The Charlie Ruggles Show," starring Charlie Ruggles as Daddy Charlie Ruggles, and Margaret Kerry as his naughty college-aged daughter!

Or, maybe after this, she wasn't naughty enough to get spanked on TV.  Drat!!  

Some brides have been, y'know.

 (And yes, I know that was only a publicity shot, too!  I watched the whole movie waiting for it!  Drat again!)

(By the way, if you can't remember seeing Charlie Ruggles before, you have if you've seen Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in "Bringing Up Baby!"  And if you haven't seen that, you have a lack to address!)

Anyhow, I thought it was delightful that the model for the pixie so many would love to lovingly spank actually got some loving spanks herself!  (Or we can pretend so!)


  1. DW, I knew it was myth that Tinker Bell was based on Marilyn Monroe, but didn't know who was the real model. Love the snaps of Margaret Kerry as Tink, and especially of the publicity still with Charlie Ruggles. I always wonder in those pics like that one and the one with Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor if a few smacks weren't given while the lovely actress was in such prime position.

    Also, when you mentioned Ruggles I immediately thought of one of mine and Season's favorite miovies, "Bringing Up Baby," and then you went and cited it. Outstanding!

  2. Love this! Thank you, Dave and Larken! Poor misunderstood TInk. All she ever needed was a little chocolate and a BIG bottle of wine. That's all. ;-)

  3. Thanks, Dave and Larken, I really didn't know too much about Tinkerbell except she was naughty.

    I never heard of The Charlie Ruggles Show, there used to be lots of shows with teenage daughters. I don't recall any of them getting spanked. (maybe one that used to watch the shows did)

  4. tinkerbell is my favourite fairy - a fairy with attitude - love her :)

  5. Thanks for sharing all of that, DW! I sure can see where Tink gets her attitude! Ms Kerry made Tinkerbell pout with her whole body! What a talented role model! :-) I wonder what would happen if OUR bottoms scattered fairy dust with every swat? ;-)

    "Bringing Up Baby" is one of my faves, too.

  6. Thanks very much, Guys and Dolls! Yep, "Bringing Up Baby" is a gem! (By the way, the late Christopher Reeve said he "shamelessly stole" his Clark Kent, right down to the glasses, from Cary Grant in that movie!)

    Oh, I also recommend another fine feature with Mr, Grant, the one about the ghosts, "Top Her!"

    Larken, that's an image I've treasured for years, pixie dust scattering with every spank!! Sounds like a great stage effect we could rehearse!

    Yep, Kiwigirliegirl, I love naughty-haughty Tink, too! In fact, I've got all kinds of Tinker Bell stuff around! People who don't know better might wonder if *I* sprinkle pixie dust! :-D

    Kaki, thanks, too, and there was at least ONE TV show with teenage daughters getting spanked! Happened twice in the 60's on "Gidget!" Sally Field, and at another time, one of her friends! If you haven't seen those, I'll go getcha the links!

    Season and Mike, thanks! I think you two would be GREAT as Captain Hook and Tinker Bell this Halloween! But please, only if MIKE is the pirate!!!

    You know, I can't see how people would resist the Temptation To Swat during those spanking publicity shoots! Y'know, there IS a second version of the "Father of the Bride" picture with Spencer's hand in firm contact with Liz's bottom!!

  7. I think all of Tinkerbell's sweetness just gets crystalized and scattered everywhere when she get spanked. That must be why she runs out of it so fast. Poor girl. She DOES need more wine and chocolate.

    You wouldn't want me to run out of sweetness, now, would you, DW? ;-)

  8. Dave, Gidget was the first show to come to mind but I don't recall the scene.

    I like the idea of pixie dust being showered while getting spanked, it probably would shorten it with all that glitter and dust. Hee hee.

  9. Sparkling spankings wouldn't be shorter, Kaki! In fact, they might actually be longer because of the "OOH!" and "AHH!" Fireworks Factor!

    By the way, you can see both Gidget clips courtesy of Chross (Bless him!):


    Gidget gets it from her sister and brother-in-law; it's a pretty short scene, and the idea is sexier than the execution.

    This one is a little better:


    And it features young Walter Koenig, just before he became Chekov on "Star Trek!"

    Larken, that is a brilliant theory on the origin of pixie dust! However, the empirical evidence suggests some degree of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails to go along with the sugar and spice and everything nice. And such a combination might produce pixie dust at an alarming rate if it isn't regularly scattered.

  10. What a bodacious imp! Seriously I have always had my suspicions about Uncle Walt and the things he liked. Definitely a Spanko!

    Great post too!


  11. Yay! The Tinkerbelle spank was always one of my favourite magic moments :-)

  12. Indeed yes, Emanuele, there is a lot of light-hearted, subtle sexuality in the old Disney offerings, making humorous comment on who we all are! Jiminy Cricket does a double-take and whips out his monocle to get a better view of the Can-Can puppet girls in "Pinnochio," and the bodacious pup Peg sings with bumps and grinds in "Lady and the tramp," to name only two other examples!

    (Winks at Larken!)

    Thanks, Wordsmith-- I had the very same reaction!!