WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Bear Behind In His Work (Speaking of Funny Animals)

Mitch of "All Things Spanking"  is featuring  an odd cartoon he found floating around the Interwebs!

He wanted to know if it was one of mine, because somewhere along the line some chump had cut off the signature and such.  Well, shore 'nuff, it's a  "Discipline and Desire" WolfieToon from 2006, one of the very few I've colored on the page, with pencil, instead of using the computer.

I think it fits in nicely with this entry featuring Tom Cat and Minerva Mink, and this one with Daisy Duck getting her feathery fanny paddled!

Enjoy-- and thanks, Mitch!


  1. Gee, DW, I'm not at all surprised your toons get snarfed and end up floating in Cyberland, but it was unethical to remove your name. That bites.

    This is a great cartoon, DW! I love it! Goldilocks is such a naughty girl, but somehow always seems to find a way to get what she really wants. :-)

    I like that you colored it by hand. The colors and are softer and it has texture. How do you decide to color by hand or by using the computer? I'm guessing you want to stick to your specific (computer) style pretty consistently; but I'm just wondering what a toon like Afterglow would have looked like in pencil. :-)

  2. Thanks very much, Larken! Yeah, I was happy that Mitch recognized my style and asked me about it! Glad you enjoyed the 'toon; I always thought Goldi had a gleam in her eye, looking for a gleam on her bottom!

    The decision on coloring is mostly "how can I get this done well in the least amount of time?" :-D I like the softer look myself, and the subtleties you can create. The pencils have scanned better at some times than others. I'm just now learning Photoshop (been using other things) so we'll see what difference that makes.

    Another artist I met on MySpace, Lyndal Ferguson, who does wonderful work for rock CD covers, posters, magazines, comics and more, recommended I try the "Prismacolor" watercolor pens that he uses; I'll do that at some point!

    Click on this to see one of Lyndal's covers at "The Chicago Spanking Review!"

  3. Wow. Lyndal Ferguson's comic book spanking has amazing detail and color. Can't imagine how long that took him. I always use Prismacolor colored pencils - they work great when I draw mandalas on black paper. I wonder how Wolfietoons would look done with the watercolor pens.

    I didn’t know you could draw in Photoshop! I'm trying to learn Photoshop Elements - I'm a total novice; I just need lots more time to play with it. :-)

  4. Ooh, I'd like to see your art, Larken, that sounds lovely! Do you have it posted anywhere?

    Lyndal's stuff is always beautifully done, and lots of fun. (Lots of Rock Zombies and such!) He has a bunch of his work on display at his MySpace page, or you can Google Image him!

    Yeah, you can draw a bit with Photoshop, although there are other programs like Adobe Illustrator with which you can do a lot more. I only know about them, haven't actually used them! Not yet, anyway. I have strong Luddite tendencies! :-D

  5. Not at all surprised to see Goldilocks get spanked. Most tops would say she earned it by complaining too much. Sigh...

  6. I checked out Lyndal's MySpace page. His drawings are amazing, and creepy, and sometimes sexy, and definitely fun! Does he do all that with watercolor pencils?

    When I make art I'm usually just playing, but I'll look around and see what I've got. I haven't posted any artwork; I don't have a blog or anything. For the past few years I've been making a lot of origami; different than the creative process of drawing; but challenging and fun; and it's exceptionally cool. :-)

    I had to google Luddite. So if you have Luddite tendencies, there is a pencil between you and the artwork. If you don't, there might be a massive, complicated computer program between you and the art. Is that right? I think technology has just given us more options. Of course you have to learn how to use it first. :-)

  7. Hi, Lea! Yeah, now you mention it, on top of Breaking and Entering, Willful Destruction of Property, and Porridge Snatchage, Goldi did have a rather crab-sassy attitude!

    Naturally, we know she is a decent sort, at bottom, so a firm and loving spanking straightened her right out. And she apparently discovered, at the same time, that it was "her thing," and, as you see, had a happy end ever after.

  8. Hey, Larken!

    The best art often comes from "just playing," and I greatly admire anyone who can sculpt, carve, model, fold origami, or create any three-dimensional art!

    So, yeah, if you have any scans of your work, or photos, I'd be deee-lighted to display them here!

    I think I remember Lyndal telling me he worked in pen and ink, coloring with the Prismacolor watercolor pens. He is quite talented and skilled, eh?

    Your description of "Luddite" is right on! I use pencils, pens, and computer parts, so maybe I'm a cross-breed after all?

  9. I just love her bottom.



  10. Dave,

    I think I prefer the hand-coloring, but I'm concerned it might take longer. Of course, whether or not that's worth it is up to you.

    It was nice of you to mention Lyndal Ferguson (and link back to CSR), who isn't as well known among spankos as he deserves to be.

    I loved the "Goldibears Toys" product testing area. That's the kind of entrepreneurship the country needs more of right now!

  11. Hey, W.E.! Well, it's a different process, but I don't know that hand-coloring actually takes any longer. It is a lot easier to change your mind and correct boo-boos on the computer!

    I haven't heard from Lyndal for a while; MySpace became very difficult to navigate, or even to open, which is one reason why I hopped over to Blogger.

    Yes, I'm in favor of the Little Guy over Giant Stupid Corporations whenever possible; you can be sure Goldibear Toys will give a lifetime of pleasure and not break and split the second time you use 'em! Although they MAY have an exception in that guarantee for Bionic Bottoms, I'll haveta ask.

  12. wolfie, you might check out the different brushes in photoshop. if you click on the brush and then go up to where it says brush at the top you'll see a choice of sizes. the first ones are sharp lines through size 19. then they start over but this time the lines are faded out toward the edges. i always use the faded ones and then adjust the size to suit what i'm doing when coloring the bottoms. i usually also set the opacity and fill to about 20% for this. seems to me that it lends a more natural look to it.

    i love how she drops her pad and pencil when the bear gets it just right. looks like he found that sweet spot.............LOL. great toon. phil

  13. Thanks for the Photoshop advice, Phil! I bet those lines fading toward either edge are to make things blend in better, to get rid of jagged edges.

    Or, in GeekSpeak, "Anti Aliasing." (That's an absurd term I take to mean, "making a "pasted object" look like it belongs there.")

    And, back to the cartoon, yep, B. Bear seems to be pegging her meter, all right! :-D