WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WHO Made the Dog MAD? (Woof! Woof! Woof-woof!)

(Isn't Kaki cute when she impatiently stamps her foot?  But she's right, this entry is overdue-- I'm running behind like a pimp!)

The puzzle in this pic is who pissed off the pooch?

Could it have anything to do with these pretty purple panties?

Mmmmmmm. COULD be!

The answer is at this week's "Discipline and Desire" update, along with five snippets of fun and frolic involving happy toads, bargain shopping, wife training, civilization, and knights in white Saxon (boy that's a long way to go for pun, eh?)  

Also for everyone's enjoyment, two free chapters from "Discipline and Desire" books:  the first form "Pandora's Box" by Jordan Grace (sex on the beach is not just a drink) and the second tale is one of Nattie Jones' "Spanking Stories To Warm Your Bottom... and Your Heart" featuring a pair of newlyweds and One Every Morning!

Have a ball!!


  1. (Oh, slight correction: Kaki TAPPED her foot impatiently.)

  2. Ah, Dave's post is up for the week, all is well in the world.

    Of course I tapped my foot, stamping would be rude and could lead to consequences.

  3. Would love to see those panties spanked first!


  4. I wonder if that snarling pooch thinks those pretty purple panties need an immediate YANK in a downward direction. ;-)

  5. A Yank to the south, eh, Larken? I think so, and the put-out pup does seem eager to be present for the presentation!

    Good point, Ron, and I am also a big fan of fanny fanning on panties! We might have missed the first part, but I'm sure the Administrator there wouldn't mind a brief encore on her briefs for those of us who just tuned in!

    You're right, Kaki, non-tapping might lead to a different sort of dancing!

  6. hiya wolfie,

    i liked larken's post. i wonder if she knows our buddy yank...........who lives in the south.........whose motto is "down with panties!"...........lol. i still liked the apprehensive expression on the spankee's face. you realize that yank will never buy this policy..............LOL. phil

  7. pooch panics, pretty purple panties pulled, presenting perfect pink pair - paddle! Alliteratively speaking :D Great Cartoon!

  8. Hey, Phil!
    Yes, Larken has seen the COMMANDO YANK cartoon over at Season and Michael's "Blossom and Thorn" blog and knows about his famous motto! As for our Spankee's expression, yes, apprehension is apropos in this instance! :-D

    Peachy post there, Wordsmith, and thanks very much! I am also fond of alliteration, although I try tenaciously not to become too tiresomely tedious with it! I jus' cain't he'p mahse'f!!