WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Starry Starry Pants

This detail from the new WolfieToon at "Discipline and Desire" will remind you of that 70's song by Don McLean:

Starry starry pants, 
make her buttocks bright and pink!
Look out,  Mac, 'cause if you blink 
she'll Imp you just because that's how she rolls!  

I'm trying to remember if I've actually seen a woman in starry starry pants, besides Wonder Woman.  

Springrose doesn't have any... Yet.  

Phil "Overbarrel" is searching Sears Catalogs   

I put the dude in a purple shirt because it's Larken's favorite color, and a character she came up with will be on here soon.

While you ponder all that, check out the five intriguing snippets at this week's "Discipline and Desire" update! (The Five Intriguing Snippets were courted by the Dover Boys in the Days of Yore.  And the Days of Mine, too.) 

There are also two complete chapters from "D & D" books for all to enjoy this week:  grins and discipline on the domestic side from "Yard Sale Junkie" by Katrina, and rollicking romp in "The Migration of Conor Boland" by Katy O'Reilly.  ("Oh, really?"  "No... O'Reilly.")



  1. My panties start out all white but once Michael gets going it FEELS like they have red stars all over them.

  2. Dave, thanks for the warning. I will be very careful not to purchase any starry starry pants. There may not be any on my panties but I still see stars.
    Love your Don McLean imitation.

  3. I thank my lucky stars for such lovely visitors! Yes, Season and Kaki, I... er.. I'm sorry, what was that again? I got distracted thinking about you in panties.

    Wasn't there a Dr. Seuss story about the Star-Bottomed Sneetches?

  4. Look how helpful she's being! I'm sure she's reminding him she's earned a reward, and stars are going to give way to a blushing moon. Moons. :-)

    Purple IS my favorite color! Especially when it's on someone who's contemplating what he's contemplating. :-)

    Yay! Is soon here yet? Just kidding. Rome wasn't 'Tooned in a day. ;-)

  5. The woman in the picture is definitely giving him a hint. Some guys are sure slow on the uptake. ;-)

  6. Think these pants would sell well - copyright quick!

  7. Thanks, Guy and Dolls!

    Once upon a time, Wordsmith, I was considering creating a line called "PawPrintz Panties!" Could be time I actually did that!!

    Yes, Lea, and Phil "Overbarrel's" remark was: "Not to be insulting, but our spanker is dumb as a stump." :-D

    Why, Larken, LOOK! Up in da SKY!! (Or at the next post!)

  8. Dave, I guess we should thank you for thinking of us in panties and not bare bottom. :-O

  9. Ooh!! BARE!! (Exploding Head Sound Effect)

  10. Starry starry night,
    cheerry red is what I seek,
    nothing pink or nothing blue,
    just reddish colors and lovely hues....

  11. "And I knew that
    if I had my chance,
    I could get into her pants,
    and maybe
    we'd be happy
    for a while!"

    Thanks, Dave!