WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, July 24, 2011


There are a lot of businesses that use the corny cliche about "delighting our customers."  

This customer certainly looks delighted.  Damn near ecstatic.

You can see this happy shopper in the new WolfieToon at this week's "Discipline and Desire" update!

There are also five snappy snippets from some of my favorite "D&D" authors, and, for all to enjoy, two entire and entirely free chapters from "D&D" books:  an out-West trip to the woodshed (so to speak) for a gal in Judith McLaren's "Vengence Creek," and the intriguing first chapter of Robin Smith's "Hopler's Happy Toads!"  (Her husband said, "All right, young lady, that's it, I toad you and I toad you!"  No, no, no. that's just WolfieStuff-- Robin writes much better!)



  1. I worked in customer service for some years and had to use that tag line. It would have made my job much more interesting if I got to see that kind of reaction. Just think of the ideas for customer appreciation day.

    Can you imagine the look on that girls face when she finds out that sofa cost 500 smackers.

  2. (Insert ROFL Smiley Face Guy here!!)

    Ladies, and Gentlemen, Ms Kaki, who did that before the rest of us had even finished coffee!

  3. I am not quite that ambitious, you are two hours after me(eastern time). I was having my tea and pancakes whilst reading. :-) My eyes don't even focus at any time that begins with 6:

  4. Looks like these delighted shoppers are both letting some unruly bangs fly!

    Think there are any job openings for product testers at that furniture company? ;-)

    And Ms. Sales Associate looks like she's sold on something other than furniture. ;-)

  5. :-D Yes, indeed, Larken, our customers are having a bang!!

    The new retail model is to try to develop a relationship with your clients so as to be able to help them find a complete solution for their needs, and it doth appear Ms S.A. is right on track, eh?

    And I'll heartily endorse you for a position at Pinque Seetes and Moore Furniture Company, and they have some interesting positions!

  6. hi wolfie,

    it's sooooo important to try out a chair before you buy it to make sure it's comfy:P of course, our girl here won't be concerned about how comfy it is when she's sitting............LOL. it appears to me that this one's a perfect fit for them though. i agree with larken about the sales girl too:D great toon and another idea that only your delightfully warped mind could come up with. thanks, phil

  7. Thanks, Phil, if I can create a little Hilarity and Horniness during the day, I sleep better at night!