WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Whappy New Year!

And here we are are in the fabled future of 2012, with personal rocket packs, silver ballet tights space suits, Robby the Robot butlers and maids who look like Julie Newmar as "My Living Doll."

And if you're not seeing all that, you must be in a different timeline than I, or your New Year's Eve party wasn't as good.

Anyway, it's good to know that some stuff will always remain with us, eh?

Naturally, there's a new update at "Discipline and Desire" with a WolfieToon featuring a very considerate cowboy, five new members' stories, and two free intriguing chapters from "D&D" books I like a lot:  Robin Smith takes you along on the drive to "Millennium Falls" with her appealing characters, and Mandy Rogers has a very nice first spanking remembered in "First and Forever Love!"

Enjoy, and remember, Black Eyed Peas are not just a rock group.


  1. I didn't get half your references in the beginning there, but Black Eyed Peas are more hip hop/R&B/pop than what I'd call rock. ;-)

    Another great toon! Hope you have a happy 2012!

  2. I saw the robot looking freaks. Creepy! As for the Black Eyed Peas, I am sick of seeing them every new year's eve whether they are performing together or separately. William's (I don't care what he says, that is his name) box head and animated facial expressions freaked me out. LOL

    Happy New Year to you!! Would love a whap on the bootay from you. :-D


  3. Happy New Year, Dave!

    Thanks for everything Wolfie Newmar!

    I think Julie Newmar was the best catwoman ever.

    Not yet in the year of the robot timeline. I think we have a way to go yet. Do not think I would like a robot spanking me, though!

    Hugs for you Dave.

  4. Your idea of 2012 is what I used to think it would be. *think Jetsons*

    Black eye peas, not thanks but I'll have some Rasperries or Vanilla Fudge. ;-)

    Happy New Year, Wolfie, I look forward to another year full of pun. Btw, is her bum red or they shorts?

  5. Hey, Lea! Yes, you're right, I've revealed myself as a Geezer with an off-kilter pop music reference and allusions to old sci-fi TV shows and movies, like "Buck Rogers," "Forbidden Planet," "The Jetsons," and a show Julie Newmar was in with Bob Cummings for one season before she put on her famous shiny catsuit! (By the way, I HEARTILY recomnmend "Forbidden Planet!")

    Thanks, Prefectdt! May your new year be especially fine, too!

    Why, Ms Sarah, I'd happily whappily your bootay!! I didn't really know that someone "clever" thought it would be cute to have BEP all over the place on New Year's! I also think a little would go a long way!

    And hugs right back toyou, Bree! Yes, I'm still waiting for Isaac Asimov's robot plant to get into gear, and then, YEP, I want MINE to look like Julie Newmar, to whom all other Catwomen must indeed be compared!

    And the answer to your question, Kaki, "Is her bum red or are they shorts?" is, "Yes." I made (and ate) pounds and pounds of chocolate fudge-- I'll have to try vanilla and raspberry and such later! (Wolf whistle) Hey, nice puns!

  6. (By the way, Bree, I got your play on the movie title, too, good job!)

  7. Happy new year to my favorite Wolf! *hugs* hope this year brings you good forture and lots of fun :)

  8. Aw, and big furry hugs to you, Jules, thank you! May 2012 be an especially fine year for you!