WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, July 11, 2011

Larken's SuperToonMan, Illustrated by Wolfie

(Stirring music with lots of drums and trumpets and even a harp!)   

Faster than a speeding deadline!
More powerful than an ulterior motive!
Able to draw tall blondes with bottoms round!
Look! Look at that guy!
It's a nerd!
It's a brain!
It's SuperToonMan!!

Yes, it's SuperToonMan!  A strange visitor from Pulp Fiction, who came to Cyberland with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal Toons.  
SuperToonMan, who can change the course of mighty Imps, bend pencil lines with his bare hands, and, who, disguised as Dave Wolfe, mild mannered cartoonist for a great metropolitan blog, fights a never-ending battle for truth (as he sees it), justice (for Imps), and the Spanko-American way!

(The music and some cute bottoms swell!)

(Oh, and before you ask, yes, I look EXACTLY like that.  Insert falling on the floor rolling around laughing Smiley Face.)


  1. (By the way, I'm trying to work a deal so that every pair of PawPrintz Panties will come with a free recording of the Green HairNet Theme by Al Hurts.)

  2. Dave, I love Supertoonman. Is that Baby Dave(aka the future Supertoonman) and the purple crayon?
    Is Mona Al's girlfriend?

  3. hi wolfie,

    great way to start out my week.......................not that i know when the weeks begin and end these days. ok, let's look at the superhero check list................muscular, chiseled body, check..................clean cut appearance, check, "official" logo on his chest, check....................bubble pipe, check...............superhero tool belt, or is it a toon belt, check.....................pointy elf shoes, check................wolfie coloring book, checkidi check . ok, he's a super hero all right. i love the green hair net and letter woman. snoopy flying by is a nice touch too although you might have given wolfie a doghouse too so they could have a "dog" fight. i almost missed the flying nun and who the hell is the kid painting the background. i like the face on the supertoonman words too............boom would be proud of you. thanks for including larken's intro with this too. great stuff! al hurt..........LOL. loved it. thanks, phil

  4. WOW-WEE!!! :-) I am smiling SO big!! :-) SuperToonMan is Super-Cool!!! Now that is talent! You're brilliant, DW!!! :-)

    Look! That's the World War I Flying Ace! And Harold, with his perpetual purple crayon! :-) And the Flying Nun! Now I'm giggling all over again. ;-) Hey! Where'd LetterWoman get those cute starry pants? It looks like the Green Hairnet is spanking those stars right off! Do I hear some syncopated buzzing?

    I think you mentioned every clever detail, Phil. Except… Now wait just a minute here. With those glasses on, STM looks just like that mild mannered cartoonist Dave Wolfe! What did y'all do with the real STM? Bring him back! It's near time to take the Imps out for ice cream! ;-)

  5. Oh my God... I'm laughing so hard. The Green Hairnet! (snort) Wolfie, you've outdone yourself. :-)

  6. A good giggle takes the edge off Monday (for those whose Mondays might not be as entertaining as some!) Your chuckles certainly have made my day, and I thank you for this magnificent display of effusion!

    The identity of the kid, Kaki, may or may not be Baby Dave or Harold; the crayon he is using looks white, but nevertheless it is drawing purple, so there is some confusion. He might even be the Purple People Painter!

    Good catch, by the way, Al Hurts's wife was indeed Mona, the lead singer of the Moanettes on the Moandown label!

    Once again, Phil you prove your fine eye for detail, and I will have to take up your dogfight suggestion; that would be Snoopy versus the Red Bare 'Em.

    STM's footwear could indeed be elf shoes (there is a precedent for that) or even Gold Toe Socks, 'cause if STM employs a clever civilian disguise, how the heck could anyone wear boots under their shoes?

    Speaking of which, Larken, IF such a clever disguise IS used, it might involve the lack of his eye-wear, which are powerful magnifying devices for drawing details and studying the shades of scarlet available in Imp Bottoms! But apparently nobody has ever noticed such a thing. He does work for Perry Knaughtsa Bright.

    And, yes, the Green Hairnet (who in fact is the grand-nephew of that masked rider of the plains, the Old Ager) may indeed be spanking stars off her costume britches-- but then again, perhaps he is actually catching them as they come loose and making sure they get firmly re-attached? That would make him a handy guy to have around in the event of such wardrobe malfunctions!

    Thank you, Erica, anytime I can make you laugh so hard you snort, it is a keen success! The only thing better would be coffee spewage or a Diet Coke Nasal Wash.

    I do see a problem with my lettering, folks! The star-spankled adventuress is supposed to be "LOTTER Woman," as in, "Hoo-whee, that's a lotter woman!"

    That's almost as bad as the time the ink ran together on the cartoon for THE FLYING FLICKER.

  7. Lotter Woman, better than Letter Woman. I was trying to guess which letter she was. (The Flying Flicker- you crack me up)

    Your drawings are IMPeccable. I feel much safer with STM sporting a box of crayolas rather than TLM and his pretzel paddle. :-)

  8. Thanks, Kaki! Why, you're not suggesting that STM couldn't find interesting things to do with wax color sticks? That would be cray-yawn!

    Grinning again-- glad you enjoyed it, Lea!

  9. Fabulous work Larken and DW! Encore!!!!

  10. Thank you, Season! 'Twas Larken's idea! Go ahead, Larken Luv, step forward-- yes, just here in front of me-- and take a bow! (Heh heh heh)

  11. lolll.....that's all i can say is lol. Thank you for being a Super person, SuperToonWolfieMan!


  12. Dear Mr Wolfe, I have to say I am disappointed by the preceding levity aimed at what is clearly a work of major IMPortance. The Green HairNet character alone is worthy of a major film blockbuster, ok at least a blog of his own :P

  13. You're welcome, Dave! Thank YOU!

    (Dashes into a nearby phone booth to amke an overseas call)

    Hiya, Wordsmith, Esq! Yes, levity is what is keeping all those people in the air!

    Speaking of which, we are trying to get the Green HairNet back ON the air, to curb all the IMPetuous acts of IMPertinence!

  14. Dave, I was looking for a laugh and came over here to visit. Your comment to Larken about taking a bow made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Supertoonman, you are my hero. *she stares in admiration, *sigh* *

  15. Does this mean that you are coming out with another book - collection of your drawings?

  16. Hi, Kaki! You've no idea how happy that makes me!

    (As the great Cole Porter said, "Be a clown. Be a clown. Don'tcha know all the world loves a clown.")

    Hey, Charlie!! Good to see you, man!

    There is no other book planned; although I might be inclined to do something else here with the Green HairNet and his partner Play-doe, roaming the Impy city streets in their fantastic vehicle, the Smack Booty.

  17. After you, Red Skelton was the bestest clown ever, and the only mime I think anybody liked. Thanks again for making me laugh. *whispers, sometimes they are groans*

  18. Aw, thanks, Kaki! And as we all know, sometimes a little "pain" can be fun! :-D

  19. Love Supertoonman, although my attention gets diverted to looking at Lotter Woman getting a whole lotta spanking from The Green Hairnet! By the way, for those who may not have recognized Dave's reference to "The Flying Flicker": there is a longstanding, unspoken law in the comics industry - never, never, use the word "Flicker". The crappy printing process used throughout most of comics' history would cause the "l" and "i" to sort of run together and be seen as a "u", with disastrous consequences.

  20. Glad you enjoyed it, Web-Ed, thanks!

  21. Dave, it is Monday, where are you? I mean, where is your new post, STM? *taps foot impatiently*

  22. Holey socks, Kaki, you're right!

    Sorry about that, I got distracted by computer travails and other issues-- here it comes now!

    (Gratefully pats her po-po!)