WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ah, the little minks! (More cartoon cuties)

This is Minerva Mink.

More about her presently.  My previous post with Daisy Duck started me thinking about anthropomorphic cartoon cuties. 

Over at Chicago Spanking Review, my buddy Web-Ed has been going through seventy-three years' worth of four-color newsprint in an attempt to find any comic book spanking of interest.  Lo and behold, I discovered a rare one for him on the blog "Stanley Stories," devoted to cartoonist John Stanley, who did a fine flurry of furry friends and cartoon kids back in the day.

Here are the last six panels of a 'Tom and Jerry" story;  Tom has donned a Genie Outfit, turban and all, to supply every wish for his girlfriend kitty's birthday.  However, she and a rival tomcat give him six kinds of grief until he goes nuts, throwing the other guy out, and then--

I daresay you've seen videos with less plot and emotional development.  Toots' reaction proves she is One of Us!  (Gooble, Gobble!) 

One of the commentators told blogger Frank M. Young that piece would attract all kinds of Web Pervs.  Frank replied with a virtual grin that he was  "happy to share the pervy goodness!"  I think I should make that my motto here!

Web-Ed enjoyed this find a lot, adding it to his list, but lamented that Funny Animal Spankings have a low to non-existent erotic content.  I think that might depend upon the Funny Animal.  Which brings us back to Minerva Mink.

She was one of the characters in the Warner Brothers cartoon show "Animaniacs!"  (If you never saw "Animaniacs," I recommend you sample it on YouTube, rent or buy it.  It's very well done on all levels, by the entire team, and is freakin' hilarious!)

Minerva causes a big stir amongst the male denizens in the woods: 

But what's delightfully original is when Minerva's own libido kicks in.

My favorite gag is her bouncing in a circle around the Hunky Mink, making Valentine Hearts with her butt:

She also explodes and melts into a puddle of, as Devlin or Erica might say, Minky Girl Goo.

Aside from being just plain giggle-inducing, the subtle point here is that Eros makes fools of us all, and Sex is pretty dang funny.  

So I'll be on the lookout for other spanking cartoons, possibly with Minerva-- 

or maybe Lola, the bunny who showed up in the movie "Space Jam"

or any others, because they could indeed have a bit of humorous eroticism.  

Mind you, there are people who take that a lot further than I would...

...but, hey, variety makes the world go 'round, my little chickadee! 

(Here's Minerva and the Werewolf!)


  1. I love my "Tom and Jerry" toons, great find! What I would do to be a cartoon cutie, lol. xoxo

  2. It looks like Minerva Mink is reaching for the hairbrush while touching herself and smiling! You should do a follow up picture!

  3. Why, Veronica, you ARE a Cutie!! Glad you enjoyed this-- I remember your OFG post with the animated cartoon spankings!

    Thanks for noticing that, Person Unknown, I chose that particular capture for that very reason!

  4. Brilliant stuff, thanks :D

  5. You're welcome, Wordsmith, and thank you! I enjoy your wit a lot! (Everyone click on the "Words On The Bottom" link over to the top right!)

  6. Tom and Jerry, wow, very hot indeed, never saw that one but nicely done.


  7. The problem with watching Animaniacs is the theme song! There used to be days when I couldn't get it out of my head. Sadly, it seems to be there again.

  8. Absolutely, @Scarlet. It's in my head right now just from reading this post! "We're animan-y, totally insane-y, here's the shows name-y, Animaniacs!" Ah, good times. I loved Space Jam too, I had every word of that movie memorized as a kid. Kobe would never do so well with the Looney Toons.

  9. Scarlet and Lea, you're crazy to the max, there's baloney in your slacks!!

    Those are the facts.

    ("What are we doing tonight, Lea?" "The same thing we do EVERY night, Scarlet-- TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!")

  10. By the way-- if YOU have never heard the Theme Song of which the Girls speak, Click THIS!

    And if you don't understand MY allusion, Click HERE!

    Go on. You know you want to.

  11. Thanks for the mention, Dave! Interesting survey of spankable cartoon cuties. That authentic-looking Donald/Daisy one gave me a chuckle. I remember you once did a Betty Boop drawing somewhere that might fit in here. The most obvious character I can think of to add is Red from Red Hot Riding Hood (1943). There's a character in it that she sings to, calling him "Wolfie" so it should be right up your alley!

  12. After I wrote the above, it occurred to me that Red was too human (and how!) to count as "anthropomorphic". As a rather obvious substitute (from about 45 years later) I can suggest Jessica Rabbit, who has been the subject of a few spanking drawings.

  13. Hiya, Web-ed!

    Oh, yeah, Little Red Hot Riding Hood is a big fave, as well as Mrs. Rabbit and Dean Yeagle's Mandy! I'll have to feature them all here soon!

  14. Love that Tom Cat cartoon!! In fact I am going to steal from you and post the whole thing today, but I believe in giving credit ;)

  15. Question: Why is Tom wearing tightie whities? There must be a back story to that.

    Love the toons, as usual, Dave!

  16. hiya wolfie,

    concerning the one that you comment that some folks would take it a lot farther than you would..............not sure just who the characters are in this one but the chicken shoulda been a duck:P thanks, phil

  17. Hey, Rich! Good to see ya here! Yes, by all means, "share the pervy goodness!" I appreciate that you've always been careful with such things, and of course the real credit here is to Frank M. Young, and his blog "Stanley Stories!" (Active links in the text above!)

    Pink, there IS a back story to that! Tom was dressed up in a cartoony representation of a Far Eastern slave/genie sort of outfit, with the turban and the wrap-around-lion-cloth thing-- that does kinda look like jockey shorts, huh? Thanks, glad you got giggles from it all!

    Phil, ROFL!! I hope everybody else gets your Military Style Expletive Joke!! Best cackle I had tonight, thanks!!

  18. Can always count on you for a laugh wolfie, I loved the fox and the chicken one!

  19. Thanks, Jules Pixie Bell! Yeah, me, too! :-D