WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, July 10, 2016

To Protect Or Swerve!

It seems like such a natural thing to do that I'm surprised we don't see more of it in spanking pictures, videos, and cartoons-- the Spankee trying to block the Spanker's hand to prevent or modify her seat-searing!

Of course, this is usually a token resistance;  you can tell when the ladies are less than serious about fending off the swats-- 

even during a semi-serious spanking for this stowaway from her sailor!

The girls will often giggle in movie publicity photos meant to show how fun and frisky this film might be!  


That's young Joan Crawford giggling at James Murray's efforts for 1928's "Rose Marie!"  Maybe he would have had a different reaction if he'd used a wire hanger?

Here's maestro Al Siegel instructing protegee Connie Russell in 1940 during the rehearsals for "Unholy Partners!"  

And to promote the fluffy Bing Crosby picture "College Humor" in 1933, Jack Oakie put Mary Kornman over his lap!  She looks a little more concerned about it. 

Naturally, if the gal is playing a role, she'll want to evoke the audience's suspension of disbelief and make them wonder about her hiney!

Like Lucy--

-- and Erica!

Speaking of Rich Windsor, I do believe some of those earlier depictions of domestic discipline and birthday frivolity were derived from his blog!  Thanks, Rich!

Here's Lily Anna  trying unsuccessfully to stop David Pierson's handprints reddening her lovely fanny!

These are talented women, because like I said, making these protests convincing is a hard sell!

Spankees in the audience will likely quote Hamlet's mom Queen Gertrude, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

"No, No, a thousand times, No!"

One of the first "D&D" WolfieToons had a redhead worried about her delicate skin with her swimsuit bottom down--  

And in a later 'toon, the young lady was not worried enough, until her fella took a hand and Uncle Albert suffered some kind of minor apoplexy: 

Take care, now, and remember, in all important matters, C.Y.A.!


  1. The Honey, No, no no and the One where she is lying about telling the truth about no wanting to be spanked are my favorites. They kind of describe me.

    1. That's lovely, Blondie, thank you! It's just what I hope when I do these cartoons! I'm glad they tickled your-- funnybone!

  2. Hi. What a great post and some terrific panty pictures first off. Ah the blocking try, very sexy. Now I so adore the beautiful and sexy LilyAnna miss her so much. Also Rich Windsor's site is off the charts fun. Now your drawings are amazing. The white panty and the tight pants such detail. I so the sailor picture in that her ass is perfectly outlined in her tight pants, looks like the drawings you do. Also I love the beach scene and her friend asking about the lotion...too funny.

    Many thanks for a classic


    1. What, Ron, Lily Anna's gone off somewhere? I've been absent from most of the blogs lately, so I haven't heard that!

      Rich is a great guy, and always has been! I remember when he used to show up as "HoundDog" or something like that on the Yahoo Groups!

      And yes, that coy little "Ooh, not here!" move is pretty sexy-cute, isn't it?! Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed all of this!

    2. Hey

      Love your work it is so amazing detailed and erotic.

      Lily made a life choice and retired from the scene. The stuff you may see are all older work. She is very happy. Miss her but life and being happy is far more important.
      Good stuff.

    3. Well, thanks for the Lily update, Ron! I'm delighted to hear she's doing well!

  3. These are great! ;) But, if I put my hand back to block the swats I land myself in BIG trouble! I wonder if that holds true for others.

    1. My girl, you got Trouble! Right here in River City! I said Trouble, with a capital "T" that rhymes with "V" that stands for Very Red Bottom!

      I'm sure you're in the Majority!

      And thank you, Lilli, glad you got a grin from these!!

    2. Hahahaaa! You are SO right about that! lol Thanks for the giggles! ;)

  4. The young blond girl in the fourth picture down is probably half-hearted in her resistance because she knows she has beautiful legs and can't stop flaunting them.