WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Does this girl look impudent?

Does it look like this Imp might get a dent?

You can see for yourself at this week's "Discipline and Desire" update!  By the way, ladies, this week's cartoon falls under the Equal Bun Clause.

Speaking of cheap thrills, do not miss the five scintillating snippets from the stories "D&D" members get this week, and the two free chapters for everyone to enjoy!  I personally promise you some grins and shivers from Michelle Carlyle's opening chapter of "Legacy," and some pulsating patty-cake from "The Baker's Man" by Belle, writing as Barrie Abalard!  

Belle and Michelle, they're swell!


  1. Oh, man, that's Top-speak if I ever heard it! Look how good she's being - out for some exercise! I'm sure there's been some kind of misunderstanding.

    Equal Bun Clause?
    Are you talking about eye candy here? :-) Thank you, DW!
    Maybe it means what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
    (No double standards on THIS blog, right DW?)
    Or is it merely a Toppy reference to balanced cheek rosening?

  2. It doth appear, Larken, that she was indeed exercising-- his patience!

    Kudos on your word play, including cheeks and balances and buns and gooses, which are always worth a gander!!

    Many spanks, er, thanks!

  3. hi wolfie,

    i have a hunch you confused young lady is gonna figure out what he's talking about real quick............LOL. i swear that some times the fastest way to get something through to your lady's brain is to go through her bottom:P. phil