WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sharing Some Culture

  Greetings, Beau Monde!  

(Hey, wasn't he Daddy Ward on "Leave It To Beaver?")

Here is a representation of one of my favorite pieces of classical music!

In case anyone doesn't recognize it, that's part of "The William Tell Overture," also known as "The Lone Ranger Theme:"

"Titty-Rump, Titty-Rump, Titty, Rump-Rump-Rump!"

Ah, sometimes I tickle myself!

But you probably don't want to hear about that.

However, if you'd like to be tickled and titillated yourself, you can, if you haven't already, find some delight at "Discipline and Desire!"

The new WolfieToon explores Communication, and, along with peeks at the new members' stories, you get to see the first chapter of Belle's thriller,  "Networked," and Deborah Plum's heroine begins a bright new direction in the first part of "Behavior Modification!"

My thanks to all the Imps (some of whom you might recognize?) and Photographers and Web-sters for this presentation.



  1. Sometimes you tickle yourself??

    TMI! :P


  2. LOL! Only YOU, Dave, could get Hugh Beaumont out of Beau Monde! You're too much. :-)

  3. :-) Just don't pull something laughing like that. ;-)

  4. Leave It To who? Sometimes I have to keep Wikipedia nearby when I read your posts. ;-)

    Love the toon, gives a whole new take on "butt dialing"!

  5. Hee! Yes, Erica, that sort of stuff just naturally occurs to me, from long years of practice, or maybe a forgotten head injury. ;-)

    ROFL!! Kaki, you get the Cleverest Line Week Award, delivered with congratulatory po-po pats!

    Ah, Lea, I see you have a wealth of fine things from our past pop culture to discover-- I envy you! I'll have to send you the link of Lamb Chop asking Shari Lewis why Santa Claus's clothes were in her closet! Glad you enjoyed the 'toon, it is based on actual events, and only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. (Humming) Bum, ba-bum, bum!

  6. (Count the typos, kids, and send that number in with two box tops from Wolfie Smacks for your very own shiny Pretend Prize!)

  7. Illustrated classical music?! Only you, DW! :-)

    If she wants to use technology to avoid the impact of a spanking, she needs to put an iPad back there. :-)

  8. OMG! Only you, David W. Wolfe, could think of something like titty rump to illustrate the William Tell Overture and tickle our auditory and visual senses all at once. You are like some pun savant with a Beautiful Mind who thinks on an entire plane of existence seen and known only to yourself. And that is a wonderful thing, and great for the rest of us.

    Wasn't Beau Monde the Gary Cooper character in that French Foreign Legion film from the '30s? Or was he the eldest son of Lloyd Bridges star of the 50s television show He Grunt, er...Sea Hunt.

  9. "An iPAD!!!" Lady Larken wins the Silver Medal, Clever Remarks of the Week! Hop up there with Kaki and take a nice, low bow!


    By the way, if you guys wanna see Larken performing "Dance Ten, Looks Three" from "A Chorus Line," CLICK HERE

    Well... OK, maybe that's not really Larken... but it could be!!

    Hiya, Mike! Thank you kindly, I enjoyed that analysis, and perhaps it's also a nice way of saying, "That boy's nuts!" As to Beau Monde, yes, you are correct. Also, neckwear usually accompanying a tux.

  10. Eek! ...and on another note...

    If you'd like to see the ENTIRE Body Orchestra rendition of Mr. Tell's overture, click here:

    *** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnKMehoLaF8 ***

  11. OK, maybe you'll have to copy and paste it unless you have some magic up your sleeve, DW. :-)

  12. "Nuthin' up mah sleeve! PRESTO!"


    "I gotta git another hat!!"

    But, yes. people can click RAT CHEER to see this bit of British humour! (Note the British spelling.) You find teh best stuff on YooHooTube, Larken!

  13. Larken, that was so funny. The Wm Tell thing not the Chorus Line thing. I have a Chorus Line CD and used to be afraid the kids would sing the words to that song so sometimes I would skip over it.

    Dave, I think what Mikey is trying to say is you live in your own litle world, but that's okay as long as you let us take a peek in it. Eeek! er, sorry, I guess this wasn't a good time to take a peek. *blush*

  14. LOL! Yes, Kaki, having the kids singing "Tits!! And AAaass!!" in the school lunchroom or other public places probably would have gotten you some looks. Would been funny as heck, but yes, folks would wonder. That was Wise Motherhood!

    By the way, 'sallright, you can peek in ANY ole time!! ;-)