WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Lost TV Spanking, or, Vincent Pats Pat!

I told this story over at MySpaz,  so if you already read it, you've just saved lots of time!

For anyone else:  On a TV game show in the 60's called "Everybody's Talking,"  Vincent Price gave Pat Carroll a short spanking for repeatedly cleaning his clock in the competition!

(That's what newspaper people used to call a "lead sentence,")  

Possibly my favorite Vincent Price movie is "The Abominable Dr. Phibes," with its dark humor and classy and creative storytelling,  Vince could ham it up, but he also put in some splendid performances, and was a compassionate, cultured,  and absolutely hilarious man!

For example,  after a very long taping of a string of "drop-ins" for a kids' show in Canada, he disappeared for a bit, then burst back in with cases of ice-cold beer for the entire crew, and sat around with them swapping stories!

He broke the tension on the "Batman" TV set by starting an enormous egg fight at the end of an "Egghead" scene!

And he apparently loved being on the talk shows, and popped up on a lot of the game shows, too, having a ball, but also really going after the win!

Probably most people will know Pat Carroll for her performance as Ursula the Sea Witch in the Disney "Little Mermaid," but of course, she's had a long and wonderful career/  You might catch her on Netflix or something as one of the Stepsisters in the Rogers and Hammerstein "Cinderella," the one from the  '60's, with Lesley Ann Warren in the title role.

So, the game show was called "Everybody's Talking," and its premise was that three contestants watched short film clips of people on the street describing something or someone, and the contestants tried to beat the running clock and name the topic.  The quicker you guessed it, the more points and dough you won.

So, one late morning or early afternoon circa Summer of '67,  they had a celebrity version, with Vincent Price, Pat Carroll, and some other dude I forgot playing for charities.

Pat was beating the dress socks off the two fellas.  In fact, I don't think they had even had the chance to get ONE answer!  

A new series of clips started, with people saying things like "there are times when nothing else will do the job!"  "You want to be firm but not too hard!"  and  "The closer to the meat the better!"  Pat rang her buzzer, they froze the film, and she declared, "They're talking about SPANKING!"

Everyone laughed, and the host-- Peter Marshall or Wink Martindale or somebody-- noting how well she was trumping her opponents, began, "Well, Pat, if you're right--"

Price interrupted with a menacing growl, "She'll GET a spanking!"

Well-- she was, and did!

They finished the run of clips, the superimposed word "SPANKING" flashed on the screen, the audience began howling, and they cut back to show a terrific stage spanking-- Price holding Carroll under one arm and smacking her bottom with the other!

Everyone loved it!  Even Pat!  And especially me!

I'm wondering if anyone else around here happened to have seen that, if I'm mis-remembering most of it, and if that particular tape was bulk-erased or if it might still show up on "The Game Show Channel" or somewhere? 


  1. I don't remember that show, too bad it isn't on you tube. I do remember Pat Carroll and of course Vincent Price. He'd make a good Top, he was scary in his movies imagine adding a paddle.

  2. Hi, Kaki! Yeah, I'd searched for it around the web, too, but it hasn't shown up.

    Price with a paddle! That's an inspiring thought! Quoth the Raven, "Ever sore!"

  3. Dave, I am always paying a Price with the paddle. :-(

    Your puns are so "Poe". :-)

  4. (Rolling On The Floor Smiley Guy for Kaki, about to star in "The Fall of The Trou's of Blusher!"!!)

  5. They are showing a rerun of, "The Switch and the Poorlilbum."

  6. Kaki and DW, you two are good! LOL!

    Wish I could have seen that spanking. I bet Mr. Price had exactly that look on his face, too!

  7. The envelope, please... The award for best Poe Paddling Parody goes to -- Kaki! (Wild cheers and applause)

    Thanks, Larken! Yes, we have hopes someone'll dig that clip up one of these days!

  8. Thank you so much for the award, I don't know how to thank you. *Kaki blushes and hesitantly takes a bow in front of Wolfie with his big toothy grin, gee you seem happy for someone that didn't win. Um what's that behind your back, Dave*

  9. Hey Dave, this got Chrossed, congrats.

  10. BRAVO! Chrossed! Yay!

    You think Vincent and Pat would celebrate with a spanking? :-)

    Congratulations, DW!

  11. Why, that's awfully nice! Thanks for letting me know, girls!