WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, October 16, 2011


And what will Wolfies wear?

The first one on screen had a jaunty cap and overcoat-- Henry Hull in "The Werewolf of London!" (1935)

I actually have similar caps!

A few years later-- 1941, to be nerdily exact-- Lon Chaney the Younger established that wolfmen wore shirts with the top button done and matching pants.

(This was the fashion that the "two" werewolves of "Dark Shadows" sported in the 60's!)

Hammer Films in the UK started remaking the monster favorites, and in 1961,  came up with "Curse of the Werewolf," putting Oliver Reed in a pirate shirt and tight black pants.  And, er, boots.  Hm.

That, by the way, is possibly the most boring of all werewolf movies.  Great makeup, sorry plot, and the werewolf doesn't show up until the last five minutes of the movie, to run along the rooftops of a Spanish village and then get killed.  I will conceed that Oliver could be scary enough without makeup.

In the early 60's, Aurora Plastics came out with the Monster Model kits.  The cover painting for the Wolf Man looked more like the Hammer version than the Universal version--

but the actual model was closer to what makeup man Jack Pierce inflicted upon Lon Chaney, Jr, except that this fella was shirtless, and more buff.  ("Buffer?")

(Yes, I built and proudly displayed all three of those;  In fact, I did Dracula and the Wolf Man twice.  My paint jobs were not nearly so professional.  And the plastic glue was really stinky, and I never understood the appeal for the kids who deliberately snorted the fumes in a bag to feel sick and dizzy.)

Nowadays, a lot of the movie werewolves go in the altogether.  

However, back when we were at Arild's Movie Spanking Yahoo Group, I did a werewolfie still interested in fashion:

And later, at the Southern California Spanked Wives Club on MSN,  Wolfie went to the UK! 


  1. Great cartoons! Some of those earlier werewolves are laughable after being familiar with our modern age of special effects.

  2. Thanks, Lea!

    But Goodness Gracious, you should be careful about laughing at werewolves! Paw prints on your po-po, you know!

  3. omg! That UnderWearWolf made me laugh out loud! What a great toon!

    Still have your Monster Models? Guess you don't really need them now that you can just draw your own versions! ;-)

  4. And it looks like UnderWearWolf just might make his own full moon! Eek.

  5. Thanks, Larken!

    I tend to forget a lot of people haven't already seen the older 'toons-- I should pull them out more than once in a pink moon! Glad it got a giggle!!

    Yes, the models are still around, packed away in a treasure box somewhere!

  6. Wolf-wear for werewolves brought to us by D-WolfeMan! Gotta love it!

    And shouldn't a wolfman wearing a pirate shirt be played by Johnny Depp? Or even Jerry Seinfeld? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  7. Wolves have always been Masters of Their Domain, Mike!!

    Many thanks!!

  8. bah none of those Wolfs are a patch on you, ;) Happy Halloween wolfie! *hugs*

  9. Thanks, lovely Larken! I just got on line and hadn't seen that yet!

    There's-- as always-- Chross has-- as always!-- a LOTTA great stuff this week, including Devlin reading aloud (accompanied by the thumpa-thumps of swooning females), some more of Erica's tremendously entertaining reminiscences. and Season and Mike's first Blogoversary, with their sneaked-in wedding announcement! What great company to be in!

    Jules, you darlin', you caused me to chortle! Much more of that, and I'd blush like a pixie's bottom! Thank you very much-- and I'm going to put more Halloween stuff in here this week!!