WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, December 27, 2010


Greetings, Class!

And, what th' heck, Greetings, No Class, too! 

If you don't use the word pastiche regularly, Merriam-Webster says it's "a literary, artistic, musical, or architectural work that imitates the style of previous work; also such stylistic imitation."

For example, as an unofficial Baker Street Irregular, I can tell you with some authority that Mr. Devlin O'Neill has written one of the finest imitations of Arthur Conan Doyle ever, and-- I bet my furry tail--  the only Sherlock Holmes spanking story "The Curious Case of the Woman in the Red Drawers!"  You fellow Holmes fans and/or spankophiles will be tremendously titillated by the tale!  If you're neither, well, here's an opportunity to expand your horizons. 

So here now are the cartoon pastiches I've done over the years.  These have been around the InterWeb, but not all gathered together in one convenient, ready-to-click-and-save place. 

To start, here is what Max Fleischer and company missed doing in the 30's with Betty Boop!

There's a man in the funny papers you all know... well, at least, MY Generation did!  V.T. Hamlin's "Alley Oop!"

Uncle Walt's cartoons had spankin'-- but. well, not in THIS context!

(I may have that one up on this blog already... but since Little Miss Naughty likes it, and apparently lots of others, there it is for completion's sake.)

Naturally, cartoons are different these days... I did this one for the "Southern California Spanked Wives (And Girlfriends) Club" and the source (namely, Seth MacFarlane) proceeded to go wayyyyy beyond my pitiful parody of "Family Guy!"

Back to the funny papers, and the Wolfierization of Mort Walker's family strip "Hi and Lois!" 

Oh, yeah, there's another family strip still running, created toward the end of the Flapper Era by Chic Young.  I've seen various bare-bottomed and colorized versions of this around the Web-- Hee!! -- but here's the original "Blondie" I did for "Arild's Cartoon Spanking Yahoo Group"--  

Naturally, I've done some superheroes, but had no one particular artist in mind at the time.  This one might have just a touch of Bruce Timm (if that), who's been doing the DC characters for Warners Animation.

I can now see several flaws in this one I did for SCSWC, but if you can't, I won't point 'em out.  HA!!  

A cartoonier version;  I still like the attitudes! 

Again, with a slight influence from Mr. Timm, another SCSWC sketch:

Erica Scott has mentioned the Kids' Comics she read that had spankings;  I altered this panel from a "Little Audrey" story to be more appealing:

And I'll stop with that Baker's Dozen!  

P.S.-- Aren't you glad the frakin' Christmas commercials that started on Hallo-goldang-ween are OVER?!! 

But this week you can get a jump on Ground Hog's Day!  Or maybe Valentine's... the WolfieToons Book Sale continues to January 1st!  Details, and no spam or pop-ups, not even pop tarts, when you click the blue letters!


  1. Oh Wolfie! I LOVE ALL these toons!

    You're Soooooooo talented! I couldn't draw a straight line to save myself!

    I guess next on ye old advertising agenda that beats us to a pulp is Valentines day ads huh? LOL

    Speaking of "pulp"... wonder if there's a 'Pulp Fiction' toon to be had?? LOL

    Love ya!

  2. I second that, Zelle. Wolfie is VERY talented.

    I remember real Blondie cartoons in the newspaper colour comics with spanking in them. The victim was usually Dagwood. I couldn't read the words - I was too young to read - but the pictures pushed my buttons.

    Others were Little Lulu, Little Lotta, and Nancy, but not Richie Rich. I suppose he was wealthy enough to have a whipping boy to take his spankings for him.


  3. Fabulous, Wolfie! I heartily agree with Zelle and Hermione about your prowess...drawing prowess that is. And thanks for including the "Greetings, No Class, too!" as that is where I fit in. *G*

    I have seen most of these before but not all, and it is great to have them all in one place. Really love Blondie finally getting spanked as I read that strip growing up and that scene played itself out in my budding spanko imagination many times. In the second Superman drawing I love that Supergirl's upper cheeks are glowing in embarrassment, or perhaps from something more, as her lower cheeks are being smacked. Excellent touch.

    Wonderful work. Thanks. Oh, and I love how when you sign your name in most of your art the "W" looks like a curvy bottom.

  4. VERY nice collection of comics, Dee Dubya, including a few I never saw before, so thanks very much for sharing those.

    Also, still blushing a little from your description of my Holmes riff at the top of the page. Most kind of you to say, and thanks!

    And thanks for reminding me what a pastiche is. I know I've written lots of them, but I never think to call them that, and the word still sounds more to me like some kind of tasty food that probably isn't good for you. :-)

  5. Mr. Wolfe, Bravo! I awoke to a blizzard, feeling down , checked your blog and wow, feeling great, wonderful work,thank you, your friend bOB

  6. oh wow, these are all great! but tink will always be my favourite, when you gonna do another cowboy one "hint hint" :)

  7. Mr. Wolfe, just taking a break from snow removal, I always love Fleischer Bros work, are you familiar with I.B Werks? i have a few DVD'S of his work from the early days of animation, his main character Flip the Frog and his color story book storiys always had someone getting a spanking in them , of course in those days they didnt associate spanking with kinky behavior, or did they? your friend BOB

  8. Wow!! Thanks, Guys and Dolls!

    Zelle, SURE you can draw a straight line, just like I do-- with a RULER! Or, well, maybe you wouldn't think to use THAT for DRAWING...Heh heh heh!!

    (Travolta, with a wry grin: "You know what they call spankin' in France? La fessee!")

    Thank you, too, Hermione, that's very kind! As a matter of fact, your favorite image search engine can show you Richie Rich gettin' spanked in a SPANKING MACHINE while Rich Pop chuckles!

    Michael! Good job! You're only ONE of TWO people to have EVER noticed-- or, at least to have ever REMARKED on-- the fact that I deliberately design my signature "W" to look like a curvy female bottom!

    Glad you liked Kal and Kara, and I think I'll make more of my girls flushed at BOTH ends!! Thank you!

    Hiya, Dev! Yes, I'm blushing a bit myself, reading this applause! But regarding your literary riffs, 'tis true, 'tis true! They are TERRIFIC! Now I'm going to have to find someone who makes those pastries!!

    Hey, Bob, sorry you were one of the folks caught in that storm-- good grief!! But I'm glad I could provide some restorative distraction! And cheers to you for knowing Mr. Iwerks, the fella who created Oswald the Rabbit and Mickey himself with Mr. Disney! And, Ha! I ALSO suspect that ADULT spanking might have ALWAYS raised an eyebrow or some other anatomical feature. Funny you mention it, there's a very short French film up on YouTube at the moment with the "governess" hauling up all her nicely grown "charges" to spank each butt!

    Thanks, Li'l Miss Naughty! You and several other female fans have expressed a profound interest in Cowpokes! I better do some more very soon, huh!!

    (Now, he bows very low and his toupée falls off.)

  9. Mr. Wolfe , thanks for the tip, I checked it out,wonderful, a tip for you , put in the search engine "Vintage Risque Romp", give the fim about a min , Im sure youll find the rest a delight, thanks again for the tip, your friend BOB

  10. LOL! Thanks, Bob-- that IS a hoot!

    I notice that none of those guys at the drive-in eatery (who all looked like a sitcom funny neighbor!) were in the LEAST by the Carhops (literally, hopping on the cars!) were scratching up the paint with their impromptu tap dancing!

    And the gals playing jacks and showing off their frilly panty seats and all reminded me of a song my mom used to sing-- something like, "Look in my rain barrel, slide down my cellar door, and we'll be jolly friends forevermore!" I wonder if that was the original song? I kept waiting for MORE to happen-- YOU know!-- but it IS a rib-tickling delight anyway!!

  11. Hi Dave.

    Just a late addition to the Tinkerbell vote. There's something so appealing about that lil' fairy - sexy, and with attitude!

    I guess she'd be much too delicate to spank in reality. Unless of course the spanker is Jiminy Cricket-sized :).

  12. You said it, Underling! As a matter of fact, everyone likes Tink so well, I decided to do a new pencil drawing, now posting!

    As for her delicacy-- Miss Bell is small but tough!! :-D

  13. Wolfie, that song your mom sang was one my two younger sisters used to sing as they played patty cake when we were kids. Now I have it stuck in my head, probably for the rest of 2010! Thanks so very much! SHEESH Seriously, it did bring back fond memories so I do thank you. :)

  14. Fortunately, Michael, there's only a day or so left of 2010! :-D I've had earworms that lasted for weeks!

  15. Oh, and, of course, you're welcome! Always glad to have bestirred happy memories!

  16. Hey, Dee Dubya, Happy New Year, and congrats on this getting Chrossed!

  17. Thank YOU, Dev-- I just found out about that! Holey Socks! And the best 2011 to you!!

  18. I'm not the least bit surprised you got CHROSSED! You have an innate ability to bring smiles to the masses.. that's worth it's weight in gold! I personally love checking out your blog .. as I love the neat, crisp, easy to read look of your page and for sure the grinz and giggles I always come away with due to your talents and wit!



  19. You're welcome! The praise was warranted! AND YES! I did see that Stan/E had translated my adventures for his French audience! OMG! That was beyond cool! I did try to respond to him in French .. but alas.. my 2nd language is Spanish so I naturally slaughtered that response all to hell and back. LOL -- it's the thought that counts though.. right? (grins)

    And yes.. that was a bottle.. now where on earth did your mind trickle off too?? LOL

    Big smile at ya!

  20. Aw, thank, Zelle, you doll, you!! Yep, I live to take people to Grinnage Village!

    By the way, speaking of being worldwideweb famous, did you know that Stan/E had translated your adventure into French for even more people to enjoy? It's at AuFil des Jours !

    And the happiest of New Years to YOU!! Holey socks, what's that picture?! Oh! Oh, it's a BOTTLE! Heh heh heh!!

  21. (The last two comments got reversed when I tried to correct my hypertextmessup language link to Stan's site!)

  22. Have you been hitting that bottle Wolfie?? LOL

  23. :-D "Hitting the bottle," Zelle? Is that a some kind of humorous euphemism, like all the ones involving some kind of animal abuse?

  24. Well when you started getting all "hypertextmessup-y".. I thought, "ruh-roh.. it's not lookin' good... we may have to "put an end to your suffering".. hahahaha!

  25. Ahhh, I see! Speaking of ends suffering,,, bwoo ha ha ha ha haaaa!

  26. Suffering! roflmao!! Now who's kiddin' whom here? LOLOLOL!

  27. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean? :-D