WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Curse of the Mummy's Hand! (And Other Stuff!)

Halloween Hijinks continue with this "Discipline and Desire" WolfieToon:

Speaking of spanking and mummies, here's some Wolfie Movie Tie-In Trivia!

The first (and best) mummy film was the one with Karloff in 1932--

and it was directed by Karl Freund! 

Freund was a cinematographer of renown-- and you've seen his art even if you don't know his name!

Freund's movie work includes the famous silent movie "Metropolis"-- 

1931's "Dracula" with Bela Lugosi-- 

"The Good Earth," for which Freund won an Oscar for his photography-- 

"Key Largo" (Bogie and Bacall fans take note!)--

"The Thin Man Goes Home"-- (Aha!)--

And many, many more!  

Then Desi Arnaz persuaded Karl to become the chief cinematographer for "I Love Lucy"--

 during which he designed the lighting and perfected the three-camera technique that sitcoms are still using now!

The WolfieToons Blog-- it's fun AND educational!

By the way, if you're tired of the same ol' Halloween fare, I heartily recommend Karl Freund's movie "Mad Love!" 

It's highly entertaining, creepy, and funny! 

It was Peter Lorre's first film in America, and he's unforgettable as Dr. Gogol!  Colin Clive-- Henry Frankenstein in the Karloff film-- plays concert pianist Orlac, whose crushed hands are replaced with those from a knife-throwing murderer!  Feisty heroine Frances Drake is his wife, who stars in stage horror shows!  And the American reporter with the snappy comic-relief patter is Ted Healey-- whose former stooges were Larry, Curly, and Moe!    You oughta be able to dig it up somewhere!


  1. Great toon! Lol, sometimes I wish a top's hand would just disintegrate. Okay fine, maybe I don't, but you didn't hear me say that!

  2. My interpretation of Lea's comment is that, just to be on the safe side, Tops should always use paddles, and hairbrushes, and belts, and wooden spoons, and paintsticks, and...


  3. Interesting, creepy and an oh so fun post! And like Lea, yeah...sometimes disintegration would be appreciated, but not at the expense of your suggestion, Dave!!

    My latest post is about hands too! Ha!


  4. Thanks very much, Sarah, for the comments and especially for your story, which I recommend to all! BUTT after all that, you don't think a Top having a spatula always HANDY is a good idear??

  5. You've got a point there. No, I think I would rather have a non-disintegrating hand. Thankfully, MY Top doesn't use spatulas! He prefers hard WOOD! >:(

    Thank you for checking out my story. :)


  6. Bela Lugosi is the best Dracula.

    Does anyone else think that picture of Boris Karlof look like the Grinch?

    Love the cartoon, Wolfie. Spanking important spanking body parts must be your specialty. Frankenstein spanking butts off and now the mummy's hand. What's next Wolfie or is it Where Wolfie next? ;-)

  7. Sorry, that should read, spanking important body parts OFF must be your specialty.

  8. You have have fine taste, Ms Kaki! I've been a Bela fan for years and years!

    There's always a light in our eyes when we get a wonderfully awful idea involving delectable round Impy bottoms!

  9. Hiya, Sarah, yes, your story pleased me very much! Golly, it would be against my grain to stoop to hard wood puns! Why, I woodn't even consider such a thing, plank you very much! ;-)

  10. An Imp, for a spanking, she lusted,
    And dug up an old Top whom she trusted.
    He said, "This is grand!
    I'll lend you a hand!"
    But, alas, she only got dusted.

    You must be channeling Karl Freund to go from monster movies to spanking and back again all in one post! And, eek! Peter Lorre is sooooo creepy!

    Cool toon, DW! But how could his hand fall off? I thought mummy's were empalmed. :-)

  11. "Empalmed!!" I am speechless!

    That alone would win you the Trophy, but the glorious dusting rhyme sent you over the Top-- so to speak!!

    Many thanks! And spanks!!