WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another First

Listen, my children, and you shall hear how Wolfie first paddled his girlfriend's rear!

This is a story from my teens... just after I lost my beloved pet mastodon in the La Brea tar pits.

Okay, that's not true.  We weren't that far west.  Anyway, I was a sophomoric sophomore in high school, and had fallen in love with a rambunctious, green-eyed redhead named Karen.  I had just barely gotten my driver's license and was still crashing into things.  I was also trying to learn the ways of a man with a maid, from proper etiquette to making out.

Karen was, in fact, my first love, brassy and loud and emotional and lots and lots of fun.  She was very much an extrovert, and I was very introverted.  I did manage to show off here and there, mostly on the stage.  In fact, we met in Drama Class.  Seems appropriate.

We both had braces on our teeth at that point, and don't you believe any of the stories you've heard about kids getting their braces locked together kissing.  It can't happen.  Karen and I really, really tried.

One evening, early in our short but dramatic relationship, we were sitting on the couch in her living room, talking and smooching.  Mostly smooching.  Suddenly she decided to get bratty somehow;  I think she hauled off and slapped me across the face.  You know, just horseplay.

Nevertheless, it was my cue for the line from my well-developed fantasies:  "All right, young lady-- you'd better knock it off!"

"Why?" she grinned. "What will you do about it?"

Holey socks, who gave her the script?  Are there women whose fantasies match mine?  Well, hot diggity, let's find out!

"Well-- I could give you a-- a spanking!"  Now, I didn't give that line a very good reading.  It was the first time I'd ever said it out loud, and choked a bit.  But, Jeez Louise, at that point just seeing the erotically-charge word "spanking" on a printed page sent me into a tizzy! 

She didn't immediately react, and, feeling a little embarrassed at being such a kinky pervert, I added, "Well, but, uh, I'd rather do this!" and hugged her close for another kiss.

"Shoot!" Karen retorted, wild mischief sparkling in her eyes, "I'd rather have the spanking!"

Hot damn, I had permission!

"Oookay, then!" I answered, and hauled Karen over my lap;  I think she made some sort of giggling. "Oh No!" faux-protest.  She was wearing white short shorts (another of my favorite fetishes!) and I recall thinking that her bottom looked rather different at this angle than I'd seen it before.

And so I began smacking each side of her round little rear.  Now, I don't remember how many swats I gave her, nor how hard or soft.  I was caught up in the moment, thrilled to be spanking this sassy lass over my lap.  I had spanked my younger sister once before, but that was-- well, that was like spanking your sister.  This was the real deal!

It never occurred to me afterwards, or later, to ever ask her, "So, does getting spanked turn you on?"  I was never secure nor bold enough to ask that question for years and years to follow.

But she did seem to enjoy it at the time!

More kissing and hugging followed, and later on, Karen's mother came home and joined us in the living room.  Then suddenly, Karen, the little brat, chirped to her mom, over my surprise and mortification, "Hey, you know what David did? He spanked me!!"

Before I could recover and mutter anything in self defense, her mom shot back, "Oh, good!  She's needed one of those for a long time now!"

And so, with Mama's Blessing, I spanked Karen as often as I could after that.  Not every day, but frequently.  In fact, her mother happened in on us once, as I was making sure Karen's jeans seat hadn't gotten all dusty.  Mrs. Karen's Mom repeated the line about Karen needing that.

More than that, when another young couple came over to visit later, Ma told 'em all about the spanking!  "I walked in here. and all I saw was that rear up in the air getting swatted!"  Karen more-or-less playfully smacked my face again, and the young lady of the couple visiting told me I should spank Karen more often!

Seems I was fully sanctioned.

Another memorable occasion was in the front seat of the car, in the movie theatre parking lot one night.  Karen had yanked the keys out of the ignition and shoved 'em down her bra.  She was wearing a green floral-print mini-dress with matching green floral-print panties. It was the early 70's, y'know, and we were stylin'!

Now, unless you've done it, you wouldn't think there would be room for spanking in the front car seat, but there is, and I went at it.  I even dared to pull Karen's miniskirt up, although, it had pretty much ridden up over her matching panty-clad bottom by then, anyway.

As I smacked her lovely panty seat, I noticed she was wearing them over her pantyhose.  Whether or not she was wearing any other undergarments besides, I never found out.  I never spanked a bare bottom until I got married.  I was a very proper little Wolfie.  Oh, okay, okay, mostly I was scared.

Well, three or four months after Karen and I began dating, my family moved away.  Karen and I wrote to each other every single day, and I went up to visit just before Christmas-- but by February, that first, fumbling romance was over.  Ah-- C'est la vie!

But there were better romances and spankings ahead!  Probably not as many at a time as Karen got, because I felt like I'd overdone just about everything with her, too much too fast, and wanted to have more solid relationships with the young ladies that followed. 

However-- they all had birthdays...


  1. OMG! .. That was the funniest read! LOLOLOL

    When I read.. green-eyed redhead named Karen... I immediately laughed out loud (sorry redheads.. your rep precedes you constantly).. but I knew you were about to become...fully sanctioned with blessings from a higher power somewhere down the line! rofl

    Thanks for making my imagination run amok Wolfie!

  2. Aw, thank you very much Zelle! I live for reactions like that, and I'm pleased you enjoyed yourself so!

    (NOW you've done it... you just ENCOURAGED him! D'OH!)

  3. I do love to engage a mind... cause usually.. the body follows! (heehee)!

  4. Oh, you bet your-- I mean, you're absolutely correct, Zelle!

    I like that: "Engage a mind, the body will follow." Sound like it shoulda been a Star Trek line!

  5. I agree!

    ...err .. I mean Wolfie!

  6. Love this story, thanks for sharing it! I've added your link to my blogroll :)

  7. Thank you very much, Em! I'll return the favor so folks can treat themselves to your entry about the sensuous sounds of spanking! (That was a Simon and Garfunkel song, I think.)

    Glad you enjoyed the account! Someday I'll have to tell about my petite blonde high school sweetheart and her little sailor suit in the park, and how I had my tall college girlfriend's gal-pal take pictures while I birthday-spanked the seat of her pocketless jeans! :-D

  8. Petite blonde? Sailor suit? A park (bench)? Spanking? Pocketless jeans????

    Okay.. ya sucked me in.. get to writing - cause I fear I've looked into your eyes and have seen my own soul.. (heehee) .. glutton that I am. :-)

  9. Sure thing, Zelle:

    I gave my petite blonde high school sweetheart her birthday spanking at a picnic in the park, sitting on the grass, and she was wearing her li'l white and blue sailor suit.

    When my college love's birthday rolled around, I had her buddy snap a pic of the two of us sitting on the couch, and then said, "OK, hold on, there's ANOTHER picture I want, too!" and hauled the girl over my lap!

    There ya go!


    Oh, DETAILS ya want? I'll have to compose that later!

  10. You are just evil! Teasing like that! Of course I want the nitty gritty (heavy on the gritty) details... I'm an incurable roman... spanko!


  11. Unbelievable, Dave. The girl in The Egg Spanking Story, a Devlin O'Neill high school tale of first but temporary spanking loves, also was called Karen. She was a blue eyed brunette, but one huge coincidence is enough for 'unbelievable,' don't you think?

    Anyway I liked your story a lot, and mostly what is unbelievable is that we didn't actually die of hormonal overload back then, hardwired the way we are, when these things would happen to us. ;-)

  12. Well, Dev, it's because we're Karen enough to spank the very best. (BaDOOM!)

    And I'm egg-sasperating Zelle with my teases! (BOOM, ching!)

    But thank YOU! And right you are! I was enslaved to the point that I would sit through two hours of a really tediously bad movie just to hear a hero merely *threaten* to spank some girl, then plotz!!

  13. It is also my experience - to this day and age - that mothers that hear that their daughters get spanked by the men who love them approve of it as long as it is done to make them behave better - and most girlfriends also just giggle an approve when they learn that their best friend gets spanked by the new man in her life. Women are wonder ful - also in that way.

    1. Thanks, Christian! I'd just about forgotten this eleven-year-old post, so I'm glad you found it scrolling and enjoyed it! Yes, it does seem a surprising number of women enjoy vicarious spankings, especially for someone they perceive will benefit from it!!

  14. Oh gosh, what a story! What heaven had you stumbled upon to have been given permission by all accounts! My cheeks were turning pink at just the thought of how many lovely spankings lucky Karen got! Ooh, and the high school story in the comments too! Now I need to go get my man to spank me! Your vivid writing is almost as good as your beautifully fun drawings! Keep it up, please! 🤭 🍑 👋

    1. Why, thank you very much, Anon! I'd just about forgotten I'd told this tale of Karen and her little round tail! Glad you enjoyed it-- it's always my aim to amuse and inspire! Hope you have a warm and lovely time, yourself!!