WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, June 3, 2011


Holey socks and shredded shoestrings!  I just found out the WolfieBlog has been chosen as the flavor of the month at The Spanking Bloggers Network!

This is the best surprise I've had since getting in line at the water park!

I'm thrilled!  The Spanking Bloggers Network  has a long list of  highly entertaining members, some of whom I haven't seen since the "Southern California Spanked Wives (And Girlfriends) Club!"  My secretarial staff is very excited by the announcement, too.

The thing of it is, I didn't even know I was in the running;  I was a little busy this week. 

I think Season and Michael might be the crafty surprise-party plotters!

But in any case, my sincere thanks to everyone who voted to provide this magical moment!

Say-- is there some ceremony that goes with all this?  I'll have to go help Springrose decide what to wear to the event!


  1. What a beautiful spanking scene drawing, of a naughty lady disrobing to her sexual feminine underwear, that includes, garter-belt and stockings, before taking down her panties, to be spanked on her bare bottom, by her husband.

  2. Congratulations, darlin'. :-D

  3. Well done. You deserve the recognition.


  4. w00t! **congratulations!** LOVE IT, LOVE IT! You deserve it! Always something wonderfully exciting over here to see and read!

  5. You deserved it!
    (I have heard that said so many times that I almost started to argue with myself just then)

  6. (Winks at Poppy) No doubt, no doubt!

  7. There's a party? When? Where? Is it a spanking party? So many questions!! Congrats Wolfie -I tole you this was a good idea! :) You are good at this - and no arguing. :)


  8. Thanks, Springrose!!

    Yeah, I haven't got details on the party, but I'm ready for ice cream and funny hats!

  9. Hi

    Sorry have been off line. Awesome post. Hey one thought however is the Bewitched spanking in my life should be the other way around. Growing up and even now on reruns, Elizabeth Montgomery was my "dream" lap, her legs were beautiful and she was just so powerful at times. Would have loved to be spanked by her, she was the perfect lap.

    Great stuff, thanks.