WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Petunia Pig Gets Whacked!

Talking about Bob Clampett in the previous post, "Time For Beany," made me remember one of his most famous Warner Brothers cartoons, "Porky In Wackyland!"  (You can click that YouTube link if you've never seen it, or want to again!)  He goes to Wackyland in search of the Last DoDo!

So, the Wolfie Mind being what it is, I thought, "Hm, Porky's girlfriend Petunia should get whacky, too!"  And behold, here is a companion piece for the Daisy Duck Paddling WolfieToon.   


I could say "He's really bacon those hams!"  But, no-- one has to know when to curly-tail the puns.


  1. You are sooo imaginative, what a man. Thanks! xoxo

  2. Since you want to curly tail the puns I won't say, Porky is making ham hotts.

  3. Aw, thank you, Veronica! I kinda thought you'd like this one!

    Yes, Kaki, we are now eschewing the food puns... else, I'd say, well done!! ;-)

  4. Porky is a pygophile!! Very apt.

  5. ROFL!

    That's very clever, and you are a Wordsmiith, indeed! I have to confess I had to look up the term; I never knew I had ever been categorized!!

    For others like me:


    Sexual arousal from seeing or touching the buttocks of another person. The term is not gender-specific.

    A person who is thus aroused is a "pygophilist" or "pygophile"; "pygophiliac" may be used if the arousal could be considered abnormal, pathological or extreme.

    In a finer sense, "pygophilist" can be used to infer a person whose predilection includes actively touching buttocks, as the suffix -ist connotes "one who does", whereas "phygophile" (-phile, "one who likes) could include those who are content merely to look at buttocks."

    Everybody head over to Wordsmith's "Words On The Bottom," you may learn Words ABOUT the Bottom!! Thanks very much!!

  6. I had to look it up too :D Got it from Ronnie's recent post!

  7. Good for Ronnie!

    You know, Wordsmith, I thought I recognized the root, also found in "callipygian," "having shapely buttocks," so I looked in my dictionary and found that the Greek word, "pyge," means "rump."

    There is a medical term: "Pygalgia: n.:[from Greek "pyge" rump + "algos" pain] A pain in the rump."

    I'm unsure of the correct pronunciation.

    See, Kids? Education can be Fun!!

  8. Hey, th-th-th-that's a g-g-g-good d-d-d-drawing!


  9. LMAO and HEADSLAP!!

    Oh, Ed that was great, and you know, I've been doing Porky Pig for forty years, HOW did I miss THIS opportunity to say something Porkesque?!


  10. I love porky! the old cartoons are the best, good job wolfie :)

  11. Your giggles make it worthwhile, Jules, thank you!

  12. Awww… Petunia doesn't look nearly as happy as Daisy Duck. Maybe she's just shocked to find out DoDo Birds can sing, even though they come from an entirely different kind of Whacky-Land :-)

    You know, DW, that cartoon looked a little Dr. Seussified. :-)

    Wow. Pyge, pygophile, pygophilist, pygophilia, pygophiliac, pygalgia, and callipygian. I think there might be a bunch of very well educated Spankos around here. :-)

  13. Well, Larken, as Kaki and Phil pointed out, Daisy has a downy bottom, and Petunia's little pink piggy posterior would only have a thin coat of fur, if that. And I'm pretty sure Daisy's an Imp, anyway.

    Y'know, I thought the same thing, watching "Porky In Wackyland!" Director Bob Clampett would have known Theodore Geisel, AKA Dr. Seuss-- but I don't know which way the influence would have run, or if maybe they were both influenced by others, like Salvador Dali and pickles before bed. Or maybe they were just nuts!!

    I'm glad Wordsmith (via Ronnie) told me about Pygophilia. I never knew I was CATEGORIZED before! I want my membership card!

    The question, though, is that initial vowel sound "Long I" or "Short I?" I could be "PIG-o-fill-ist" or maybe a "PIE-go-fill-ist!"

    If it's the former, then maybe John and Paul knew Greek, and on the "white album" the Beatles were singing, "Everywhere there's Little PYGES! ("rumps") PYGES everywhere!"

    And THAT would be why they "need a damn good whacking!!"

    Wow, we made a circle!!

  14. Wonderful and very nice spanking he is delivering.

  15. Thanks, Ron! Yeah, you'd think he practiced, huh?!

  16. This is the Petunia Pig spanking we SHOULD have seen in the cartoons! Thanks for filling the void.

  17. Right on, Web-Ed and thanks! There IS a decided lack of smacks for the frightful female fannies in the old cartoons-- what's up with that?!

  18. hi wolfie,

    you said you were gonna curly tail the puns but i feel no such compulsion and it looks to me like porky's really smoking her hams:P i like kaki's comment about ham hotts too...........LOL. from the evil expression it appears that porky's "really" enjoying this and has been waiting a long time to pull down her piggie panties.........LOL. petunia seems suitable horrified by this turn of events. i love it! thanks, phil

  19. And thank YOU, Phil! Petunia Pig first appeared in 1937, which would make seventy-three years, but I can't believe Porky would wait THAT long, so maybe this is just the first time somedoby'd SHOWN it!

    And LO! Porky paddling Petunia's po-po provided a pink panorama of pleasure for Pygophilists everyplace!