WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Name That 'Toon! And Other Fun!

To celebrate the start of October, I'm going to steal a bit from Hermione and see if anyone wants to supply a line for this Old Halloween "D&D" WolfieToon! 

Speaking of "Discipline and Desire", this week's update has a boatload of goodies for you-- maybe even a shipload!!

The WolfieToon is unique...  it's right after the sneak peek at Chula's Stone's forthcoming book, "Wanna Bet?"  (And how do you peek at that?  Unique up on it.) (Springrose joke!)

Then there is a foretaste of the five spankin' new spankin' stories for "D&D" members, and then--  FOUR, that's RIGHT, my friends, I said FOUR free E-Book chapters for all to enjoy:

April Hill explores what happens to a recalcitrant author (who should know better, she writes spanking fiction!) in the first chapter of "The 'A' Team Comes To The Rescue!"

From her "Brat Tails II" collection, Maryse Dawson shows why you should be smarter than the average bear and not Boo-Boo around "The Regulation Ranger!"

I think you'll relish Laura Smith's haunting style as she begins the tale entitled "For The Love of Giving." 

And another fascinating offering from Laura Smith , Chapter One of "A Giving Heart" opens under gray and stormy skies at the family cemetery!

How's that for a start to my favorite month?


  1. An' a one, an' a two,


    Let me help you reach that high C sharp.

    Thanks for she shout-out, Wolfie.

  2. :-D You're welcome, and thank YOU!

  3. Kinda looks like the Phantom spanking Christine! No mask, but still...his face works in that sense. ;)


  4. Yes, 'tis, Sarah! And have fun in Savannah!

  5. The Phantom Spanker: If I have told you once, I have told you twice hands off my mask!


    The Phantom Spanker: This is indeed an *unparalleled* delight. I had rather hoped that you would come. And now, my wish comes true, you have made my night.
    Christine the Imp: [Struggling to get away from the Phantom who has drawn her on his lap] Let me go!


    The Phantom Spanker: [after Christine pulls off his mask and glimpses his face] Darn you! You little prying Pandora! You little imp - is this what you wanted? A good old fashioned OTK caning! You little sprite! Muuuhhhhaaaa!!!!!

  6. (Insert Applauding Smiley here!)

    (And now I'll be humming those songs all day!)

  7. What did I tell you about singing off key.

    Hi, Wolfie.

  8. Sing once again with me,
    Our ouchy duet.
    Seizing my mask's a coup,
    You will regret.
    'Cause now you're over my knee,
    And you will find,
    The Phantom of the Opera is there,
    Spanking your behind.

  9. ROFL!!

    Hi, Kaki! Now we know how the Maestro coached, eh?!

    Nicely done, Larken! I'm sending your improved lyrics to Michael Crawford to re-record.

  10. How do I take off the mask! What mask! I'll teach you a lesson to remember you trespasser. This is when monsters ball! Ha Ha HA

  11. Thank you, Sir or Madame! The Imps at that party will be-- quoth the Raven-- ever sore!