WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, July 30, 2020


Wolfies do what Wolfies do.

I'm no Mort Drucker, no Jack Davis, nor a Tom Richmond;  I'm unskilled at caricature, but I sometimes try, just for the helluvit!

By the way, I'm re-writing this post from last night because I decided to explain WHO these characters are supposed to resemble!  Adding to the confusion, there was rarely any germane reason for the choices!

For instance, here's Christopher Lee (ish) instructing a class in his wonderful, deep, mellifluous voice:

Then again, if you're looking to cast a classy, British-accented, imposing, subtly scary fella as the Instructor, Mr. Lee is pretty good choice!

Don't know if this looks all that much like Elwood P. Dowd as portrayed by Jimmy Stewart, but I got that Pooka Rabbit Harvey just right!! 

Behold!  Some Actual Slapstick!!

This version of "The Great Stoneface" Buster is somewhere between his silent movie comedy prime and his appearances in "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum," and all those stupid 60's A.I.P. Beach Movies!  

(By the way, when this was new, Springrose's reaction was funnier than the cartoon itself!  She said to me, "Hey, I like the rump on that gal!!"  😃 )

I don't recall if I was really trying to caricature Buffalo Bob Smith of early Kid TV Show fame, or was just employing his costume for the gag here! 

But I seen my Doody and I done it. 

Did Sean ever make a remark in any movie about crackers in bed?  Probably not, so there was no reason to attempt his face here, other than to see if anyone would say anything!  

I just took license.  (One of the nine "double-0's" available.)

However, casting Ol' Walter Brennan as Ol' Pop Sizzle made perfect sense here!  He fit the role so well, like the Real McCoy!

(And only More Mature Persons or Rerun TV Addicts will get that lame joke.)  

That's All, Folks!



  1. I would argue that you are good at caricatures!
    The 3 Bears Principle is my favorite of this batch,but those lil' pony panties in the fourth - nice touch.
    And is the last one a self portrait?

    1. Very kind, Enzo, thank you! There were several gags stuck in that first cartoon, so I'm glad it made a hit! And putting those pretty panty ponies in place properly took some doing, too, so thanks for making it worthwhile! That last box is more of a parody than a caricature of the Real Me, but I suppose it is closer than the famous furry avatar!

  2. Replies
    1. Your appreciation is much appreciated, B.B.!

  3. Nice selection! The first is my fave, I always enjoy it when Adult Education meets Traditional Discipline.

    1. There is another old WolfieToon about an Adult Educator enjoying the job a lot more than his previous gig in the public schools! I may have to trot that one back out as school (maybe) starts up gain! Thanks again, 'Buzz!

  4. another blast from the past. Never thought of howdy booty time, or bust'er keaster, and would have fun being the invisible man.
    thanks for the post
    bottoms up

    1. There is a new cartoon underway, but I thought these might entertain in the meantime! Very glad they did, Red, gracias! Hm, I can just imagine the havoc, that is, the rowdy fun you'd create as a six-foot Pooka only seen by kindly, gentle, lovable drunks!

  5. First off I disagree with your assessment regarding your talent with caricatures. Your style is less garish which I appreciate! Love Harvey! So good! Of course I’d also love to see Mr. Stuart wielding that hairbrush! :)
    I also love the last one since it inspires a story in my head! Love how you spread out the color red!
    Always love seeing your humor and talent!

    1. Ooh, a new mantra/slogan: Spread The Red!
      Or, no, no, maybe not, that could be too easily misconstrued in several ways these days.
      Thank you very much, Minielle, you're most kind! There have been many more failures than successes in my caricature attempts, certainly from lack of developing that skill-- it's a lot of work! But, as you know, that's the case in any art, and the artist is usually her/his own worst critic, which perhaps spurs one on! Glad you got a kick outta these!