WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Summer!

That may seem an odd greeting when it's already been hotter than several bottoms I could mention, but the first "official" day of Summer is this Tuesday, June 21st!  Could that be why this plastic seahorse, or plastic sea-serpent, or plastic sea-thingy, is so dang happy?

You'll have to take a gander at this week's update at "Discipline and Desire" to sea!  Er, to see!  And while you're over there, check out the previews of the five new enticingly erotic stories for members, including our first Fourth of July sparkler, and everyone gets to enjoy a couple of full chapters from the "Discipline and Desire" books "Healing In Time" by Katrina and "The Eight Wisdoms" by Oona West.

To continue the celebration, here's a "Discipline and Desire" cartoon from two summers ago:

                                                               Stay cool, cats!


  1. hi everyone,

    i highly recommend that you hustle on over and see the new wolfietoon. it's totally hilarious:D just wait till you see what the blow up sea thingy is grinning at and where he/she is:D another great wolfietoon wolfie my friend. it goes well with the one from 2 years ago. thanks, phil

  2. What a tease, only showing the little floaty toy. ;-) June 21 is officially summer, huh? It's pouring rain here today so can only hope for an improvement.

  3. Thanks, Phil! (Now I'm humming that 70's favorite, "Do the HUSTLE!! Doo-doot-DOOT, Da-Da-Da-Da, DOOT! DOOT!") I'm hoping you're having summer fun even now!

    Indeed, Lea, I am something of a 'Toon Tease. Bwoo Ha Haaa! ;-) And isn't it always the way-- burning and sweltering places don't get the rain needed because it's busy making life a bummer for soggy folks who'd really welcome some sunshine?! Hope you get some soon!

  4. Happy Summer, DW! Sounds like some lucky girls get summer heat all year round. :-)

    Looks like a see-serpent to me. Some girls like a splash of color, but she hasn't even finished lunch yet! Gees. :-)

  5. Thank you, Larken, and may you have a healthy warm glow before the day is done!

    OK, that's one vote for "Sea-Serpent!"

    Do you by chance remember Cecil, the Sea-Sick Sea-Serpent? I dearly loved those Bob Clampett cartoons, and a few years ago, got to see recordings of the original live puppet show they did in the late 50's on KTLA in Los Angeles!

  6. Well, you know what serpents do, right, DW? Tempt Impangels into taking a big bite of forbidden fruit! Or maybe a forbidden sandwich. Hmmm. If only Adam had been a Top. :-)

    I had to google Cecil, but I remember that kid with the propeller on his cap! I watched one of the puppet shows - it was on youtube! Cecil sang a song and everything. You know they almost never showed Cecil's tail in the cartoon, because in the puppet show, it didn't exist! :-)

    And did you know Cecil had a lupine friend? W. Shakespeare Wolf. :-)

  7. LOL!! I like that, the Forbidden Sandwich. Maybe it was a sub?

    Holey socks, yeah, I'd forgotten W. Shakespear Wolf for the moment! I'm going to have to go Goggle that, too!!

    Funny, my sister also noticed, when we were six (me) and five (she), that the cartoons never showed Cecil's tail! We didn't know he'd started out as a puppet, even though the show opening had a cartoon Bob Clampett coming out from behind a puppet stage curtain!

    You have inspired the next two blog entries, Larken-- loving po-po pats!

  8. Hey, DW! You're welcome! And thanks. :-)