WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, January 30, 2012

These Pajamas Could Keep Me Up All Night

Not that the pajama patterns are so loud, but the pajama patting might be.

That's de-tail from the new WolfieToon at this week's update at "DISCIPLINE AND DESIRE!"
Quoth the Bard, "To sleep..

 ...perchance to dream!" (Dream courtesy of Richard Windsor's collection!)

There are many obvious reasons why dreaming of a woman in her pajama bottoms over our laps appeals to us male spanker types... (Thanks, Audrey!)

And yet there are a lot of women who long to be roundly spanked in PJ's!  

That might have begun, as Veronica and Pixie demonstrate, with something involving Mom...

... Maybe it was Dad.  (As played by the lucky fella here whapping Lily Anna!)

Heck, it even could have been Aunt Clare!
(Yes, I know she was actually playing the mom here, hush.)

 There might have even been some teamwork involved!

  And possibly experiments at those dorm slumber parties!  (Yay, Sarah!)

But, however it came to be, the end result is a penchant for pajama paddling...

 ...having your fanny striped...

...until it's pink and shiny!

So now you know-- it's a mutually pleasurable event!  (It's still funny to say that about butt-smacking, eh?!)

Those of you my age will remember that song from the Monkees about "so righteous  making fudge, your Auntie Grizelda!  So proper, pushing others over her knee!"

Well, that's how I heard it. .

 Now if you scroll down quickly, this will almost be like one of those animated "GIF" spanking pictures! 

Anyway, I just thought I'd post a few of my favorites;  there are LOTS and LOTS of Pajama Spanking Pictures on the Web!  As a matter of fact-- and you may already know this, depending upon who you are-- "Punished Brats" has an entire movie on this theme.  You can check it out and see the preview HERE!  

My thanks to everyone who let me steal, that is, share their pictures! 

Oh, and be careful how you phrase things in your search engines!  You might wind up with something like this!


  1. This toon is so cute! Love that play on words!

    But pajamas are so comfy! Although at the moment hers might be a little ouchy. I don't know what he's so upset about, she's decently covered, and she even has a headband to match!

    At least he's not making her wear her bottom out of her pajamas in public, while he's wearing her out. That wouldn't be fashionable at all. Although that salesman in the tie might think otherwise. :-)

    That's how I always heard that line in Auntie Grizelda, too! Made perfect sense to me. :-) So many great pics, especially those purple PJ's! Thank you, DW!

  2. Oh, but thank YOU, Larken! I was wondering if anyone would notice the matching headband. She is tres chic, no? But perhaps her fella thinks that when she stands just right he can see everything?

    Oh, butt, I'm absolutely sure the Man Behind the Counter wouldn't at all mind her wearing her bottom outside her PJs-- he's a sort of caricature of a fella I know! :-D

    Ha, I knew someone else heard "Auntie Grizelda" that way! But I never said it before now, I didn't wanna get the funniest looks from everyone I meet.

  3. I never heard the line that way! But I am sure I now will when playing my Monkees CDs! (always loved that song - I fell for them during their 25th reunion days. :P )

    LOVE pajama spankings. Got some of my own, in dropseats!


  4. Oh, and btw....the bananas in pajamas song is now stuck in my head!


  5. @sarah, I know right? As soon as I looked at that bananas in pajamas pic it couldn't be avoided. Lol.

    Great toon, Wolfie! And I have observed over the years that many spankos indeed have a whole extra fetish just for pajama spankings. One thing I know is that pajama pants are much thinner than my jeans so I don't like it one bit! >:(

  6. I had to look up that song, I havn't heard it in years. It isn't on the CD I usually listen to, yes, sometimes I still listen to the Monkees. Yep, that is what I hear too.

    I have a pair of pajamas that I save for when I want, ahem, um *blush* attention, yep, attention. Phew!
    (they are red, not a good idea if someone wants to match color)

  7. Hee! Sarah, the "Bananas in Pajamas" earworm is your reward for that funny-but-impy age crack, but because you like the Monkees as much as my younger sister (and yes, we watched them on NBC Prime Time TV) I have the cure. Sing this: Meow, Meow, Meow-Meow! Meow, Meow, Meow-Meow! Etc.

    Hey, come to think of it, there's an old Christmas WolfieToon from the "Southern California Spanked Wives Club" with Erica in drop-seat PJs!

    Hey, Lea! Yes indeed, I do have an absorbing love of women in pajamas... and panties... and white shorts... and dresses... and skirts... and tight pants... and...

    Hiya, Kaki!! If I'm remembering correctly, "Auntie Grizelda" was on the first Monkees album. As you know, they had a bunch, and my sister had / has them all, except maybe the soundtrack for "Head." And, see, that line DOES sound like that! To, er, some of us. Now I'm going to go think about you in those red PJs...

  8. Amazing set of pajama paddling pics, DW. Many times I started spanking Season over her PJs, but no matter how cute they look encasing her bottom they look cuter when crumpled on the floor alongside her panties.

    And great WolfieToon. You were really rockin' the curves on that imp getting her booty smacked. Excellent job, Dave.

  9. Thank you very much, Mike! "Crumpled PJs" could be the name of your second blog!

    Speaking of adorable imp booty smacking and Blossom and Thorn, everybody be sure to read THIS STORY!

  10. hahaha.....for starters, I watched the Monkees on Nick at Night. I was just a little teeny bopper. You know....that didn't actually come around until the mid 80's...... :P

    And the Meow Meow Meow-Meow....while I recall the commercials starring Morris the cat, the image that actually comes to mind with that little jingle is Homer Simpson sitting in a court room, and as they scan the thoughts of everyone in the room, Homer's brain is singing that Meow Mix tune!

    So, not as annoying as the Bananas in Pajamas, which I hear anyway on a weekly basis, given my line of work with preschoolers and children's music CD's. :-D

    (Old Man. :P)


  11. Sarah, Morris was the finicky cat. Sad, I can remember cat food commercials from all those years ago but my mind goes blank when introducing people. I had to look up the Bananas in Pajamss, my girls liked Fred Penner and Sharon,Lois, and Bram, and Rafi.

    I will have to tell Season to change from pj's to night gowns. ;-)

  12. @kaki, then my hubby was wrong! Cuz I asked him if Morris was the cat in the meow mix commercial!! Ha! It's old age, I tell ya!

  13. Ah, Sarah, it sounds like you (rubbing paws together) are the perfect, spankable age!

    Nick At Night is a great thing! When my son was very young, we watched the Adam West "Batman" episodes together, and didn't have to wait a whole 24 hours to see the conclusion to the clifhanger, like I did when I was ten, when Part One was on Wednesday night and Part Two was on Thursday! Wow, that sentence made me tired. :-D

    But yes, Kaki, some of the newer things for kids that came along left me cold. The ones you mentioned were pretty good, but the toddler-demographic-aimed "Teletubbies" was too stupid for kids, I thought. Although I was told by older kids it was pretty funny if you were high.

  14. wolfie-tastic pajaamagramtastic post! yup and...hadn't seen that Rosaleen Young satin pink pj's piccy in a while...

    as always, huge fan of both your blogging and de-tailed artistic creations.

    1. Thank you kindly, Dave! The next pair of pajamas bottoms I feature on a plum posterior will have bright red cherries!