WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, June 20, 2011

Time For Beany! (Off Topic-- Pretty Much)

If you're disappointed that this entry doesn't have anything (much) to do with spanking, you can blame Larkenand take her right over your lap!  

For 'twas she who put me in mind of Cecil the Sea-Sick Sea-Serpent at this earlier post and I thought perhaps you'd like to chillax after a hard Monday with a cold beverage and some chuckles, found at the YouTube link below.

"Time For Beany!" was a brilliant, Emmy-winning "kids' show" on KTLA, Los Angeles in the late 50's.  Its fans included, no kidding, Harpo Marx and Albert Einstein! 

It was the brainchild of  Bob Clampett, animator, writer, director, and one of the several guys at Warner Brothers who developed Bugs Bunny!  

His star performers were Daws Butler and Stan Freberg!

You may not recognize Daws' name, but you've enjoyed his performances thousands of times;  he was the actor who voiced countless cartoon creations, especially at Hanna Barbera.  His characters included Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Cap'n Crunch, Quick Draw Magraw, Elroy Jetson, Aesops's son on the "Bullwinkle" show, Various Bad Guys, and Three Gazillion more.  Note that Huckleberry Hound is pretty much the same voice Daws had used earlier for the Wolf (!!) in the MGM Droopy cartoons! 

Besides voice acting, Stan Freberg is a humorist, writer of renown, and a legendary parodist.  He won awards for his TV commercials and magazine ads.  Enter his name in the YouTube search and enjoy!

Eventually the live puppet show ran its course, but a short time later, Beany and company reappeared in animated cartoon form.

So, here for your enjoyment is one of my faves, featuring a jungle beatnik, Go Man Van Gogh.  

Click this to see "The Wild Man of Wildsville!"

(You don't have to get the topical 60's jokes to giggle, but if you do, good for you!)   

Oh, here's a confession:  I "borrowed" one of Bob's jokes for a Halloween WolfieToon at "Discipline and Desire!"  At the end of one of the Beany and Cecil cartoons (as I recall from childhood)  the Mad Doctor who owns a haunted castle our heroes had gone into spanks the Invisible Man for creating havoc.  Invisible Man is only wearing his hat, sunglasses, gloves and boots.  I changed that to the Invisible Woman, with her skirt up over her invisible behind.  :-D   Now, I might be mis-remembering, and got that gag from some other show, but it does seem very Clampett!  


  1. I don't quite remember "Time For Beany," but I definitely remember the Beany and Cecil cartoons! And the little tune at the end, "A Bob Clam-pett car-toooooooooon!" Fun stuff, Wolfie.

  2. Thanks, Erica! Glad to give you a grin!!

    And, yep, I still sing that tag all the time!!

    Y'know, I even had a Cecil Talking Doll from Mattel! (The only time you could see Cecil's tail!) Pull the string and he'd say Cecilesque things like, "WHAT th' HECK?!!" and "SLLURRRP! I LOVE you!!" and, of course, the rescue line, "I'M COMIN' BEANY BOYYYY!"

  3. Wow! you had a Cecil talking doll, I am so jealous. I loved Beanie and Cecil cartoons when I was a kid. I checked youtube last year and was so excited to find complete episodes. I don't think color tv was around back then, at least not in our house.
    Thanks for the heads up on Daws Butler, I am going to look him up.

  4. Kaki, I didn't know you were a fan, too! Too cool!! I think some of the "Time For Beany" shows are on YouTube now, as well as the cartoon episodes!

    We also had black-and-white TV at our house until 1969-- maybe even 1970!

    There is a lot about Daws Butler on line, and I can steer you to some really good stories. Writer Mark Evanier did a lot of work for Hanna Barbera, and has some funny, fact-filled and moving stories about Daws-- and you can click this to go to Mark's page about Daws Butler!

    He also has stuff there about June Foray (Rocky the Flying Squirrel and lots more), Mel Blanc (Bugs and lots more!) and Don Messick (Scooby-Doo, Astro, and lots more!)

  5. Dave, thanks for the link. I never thought much about who did the voices except Mel Blanc. I read the whole article on Daws, what a talented man he was. I like to watch those old cartoons today for the references that go over the kids' head. I have the Rocky & Bullwinkle collection on VHS. I love Bullwinkle. I don't recall any spanking in any of those cartoons.

  6. What?! DW! Who's in charge of this blog? I inspired you, so I get tipped over somebody's lap? So much for being a muse. :-)

    I think if you blame me for giving you a good idea the only spanking I deserve is the GG kind. Just saying. ;-)

    That cartoon was fun to watch! And DW, Bob Clampett must be the King of Puns! No wonder you like him so much. :-)

  7. Hey, Kaki, glad you enjoyed the articles! There is another fellow that everyone has heard but doesn't know: the late voice actor Paul Frees--AKA Boris Badenov, Ludwig Von Drake, nearly all the incidental characters in the Rankin-Bass animated Christmas specials, and a lot more!

    Witty writing on several levels is one reason why Bullwinkle, the old Warner Bros cartoons, Animaniacs, and a few others last and are always good!

    I recall four spanking things from the Rocky cartoons, but they weren't my favorite kind! ;-)

    Larken, Larken, Larken... you will only be tipped IF someone is disappointed that this entry isn't focused on spanking-- or IF you ask one of us very nicely. Heh Heh Heh!

    Glad you enjoyed "The Wild Man of Wildsville!" Yes, Mr. Clampett was verrry punny! In fact, you might want to go back to YouTube and watch Beany and Cecil take on Tearalong, the Dotted Lion! :-D

  8. You know I read, Tearalong, the Dotted Lion, three times before I got it. I was using the wrong tear. doh! *smacks head*

    I watched, "The Wild Man of Wildsville!" . I can't believe how many puns they could fit in such a short show. and I probably will catch more watching it again.

  9. Yes, Kaki, you were thinking of "tiers." :-D

    Yes, and wait'll you see Beany, Ceci, and Uncle Cap'n Huffenpuff search for the singing dinosuar, Dinah Saur (Dinah Shore) on her island home, No Bikini Atoll!!

  10. Oh. I must have been channeling Emily Litella. "What's all this fuss about spanking?! IF someone is disappointed? Oh. Well that's different. Never mind."

    ASK? Ummm, er, ah… ;-)

    Oh! Tear along the dotted line! omg. I've been rolling that around in my head for three days! Maybe I'm not getting enough vitamins. :-)

  11. :-D Tearalong will offer you some Vitamin BEEEeeeeeees!!

  12. hi wolfie,

    of course i remembered the beany an cecil cartoons but the older puppet show i had forgotten about until i saw the pics you posted. i do remember them though...................ya ha ha. and i remembered tear along the dotted lion right away..............LOL. good old memories. thanks, phil

  13. You're welcome, Phil! I never saw the puppets until the "extras" on a DVD that came out a few years ago!

    Quite a while back, there was a "recorded live" album from Noel Paul Stookey (Paul of "Peter Paul and Mary)in which he did a Beany and Cecil spoof as the introduction for the audience singalong of "Puff the Magic Dragon!"

  14. Dave, I don't recall that album or hear him sing that at any of the concerts I went to. Was it a Peter, Paul & Mary album or just Paul?

  15. Hi, Kaki! It's one of my favorites, a solo album Noel Paul did called "Real to Reel"- which is a great title for a recorded concert album!

    Click this and you can hear just about all the cuts from the album!

  16. OOH, how did I miss this! I remember Beany and Cecil as a kid. Not one of my top favorites like Bugs Bunny or The Little Rascals, but the show was a lot of fun. Great ol' chestnut you guys pulled out, and DW is famous, or rather infamous for pulling out his chestnuts. Anytime, anywhere, ladies. You've been warned.

  17. Forgot, LOVE your Invisible Woman Wolfietoon, DW. One of the few times I prefer NOT seeing an imp's bum during a spanking.

    Speaking of Invisible babes, have you ever done a WolfieToon of Sue Storm of The Fantastic Four?

  18. Listen, I hear Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer!

    Thanks, Mike, glad you're enjoying all the stuff! Oddly enough, I don't think I've done Mrs. Richards in a WolfieToon-- yet.

    But I always admired how lovingly she was portrayed by John Byrne during his run as writer-artist on the Fantastic Four in the 80's!!

    I'll have to do some scans one of these days, but in the meantime, here's one to see, and here's another one!

  19. I would happily take Larken across my lap any day of the week, and twice on Sundays. :-)

    I'm old enough to actually remember Beany and Cecil, but I didn't know of Stan Freberg's part in it. His albums were comedy gold....a very funny fellow.

    Thanks for the retrospective!

    Dr. Ken

  20. Hi, Doc!!

    I bet you would only get faux-protests from the lady Larken!

    Glad you enjoyed this, and, as a matter of fact, a few days ago writer Mark Evanier was reminiscing about Bob Clampett on his POVOnline blog!

    click on this to read Mark's remarks on Bob and see another Beany and Cecil cartoon!

  21. (That entry also has a picture of Bob with Cecil, Beany, and W. Shakespeare Wolf!!)

  22. eep! Hi, Dr. Ken! Were you disappointed? ;-)

    DW. No. No. No. I'm telling you for the last time, for once and for all, and I'm not going to tell you again: I resemble that remark. ;-)

    P.S. Are you free tomorrow, Dr. Ken?

    Gees, I sure get a lot of practice pedaling backwards around here.

  23. Larken -- Let me know when you're free, and I'll be sure to be available! I would hate to disappoint a lady......or leave her bottom unreddened.....

  24. Dr. Ken! :-)

    When I'm free? You'll be available? What can I say?

    "Methinks I must protest, Kind Sir!"
    "How dare you! You rogue, you cad!"
    or at least, if I'm OTK,
    "Please don't forget what an angel I am!"

    You won't forget, will you, Dr. Ken?

    Larken {\O/}

  25. (Oh, it's an ANGEL! I was trying to work out that emoticon, Larken, and couldn't see it at first, because my mind was-- er-- in other places. :-D )

  26. I knew I could count on you to recognize an angel when you see one, DW! :-)