WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bears, Repeating (And one that isn't!)

Lea compared Tops and Bears in this post on her blog, and Kaki and Larken brought up Smokey the Bear-- I mean, they alluded to him, not that they raised him from a cub-- which reminded me of spanking bares, er, bears in general, and this cartoon in particular:

Springrose and I did that for Arild's Yahoo Group after she told me about a woman, an Arizona forest ranger, who had somehow started a conflagration out there! 

Now, forest ranger bear spanking also took place at the end of the Tex Avery MGM cartoon "Red Hot Rangers," after George had been kicking Junior's butt around all through the picture and then nearly started a new fire himself:

Yeah, yeah, I know-- "M/m," as they say-- but still, it got my attention as a kid!  For some sad reason Tex never had any of his red hot dames getting spanked, although both Wolfy and Droopy ran off with Cowgirl Red in "Wild and Woolfy!"

Back to the bears;  there was a kids' book that came out in 1957 (when I was a year old) called "The Lonely Doll" by Dare Wright, although I'd never heard about it until I stumbled across it at this entry by Zille on her blog "Zille Defeu's Fetish Fantasies."

Now there are any number of us who were trying to explore this thing we do at a very early age  with our dolls and action figures, as I mentioned previously:

Hey, look, they were inspired by the Wright book!  

Oh, by the way, to explain the difference between "dolls" and "action figures"--

Now once we was all growed up and started mixing drinks, a recipe for "Sting In The Tail" came with this sculptured pair:

(And I'm sorry, I forgot where I found that originally, and can't find it again-- If you know, please clue me in, and I'll add it here!)

And speaking of stinging spanking, here are two repeat WolfieToons, if you can bear it--

And-- a spankin' new one! 


  1. YAY Wolfie! Love that bare mama bear bottom!


  2. Thanks, Cookie, me, too!

    Oh, and can you lend me your comb?

    Wait, never mind, that was "Kookie," sorry.


  3. And for those of you for whom I just created a WTF moment:

    Here's the "Kookie" song!

    Back when we all had wind-up TV sets, Ed Byrnes played a hipster-beatnik type on the detective show "77 Sunset Strip," which had a pretty cool theme song!

    And now here's another pic of that dish Connie Stevens!

  4. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention -- Later Ed Byrnes was the radio DJ in the movie "Grease!"

    Now I have done my duty to Pop Culture.

  5. Jeez, Dave, you have quite a memory. I never heard that song before, but at the age of two I was more of a chipmunks fan. I remember 77 Sunset Strip *snap snap* though.

    Thanks for the cartoons, I havn't seen most of these. Pappa bear spanking mamma bear in front of baby bear, poor thing will be in therapy with little Chucky.

    I never let any dolls do any spanking I took care of spanking my sister's naughty teddy bear myself. :-)

  6. Wow!! Smokey the Bear sure has much more muscular arms than I recall from the past!!


  7. Glad you enjoyed this, Kaki! I found out from the granddaughters that the Chipmunks are still making records! Egad!

    And that's quite a revelation, that you Topped your Teddy!! Well, Sis's Teddy!

    Yes, Sarah, Smokey is buff!

    Lots of repetitive exercise, you see.

  8. Great cartoons! I see I'm not the first to think that bears and tops can be interchangeable, lol.

  9. Love the Goldilocks one! What is it about bears? Must be all that growling :-)

  10. Yes, indeed, Lea, we are smaaarrrter than the av-er-age bear!! And thanks for the chuckles on your comparison!

    Yep, Wordsmith, it's the growling and the paws and the fur and all the stuff Lea listed, too! Glad you enjoyed Goldi!

  11. Love the 'bare' spankings... very nice, and some cool find.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  12. Cool toons, DW!

    I think if Papa Bear's breakfast isn't just right, he needs to quit cooking Mama Bear, and cook his own porridge!

  13. Tsk, Larken, Papa Bear will reply, "I oat to take you over my knee!"

    Todd and Suzy, Hi, and thank you very much!

  14. Wheat just a minute here! Rye would he do that?! Corn I say something? Papa Bear is no run of the millet bear! He's the best, barley none! And there's no point in spanking over spelt milk. :-) *insert eye roll here*

    And, wow. That hepcat Kookie is the ginchiest.

  15. (Wolfie gets back up off the floor and presents Larken with the Sugar Smacks Trophy for cereal punning.)

    You're the utmost!

  16. Great cartoons and great comments. I had nearly forgotten about several of these- thanks for the reminder.

    Is papa bear barely spanking mom-ma bear or spanking her barely????


  17. :-D

    HI, Sug!!

    Papa Bear is baring down and bearing down!


  18. Hi DW! Ummmm...hehe....I would just like you to know that you are the smog in my noggin...I am readings you just fine....You send me to the planet...you know...the end?! Haha. Gihchiest?! I don't remember that expression. I would like to share something, but you have probably seen this before. http://youtu.be/H9ORo-CA9B8 And...oh yeah...I just want you to know that kaki put me up to this.

  19. Oops! Sorry. I meant ginchiest. I can comment on google chrome but not windows explorer. What's up with that?


  20. Hiya, Bree, and thank you muchly!

    Yes, I understand that Blogger and/or the browsers have been giving Kaki grief!

    "Ginchy" was the precursor to "groovy."

    That is a grin-worthy cartoon, thank you! It's "OTKatie" by bOOm! There's some more of his Katie Cartoons under the "Arild's Art" entries on this here blog, and over at the Chicago Spanking Review Forum, link to the right!

  21. Yea!! Bree!! You are awesome. I got on with Google Chrome, which I never heard of until you mentioned it. You are the bees knees, the grooviest, the cat's pajamas.

  22. You are welcome kaki and DW.

    kaki, I don't want to be anywhere near any bees. I have enough grooves on my bottom from the cane already, thank you very much. I will take the cat PJs, though. After all my nickname is cat. Me-OooWwwww!!! Lol.

    Have you seen this one DW?


  23. Welcome back, Kaki! (Hey that would be a good name for a TV show!) I'm glad you defeated the browser blues with Bree's assist!

    (No, I'm going to make any "and what a cute little assist!" remark, although I could.)

    There's been a lot of talk about PJs lately, Bree, I think I might have to feature some in the next D&D cartoon!

    And thank you! If I had seen that pic before, I sure hadn't made the connection to that children's story! You are the cat's pajamas!

    Twenty-three skidoo!

  24. *checks calendar, looks at watch*

    Say, Wolfie do you know what day it is?
    Its Discipline and Desire day.
    Its Discipline and Desire day.
    Larken and Kaki say
    Mondays are always that way.

    Sorry, Buffalo Bob.

  25. DW, you are too cute! Lol. Ummmm....thanks. I like snowmobiles, but I do not need twenty-three snowmobiles! I think you should get kaki to model the PJs for you for your toon. Hehe...Yeah...

  26. DW, Kaki's comment Bears Repeating:

    What Kaki said.

    Kaki, Bree, and I are patiently tapping our little toes. In our pajamas. Patiently. Sort of. Well, mostly. :-)

  27. I can bearly wait for the new post!

    Larken, I am sure Wolfie's furry mind is pictureing the three of us in those one piece union suit pj's with the feet in them and the drop seat down. I wonder what happened to the buttons?

    Bree, we halve matching pj's.

  28. Funny you should mention that, Kaki-- check out Bobbie's Stuff!

    Fear not, Impsters, the new post will be in soon!

  29. "What's with this comb caper, baby? Why're you trying to latch onto my comb?"
    "I just want you to stop combing your hair, and kiss me!"

    LOL! I love the memories you stir up, Wolfie.

    And Larken is really milking the cereal puns. :-)

  30. Always glad to stir things up, Erica! ;-)

    "Larken is really milking the cereal puns." Yes, she is, Sugar!

  31. Hey Dave,
    That "Only you can prevent forest fires" one really took me back, as did the cartoon frames. I remember that one with Pop and Junior, and you're right: even a M/M scene will get the attention of the young spanko before he becomes a full-fledged M/F grown-up deviant!

    As for Cowgirl Red - "missed opportunity" is something of an understatement! Perhaps a spanking seemed too risque to Tex Avery back in the 40's, or perhaps he just didn't see the appeal, as incredible as that sounds to people like us. With a title like "Wild and Woolfy" I'm surprised you haven't succumbed to temptation and remedied that particular deficiency with a Wolfietoon.

  32. Thanks, Web-Ed! Oddly enough, I never thought yet of doing a Tex Avery pastiche! Not a bad idear atall!